Hitch Hiker

(Part 1 from 8. Fiction.)

The car stopped just 15m ahead of me and I ran to catch up and grasped the car’s door handle. There was no give, the door was locked. Looking through the window, I saw an arm stretch across from the driver’s side and slowly struggle to wind down the reluctant window. With just barely a space to talk through I heard the assertive yet slightly effeminate voice, “Hello, where ya goin?” I dropped my head to look inside, through the cold, wet window trying to see the driver. It was very early morning and no street lighting and no traffic on this main city by pass.

I was walking home after a night out with mates at a night club in town that had finished with a row and me with no lift home. I knew it could be dangerous to hitch a ride, but I was even excited at the thought of some evil sexual encounter. At nineteen I had little sexual experience, apart from running naked through the woods and wanking behind a tree. My cock was small like a little boy, my balls had only recently dropped and were still tightly held against the scrotum and I was often embarrassed to shower after work or at school or after a rugby match. I often had dreams of sexual encounters with other men but nothing real.

The window lowered awkwardly as I answered, “I’m looking for a ride to Hythe if you are going that way.”

“Well no I’m not going that way, I’m going to Ringwood, pity I would’ve really, really liked to give you a ride, nice looking kid like you.” He replied slowly and deliberately insisting heavily on the “giving me a ride.”
“Please, couldn’t you see your way to dropping me in Totton, it’s on your way and it would help me out a lot. I’d be very grateful.”

“You’re a nice looking young kid, nice body and a cute tight and I really want to help you out, but I just can’t see what’s in it for me.” I was a little shocked by his remarks but understood the drift of what he wanted. “Well what did you have in mind?” I answered, “I have a great deal in mind, but I need to know we understand each other so make me an offer.”

“I have no money on me, so I can’t help you there.” My mind was wrestling with what to do next, stop and walk away, but that got me nowhere, perhaps he just wants me to give him a wank and its over with, or he wants something from me like he wants to wank me. That sounded good and suited me fine.

“Money is of no interest to me, you can do better than that, you cute little bitch. Make me a decent and exciting offer, I might even take you all the way.”

He just called me a bitch, and I liked the way he said it, it sent a shiver through my body and set my mind grappling, imagining all sorts of exciting scenarios. After a slight pause, my reply was hesitant and stuttered “Well…. hmm…it is late… I suppose, I could sort of…. do anything you like really.” I was trying not to sound too submissive hoping to convince him to wank me off.

He appeared suddenly very interested by my offer and asked me quickly to repeat what I had said. “Well, I could do what you like.” I repeated, feeling sure he was looking for a to play with. He replied slowly with intent “you will do what I want,” “that is what I heard you say now repeat it loudly and clearly, so we can both be sure to understand.”

The tone of his voice was changing, becoming more assertive almost menacing, drawing me into his web, but I felt I could control the situation and always say no, and walk away if it came to anything too nasty, this was just a bit of fun.
I hesitated, playing hard to get, then did as he said and repeated my offer in a loud and clear voice through the window. He looked deeply into my eyes and smiled. “So, you will be a good boy, and do what I want and obey me?”
“You will call me Mister John.” He commanded “Yes, Mister John.” I answered

“Good and I shall call you my night fairy or fay for short, my slut, whore, bitch, and those are the names you will answer to at all times.”
“Now you can get into the car and sit on the back seat.”

My heart was racing, he called me his slut whore bitch, overwhelmed by the excitement of the situation and I could feel the blood rushing to my loins. The car’s door opened slightly, and I grabbed the handle to pull the door wide open, “Fay, wind the window up before you get in.” Mister John folded the front seat forward to allow me space to climb through to the rear seat.

Whilst it was not cold outside, the inside of the car felt stuffy and there was a smell of humid carpets. The seats were in plastic and covered with a tartan plaid blanket. I settled into the far rear corner behind the driver, before being told to move directly to the other side, so Mister John could see me better. I moved across and started to get a good look at Mister John.

He was, I estimated, around forty years old, clean shaven and appeared medium height and well-built wearing a white shirt and black sweater and slacks. I found him strangely attractive and I was especially seduced by the sound of his voice that came over as soft and reassuring but also affirmative, very much in control and dominating without being severe or violent. I smiled at him as our eyes caught each other, and he gave me a long very deliberate wink.

“Here, slut, have a beer” he said, passing me a large can of pale ale, “You like it when I call you slut, don’t you?”
I answered, taking a swig of beer “Yes Mister John, I think I do like it.”
“That’s perfect, nice clean neat well-spoken slut like you is just what I was looking for, and a slut that does as he’s told into the bargain.” “Drink up now, that’ll do you good.” “How old are you slut?
I answered thinking I should try to be older than I was “I’m 22 Mister John.”

“Oh, my goodness slut, I do believe you are lying to me, you are younger than that, probably only around seventeen I would think. Now tell me the truth.” His tone was firm and sure with an edge of anger.
“I’m sorry, yes you’re right, I was trying to be more grown up, I’m just nineteen. Is that OK for you Mister John?”
“Don’t ever lie to me again, Slut. I’m very disappointed, I ask you one simple question and you choose to lie to me.” He paused for a few seconds before continuing, “No it’s not possible for me, I can’t go on with you if you’re going to lie to me. You can finish your beer and get out of my car.”

Now it was my turn to be upset, as I begged him to reconsider, “Please Mister John, I was just trying to help, I thought you might prefer an older boy with more experience, rather than a naïve young virgin just out of school. Please don’t judge me too harshly.” I started to feel my emotions getting the better of me and tears even welling up in my eyes and my chin trembling as I spoke. “Please let me stay, I will do anything, anything you want, I will be a good slut for you.” He barked back at me in anger, “You are nothing more than a worthless, lying slut who deserves to be punished for lying to his Master, so get out of my car and Fuck Off.” He swung the car seat up as if to allow me out, but I stopped him and burst into tears as I pleaded again with him to let me stay.

“Fuck me, a bitch that cries like a baby too. You fucking useless bitch.”
I tried desperately to control myself and wipe my tears away but spilt beer down the front of me, and that only upset him more, his hand lashed out and struck me across the cheek, shaking me. “Hopeless lying little cunt, get out, NOW.”

With my beer in hand I tried awkwardly to get up and out of the car, asking him to reconsider. I struggled out back onto the pavement and straightened up, “finish your beer,” he said in a calmer voice. I took another mouthful, but there was still a lot left to finish.
“You must never lie to me, you have to understand that, never!” he said.
I replied quickly as I sensed he was reconsidering, “Mister John, I’m so sorry to have upset you, I will never do it again, please.”
He made the most of my obvious weakness and submission to reinforce his domination, “and you must always obey me, I want you to be my own slut whore, to belong to me, do you hear me, to belong to me.”
“I hear you Mister John, and I want to be your slut whore.”

He replied, “then finish your beer and get back in the car.” I was so relieved and elated that he had reconsidered and he was allowing me back into his car, slowly it dawned on me that I had been manipulated and had talked myself willing into this predators lair, and I was at least for the moment actually enjoying the sensation.

The trap had closed around me, and I had fallen willingly into it. At nineteen, I had committed myself to belong to a sexual predator who had picked me up as a hitch hiker, on the side of the road, just like the slut whore I was now becoming.
As I finished my beer, I knew that if I climbed back into the car I was doing it of my own choice and would accept the consequences. My beer was finished, and I dropped the can into the gutter, I felt my head turning from the beer and steadied myself on the car, I took a long breath of fresh air and got back into the car.

He turned in his seat to face me, I felt his eyes pawing over my whole body from head to , almost feeling them opening the zip on my skin-tight cardigan, he made a sign for me to approach him and as I swung forward and grasped the back of the front seats to approach Mister John, he said quietly for me to kiss him and taste his tongue deep and virile. His warm hand and fine fingers slipped through my medium length hair and seized my bare neck pulling my face forward to his own.

I had never kissed another man and I was not confident I would do it correctly, our lips collided, and I opened wide my mouth to try to englobe his thin fine lips. His hand on my neck was forcing my head forward, his fingers entwined in my hair controlling precisely the movement of my head. He drew my mouth away and whispered in my ear “you are my little slut, you belong to me and you will do as I tell you. Now open your mouth wide and kiss me properly, deep and with passion, I want to feel your tongue in my throat. Do it again.”
Once again, he pulled my head to his and I make a special effort to plunge my tongue as deeply as possible into his throat. My whole body was committing to the passion of this kiss and I could feel my senses reacting, my skin tingling from excitement, and my sex stretching and expanding quickly. He wrenched my head to its side to ensure a closer intimacy for our tongues. My body was reacting immensely to this display of passion and its commitment was so total. Mister John was so definitely the one for whom my body was committing.

I had never in my life embraced another person like this and I felt my whole being flooding away from me into this stranger draining my last fibre of resistance making me his. My arms dropped, and my body went limp under the intensity of our shared passion. He felt my release and pushed me back into the corner.
“That was better now, you are learning what it is to obey, you enjoyed that, I felt it. Tell me how much you enjoyed it.” He insisted.

I sank back into my seat and I looked him straight in the eyes and told him how much I enjoyed kissing him. He replied sternly, “slut, don’t you dare look me in the eye, keep your eyes down when you address me, is that understood?” I quickly dropped my gaze and apologised. “Don’t say your sorry, just learn or I will have to teach you the hard way. You are mine you belong to me, you are a worthless whore slut who does not exist outside of your cunt your cock and your wet slippery gob at your master’s service. And remember slut, I will punish you when and if I think you need it, and you will enjoy it.” He paused to think a while then continued “slut, how shall you be punished? Close your eyes and tell me how your Master is to punish you?” I thought for a short while before responding slowly “errrr… Mister John, at school our headmaster would cane us if we misbehaved.” He replied eagerly, “very good slut, he would cane you, and how would he cane you?” Persistently inciting me to commit to his will, “he would take me to his office and have me bend over in front of him, then stroke my ass before taking his cane and applying his ten strokes.” In answer he had me count off the ten strokes one after the other and show him stroke by stroke how much I enjoyed it. As I started to count and act out the pleasure I was feeling, he ran his hand quickly over my thighs and fondled my rigid little sex through my pants and seemed satisfied that he had forced a reaction.

“Show me your cock, good and hard.” I willingly obeyed whipping down the zip and taking out my erect penis for him to see. I was shy to show him my swelling cock head covered with pre-cum. At nineteen, I had a quite small cock but very active and virile, I could get a hard on several times a day and keep it up for hours and my cock just loved to be wanked.

“Just slip your pants off,” receiving a clear instruction like that, excited me even more, a sense of service and obedience. I felt so satisfied as I undid the waist button and my belt, and undid my fly then slipped my hands easily down the back of my pants and briefs and then gently pushed my pants down under my ass and down the back of my thighs to my ankles, my briefs catching slightly on my erect cock before springing back to place. I looked up, avoiding direct eye contact, at John who signalled for me to takes off my shoes and socks. I slipped off my shoes and socks with the pants and briefs placing them all in a pile beside me. Mister John, placed his hands on my knees and pushed them apart, forcing them further and further apart. I could feel the tendons in my thighs stretching as he fondled my sex, remarking loudly, “cute little dick and nice tight balls, just like a schoolboy, I just love that.” That helped my confidence although I still felt embarrassed and shy. “Just leave your legs like that and take your top off.” It was a slightly painful position to hold, but I did not want to disappoint him. With his free hands he was fondling and squeezing my genitals.

My fingers grasped the zip catch and with one hand I held the top collar and with my left hand I slid the zip slowly downwards, as his eyes fixed on my torso as it revealed itself. “You are a real slut, aren’t you bitch???” he asked me. I smiled and winked back at him, and he laughed, “you and I are going to get on really well.” My skin-tight cardigan slipped off my shoulders and I wriggled to get my arms out of the sleeves behind my back. I was now completely naked as I placed it with my other things.
His hands were still tightly gripping my sex and he insisted “kiss me again!”

I leaned forward and kissed him again as before but longer and deeper and he encouraged me pushing and twisting his head. My nakedness in his hands was so exhilarating, I was drawn increasingly to him more passionately. My hands grasped his neck and caressed his shaven head, trying to force my tongue deeper. His grip tightened as my tongue caressed his, I pulled myself closer to him, spreading my thighs wider, as I felt his fingers massaging my scrotum and stroking my fresh grown pubic hairs. The chill of the air made me shiver a little.

The interior light flashed on above me and I saw his fine-featured face close to mine, and his stare fixed on my exposed crotch, I stretch my thighs apart to give a better view and to give me a greater sense of submission. He seemed satisfied and encouraged me “there’s my good little Fay well done, now I’ll just put your gear away in the boot and we’ll be on our way,” and with that he gathered my things together and got out of the car and put them in the boot, all my things, he had even taken the plaid blanket, I was left with nothing, just naked with no escape. Then he came back to open the passenger door and called for me to get out. I was apprehensive but struggled to get out and stand on the pavement in front of him with my head down, “now, slut, kiss me again!” with that I stepped forward a step, relieved, and grabbed his head with both hands and kissed him again. His hands ran up and down my naked body. A large lorry went past giving a loud blast on its horn and causing a strong cool draft.

After several minutes we climbed back into the car and he started the engine and lock all the doors.
“How do you feel, my slut, are you happy? I think you need to do this, you want to be my slut, you are a natural born, bitch boy.” “being there in front of me naked like that just turns you on doesn’t it? Tell me!!”
I hesitate before answering, “Yes you’re right, I feel good, I like to be naked in front of you. I feel shy but content,” his questions continued, “and you like me to touch you, and you like to kiss me?”
“Yes, Mister John, I love to feel your hands on my body and I adore kissing you.”

He replied, “You are so glad I stopped to pick you up,” I answered, “Yes Mister John, I’m really happy you stopped to pick me up.”
“Now I need to get some Polaroid photos of you for my collection. Just sit back and relax, and smile.”

Before I could say anything, I felt the heat as he flashed a picture of me nude in front of him. The machine whirred as it spewed out the photo and he took it and shook it to dry it off and develop the picture. After a couple of minutes, the picture was clear, of me sprawled naked across the backseat of his car. Then he snapped another three or four that he kept to himself. Then started the car and we slowly moved off.

He adjusted his rear-view mirror to enable him to see my face clearly and I could see him smiling back at me, I felt warm and happy, content to be naked for him. We moved away as he adjusted the mirror vertically to improve his view.

Mister John started to , explaining to me how he had spent his evening at the “Magna Carta” gay club with his friend Pete and they were on their way home together when they had spotted me on the road. “I don’t think you noticed but we went past you a couple of times so Pete could get a good look at you and to decide whether to stop and pick you up or not. We even stopped once, real close to watch your ass wiggle, it was so hot, Pete had a real hard on for you, and had me suck his cock there and then. You’ll like Pete he’s a good Master.” I answered saying “no I never noticed, but I’m very glad you did.” The thought of him having gone past me several times to look at me and watch me, stalking me like predators was so exciting. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked him “Is Pete your Master, Mister John?” he answered abruptly, “he is our Master. Yes, and don’t ever forget it.”

“Yes, we first saw you as you went past the station and Pete, my friend followed you closely for a while. We saw you slip into an alley way just after and almost lost you. Must have stopped for a pee, I think. Then we caught up with you again on Millbrook road.”
I asked him “So where’s Pete now?”

“I dropped Pete and came back to pick you up and he told me to bring you back to him clean, neat, naked, and ready to play with, so that is what I’ve done, and I will stop to pick him up about a mile ahead.”
This information was just starting to sink into my brain and causing my cock to twitch with excitement at the thought of showing my body off to two men.

Mister John quickly went on to explain that Pete was an Alpha Male who demanded respect and obedience and both of us are his playthings. He threw a glance at his mirror to catch my glance as I tried to reassure him of my compliance. “Please Mister John I have complete confidence in you and I am looking forward to meet your friend Pete.” He replied, “that’s good Fay and that makes me happy, but remember he is not a friend and you are to always call him Master Pete and don’t question him otherwise he gets upset very quickly and he just loves to punish his toy boys.”

I did not get much time to think about what he was telling me before he had pulled over onto the forecourt of an abandoned petrol station and was telling me to get out of the car. He stretched across and opened the car door, then folded the front seat forward and told me to get out and walk slowly across to the opposite corner of the yard behind the garage building where I would find Master Pete.

I hastily drew myself out of the car enjoying the feel of the fresh air on my naked body and the wet ground beneath my feet. The dual carriage way was just beside me as the door closed behind me and Mister John drove the car away to my surprise, leaving me naked, in the middle of nowhere. For an instant I was seized with panic and ran to hide in the shade of an old publicity signpost trying to hide my sex behind my hands.

I quickly looked around me, to assess the area, which looked like industrial waste, with some street lighting, there was a smell of diesel and engine oil. I gathered courage knowing I was being watched from a distance and I walked forward a step off the grass verge onto the concrete forecourt. This kind of situation really excited me as I took stock of my position, naked with no clothes and no money or documents, totally helpless and abandoned. My hands were still clasped together hiding my cold insignificant sex and I quickly caressed my still slightly rigid cock drawing back the foreskin to show off the head then, imagining Master Pete in the distance, I took my hands away and lifted them, placing my hands slowly on my head and consciously stood erect to my full height, threw out my hips and pelvis and walked slowly towards the far corner of the garage, which was in total darkness, carefully judging each step, in line one foot in front of the other, small paces, crossing my legs, feeling my cock and balls squeezed between my thighs and swaying with each step. I tried to concentrate on swinging my hips, standing straight and maintaining my erection, I wanted to look good for “Master Pete” who was completely unknown to me, yet I had built in my own mind an idol who wanted to have and use my beautiful body and who could appreciate me for my complete potential to satisfy a sexual predator. I just hoped he would make the most of the opportunity.

As I approached the darker corner of the forecourt I saw slight movements of a silhouette against the backdrop of the concrete wall. I heard scuffling and started to smell cigarette smoke as it wafted across the forecourt. A candle was being lit on the side of the building and I could make out the frame of a medium sized man, a little thinner than usual, wearing what I thought to be leather bikers jacket and black leather trousers. My erection doubled in intensity and anticipation mixed with a not so small dose of apprehension. I just wanted to be taken there and then, on the spot just raped and fucked stupid.

I rounded the corner of the building and felt the first sensation of submission, a fine cold hand had grabbed my penis and sharply forced back the foreskin and was now fingering and caressing my wet smooth mushroom dick head, wow I almost exploded from the burst of intense pleasure from this one single attack.

Suddenly a cotton shoe bag was placed over my head and tightened at the neck. I felt the material smothering my nose and mouth, I raised my hands to my face to try and release me, but my arms were brought down off my head and my hands were cable-tied behind my back. Breathing was difficult as a sense of panic built up inside me, I was pushed to the wall, a large rigid collar strapped tightly around my neck impeding even more my breathing and a cord tied from my collar to my wrists, keeping my wrists in a position in the middle of my back. The front of my collar being attached to a rope lead, that seemed to pass through a ring at the base of the wall. All the blood in my body was rushing towards my erect penis, the mix of pleasure, panic and apprehension was overwhelming as I started to whimper and feel the tears of panic run down my cheeks.

The tension on the lead was abruptly increased forcing me to bend over and two cold hands grabbing my ass cheeks to force my legs apart and draw them away from the wall, my only support was from my head against the wall, my feet too far out to give further support. I could no longer move without dropping to my knees.

I was just where he wanted me, my ass offered up on a plate. I tried vainly to struggle or change position it was hopeless.
My position was uncomfortable, I could hear the occasional car drive past on the dual carriageway. There was a slight chill in the air that made me tremble.

Just then I heard another person arrive who I assumed to be Mister John returning to join us, that help to reassure me, although I am sure I don’t know why. The two of them started chatting between them but it was difficult to hear or follow
“This is great John, we got lucky tonight, never expected a catch like this. You didn’t have any problems with him?”

“None at all Master Pete, first time I’ve come across a real Virgin that’s a born slut, I think he was even looking for it. Came nice and easy, gentle like a lamb, seems to enjoy his new role, but I don’t know his potential yet, he needs to be put to the test and that will need a lot of work. I took some good photos of him, like you asked. Here.” He handed over the polaroid photos he’d taken of me.
“He looks in excellent physical condition, no major scars or marks, a reactive cock if a bit on the small size, his balls are good but will need a lot of work. Tits have potential but again will need work. Is that OK for you?”
“Master Pete, please look at him, he’s a boy, eighteen maybe nineteen, he’s about as virgin as they come, his balls haven’t even dropped yet, very little body hair, the cock of a schoolboy, his cunt is as tight as a new born lamb. What do you want him prepared for, the Arena or the Whorehouse?”

“Listen John, I’ve a gang of BDSM lads coming down for a long weekend and they will need looking after and this kid looks ideal.”
“What do you say John? Can I count on you, these guys are due for the end of the week, that gives you a days at least?”
“Yeah, no problem he is quite compliant, and obedient. I can get organised at the house but it’s going to take me a while perhaps two or three days.”
“You have a 48 hours, we need him earning by the end of next week latest. I just love that ass of his, nice and tight muscular cheeks, superb. I’ll have these photos circulated to these gang boys, they will, for sure ask for more.”
“What calibre for his hole Master Pete, shall we keep it small and tight?”

“Let’s aim for a 7 or 8 cms that should give us fisting possibilities. Always adds a trick to the trade.”
“Mark or branding?”
“A small tattoo should do just at the base of his back as usual. Give me a call tomorrow I’ll give you his number.”
“We need to get ourselves organised, get close to him, find out what makes him tick and get him on board asap. Use the house as you need it and get George involved, keep me updated. I would like to try him out any time you are ready. Any questions?”
“No questions Master Pete, I’ll run him home now and stick with him until I can get organised and him under my complete control.”
On this Master Pete left the site, not without running his hands one last time over my cheeks and a grasp and tug at my balls.

I heard little of their conversation which sounded muffled and confused as my head was filled with other thoughts, but I did hear him walk off into the distance.
Mister John put me back on my feet and turned me around and removed the bag from over my head, such a relief, we locked in a passionate long and intimate kiss so intense and full of profound affection, my whole body shook with emotion after a series of immensely intense moments of excitement.

His hands were now warm and caressed me all over, I felt so reassured and confident that he was going to look after me, the fear and anxiety was flowing away as I once again abandoned myself to my Mister John. He was not however apparently in any hurry to release my bonds, just suck the life from my tongue.

His hands were holding my head, grasping wads of my hair, turning my head to ease his tongues entry and depth of penetration. I gasped for breath at each possibility, his lips enveloped my mouth, saliva drooling down my chin and neck, my cock as hard as steel.
He led me away pulling on my collar and lead. It was just a short walk through the hedge to where he had parked the car. He cut the bonds on my wrists and took off my collar that he placed in the boot of the car next to the pile of my clothes. “Get in the car, front seat next to me.” He directed, and I obeyed. I felt better now and grateful to be free, waiting for Mister John to join me. As he took his place I leaned across eagerly to kiss him as passionately as possible and he reacted with warmth and affection, caressing my cheeks, and running his fingers through my hair. I felt I was falling in love with this man, my whole body committing to him. My hands and arms were trying to hug him to me, to become a part of him.

I ran my hand between his thighs, but he stopped me from exploring further and I could feel no trace of masculinity, so I concentrated on simple caresses.

The car was moving now, and his hands were otherwise occupied but his stare was concentrated on my rigid cock rather than the road ahead, so I moved around to ensure he had the best possible view. His hand leaving the wheel from time to time to grasp my cock and balls.
He took a small side road and we stopped in a lay-bye by a rail crossing. As he stopped the car I jumped across to kiss him intently, he pushed me back to my seat and leaned across to take my cock in his mouth. Such an incredible sensation, his hot wet tongue licking my mushroom investigating my meat hole his hand supporting my ass encouraging me to thrust my pelvis forward and upward towards his mouth, I had no problem in obeying that order. My whole penis thrust to the back of his throat, his fingers fondling my balls my brain floating in ecstasy, I could feel the overwhelming build-up of excitement pushing me inexorably toward my first orgasm in a week. My body went rigid and stretched with tension as the first thrust and ejaculation surged from my penis into his throat and he swallowed repeatedly to add to the pressure of the instant as my body exploded with satisfaction.

His mouth continued its work for a couple of more minutes sucking every drop of my juice, his fingers squeezing my balls to encourage the final ejaculation out of its hiding place. My body fell limp from the exhaustion of pleasure.
The car moved away, and we continued our way.
He jogged me out of my sleepy stupor by slapping my thigh that made me sit up and face Mister John. He continued to watch me intently, “I am going to take you home now Fay. You have been a good boy for me and Master Pete is very pleased with you too, so you must be very happy.”

“Yes, Mister John I am happy, I’ve had a nice exciting night with you and Master Pete.”
“Fay that’s good because I’m taking you to your home now and will come to pick you up tomorrow at 15h and I want you to be ready for me. Is that perfectly clear for you?”
Now I was a little confused, “I don’t quite understand Mister John, you said you would take me home provided I did as you want and that is what I did, so now you just need to drop me off.”

He pulled the car up on the side of the road, stopped the engine and turned to me.
“Tomorrow I will pick you up at your home and take you away. You will be mine.”
“Do you understand?”
“No, I don’t understand, you don’t own me. I like you a lot and I enjoy your ways but you don’t own me.”

John placed a hand on my chest just tweaking my nipple, “take time to think about it, I’ll pick you up at 15h tomorrow afternoon. You will tell your family you’ve found lodgings with a friend.”
He leaned across and kissed me full on the mouth again, how could I resist him. My naked body shivered in anticipation and my cock was already hardening again.
“You belong to me.”

We stopped outside of my house, it was just after 5h30 in the morning Mister John was holding my pile of clothes. “Now get dressed and I’ll take you inside to meet your parents and make sure they understand our arrangement for tomorrow, I’m sure they will want to see these photos we’ve taken earlier.”

“OH NO, Mister John that won’t be necessary. Please I’ll be ready for you this afternoon you don’t need to bother them.”
“OK, I’ll just see you into the house, you have your key?”
“Yes, I have it there, in my pocket.” Mister John quickly found the key and kept it in his hand.
“Give me the key please Mister John” I said desperately.
“No! This key is mine now, just like you are mine.”
“Now I’m going inside to tell your Mum and Dad that you’re moving in with me.” With that he opened the door and started to climb out. It was starting to get light and I knew my father would soon be getting up for work and the neighbours would soon start stirring and milkman and newspaper boys start delivering while I was still naked in the car.

I panicked and cried out to Mister John “No please don’t do that, I’ll do what you ask just let me get dressed. I’ll do anything …. Please…” I end with a sob, tears started to run down my cheeks as I realised the hopelessness of my situation.
Mister John stepped back into the car and gently placed his hand on my upper thigh to comfort me as the tears rolled down my cheeks. “Now don’t make so much fuss, you told me you would do just as I like. There’s no need for those tears. He grabbed my balls and squeezed, causing me to sit up sharply, he squeezed painfully harder. “Now have you understood what I have said?” and “are we clear.?”
“Yes, Mister John,” I confirmed weakly.

He handed over my clothes just keeping my red briefs that he hung triumphantly over the handbrake.
I got dressed hastily and thanked Mister John for his kindness and confirmed once again our appointment for later in the day.
“Just one last thing I need for you to do for me before I pick you up later this afternoon, I need you to shave all your body hair. Can you do that for me Fay?”
“Tell me your body will be smooth as silk all over.”

I didn’t hesitate very long even though I was startled at the request and wiping a lingering tear from my eye I confirmed I would do as he requested.
We both got out of the car together and walked to the front door, where Mister John inserted the key and opened the door. I stepped inside first as John pushed me forward. There was nobody up and no lights on and to my terrible surprise John had followed me inside.
“Just give me one last kiss and I’ll go.”

So, I turned to him and kissed him, he held my head to his as his hand went directly to my cock, fumbling to open my fly and get his fingers inside pulling out my dick trying to wank me off, I knew struggling would not help and just let him do what he wanted. My cock was hard by now and John was forcing down on my foreskin. We heard my mother upstairs calling out “Is that you Philip?” “make sure you lock the door behind you.” “OK mum will do.”

John turned to leave and kissed me again then whispered in my ear, “you are not to wear any briefs later, OK?” I nodded my agreement to him before closing the door behind him and hearing him locking it and taking my key with him.

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