Hiking with Clay

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had met Clay at work. He was a good-looking younger man and I noticed he was on the quiet side but strong. I found myself drawn to him right away. He and I would talk about hiking and the backcountry while on break and we became friends. We only worked together a short period of time and then I asked him if he wanted to go on a three day backpacking trip with me up to a high mountain lake. There was no hesitation and he said "absolutely! When?" So we started to plan it and I noticed we were getting closer to each other. As we got together and rolled out maps of the area to make plans he would brush up against me with very casual contact as we made plans.

Clay stands 6'2" and is solidly built for a younger man. He is very long legged with a narrow waist and very broad shoulders. There's 20 years separating us but physically I could hold my own on the trail with him. I have taken care of myself over the years and hooking up with younger guys to hike with.

The time came for us to meet up at the trailhead after work. I was completely looking forward to seeing him and beginning our weekend together. When he got out of his car I noticed he was wearing some slick tight hiking pants that defined his great and showed off his package. He is very well hung. I snapped to, not wanting to over do my growing hunger for him so soon, with our trip just starting. But as I turned back to my car to get my gear he said "hey Joe, man don't take this the wrong way but I think you very good-looking for a your age and I bet the ladies fall all over you!"

"Thanks Clay," I said, "I'm glad you like what you see. And you know, I've been noticing you too. You're quite the young stud and I must say I really like those pants you're wearing." He said "nice! Well you can check em out more on the trail if you want...come on let's get on the trail! I cant wait to get to the pass!"
"Right on, let's go!"

So we threw some last things in our packs and headed up the trail. A few hours of hard hiking up into the pass was making us all hot, dusty and sweaty. When we reached the pass we noticed a couple of lakes down a ways and agreed that we would make that our camp site for the night. We headed down and Clay said, "Man let's go for a swim when reach the lake!" "No doubt, I am so hot!" I said.

We dropped our packs to the ground in the grass and began to strip off our clothes. "I hope you don't mind but I was hiking commando, so I'm gonna be totally naked!" Clay says as he is watching me come out of my pants. I said, "who'll know? I'm good with it anyway, cuz I see lot's of at the gym and anyway I've been watching you come up the trail and really liking what I see! You really are a hot stud Clay."

We both stripped down naked and my breath quickened as I saw him in all his glory in front of me. I drank in his hairy chest and broad shoulders and licked my lips as I gazed upon his defined abs leading down to his manhood and low-hanging balls. I felt my grow at the sight of him standing there naked. I wanted to step over and grope his package. Clay saw my gaze and asked "So do you want to go into the water and we can wash each other off? I thought maybe you liked men by some of your comments about my physic coming up the trail and the way you looked at my crotch when we would sit for a break. I'm glad you do Joe because really, ever since I met you I've been noticing your sexy body too. You've taken really good care of how you look. I'm gonna be honest Joe and tell you that I thought I was completely happy with my lady but since knowing you I have thought more about having sex with another man but haven't been sure. You've brought out a lust in me that I really want. Years ago my brother and I experimented with some cock play, jacking each other off when we were in high school. I haven't wanted that again until I met you. Are you gay Joe?"

"I am Clay and I'm really glad to hear that that hunger exists in you too. I wasn't sure how I was gonna keep my desire pent up all weekend." As I was talking Clay came over to and grabbed my hand and said "come on let's get wet, I wanna wash you all over." He then reached around and cupped my ass cheek in his hand and said "damn you got a great looking ass and it just fits my hand!" My cock jumped at the thought of having sex with Clay knowing he wanted it too. We entered the water and he said "lay back in the water and I'll wash you." I did as he wished and kept gazing at his cock. He was starting to swell and he was already 7" with a beautiful bulb of a head.

I reached for his cock but he pushed my hand away and said, "wait, you'll have it soon enough." He then lathered my chest and stomach and moved down to my legs. As he did he brushed my cock and I became fully erect. He noticed and said "nice one". He reached my cock and soaped it up and began to jack it. I thought i would explode right then! He switched up and picked me up so I was standing in front of him and then we embraced and I felt his hard cock and mine come together. Damn I wanted his cock filling my ass! I moaned as he reached around and began washing my ass with both hands running his hand up my crack. I pushed back into his hand as he began stroking my opening with his middle finger.

I moaned loudly with my face buried in his hairy chest. I wanted to put my mouth on his throbbing cock. As he kept playing with my ass I began washing him and caressing his fine body. I washed his neck and back and his arms. I then pushed away from him so I could get at his cock that was sticking straight out. I reached out and lathered his crotch cock and balls...he groaned and growled deeply as i slowly stroked his lovely cock. I washed him thoroughly down his thick ass and onto legs as we stood in the water. I dropped to my knees right in front of his hard cock. I reached for and groped his ball sac as I stuck my tongue out and licked the under side of his shaft.

He moaned and said " that feels good!" As i went to put the head of his hard cock in my mouth i looked up into his eyes just he looked into mine with a look of 'i'm gonna fuck you!' as he reached around the back of my head with his hands and guided my mouth onto his throbbing cock. I felt it throbbing as i took more of his 8'1/2" in and then backed off, sliding my tongue along the underside of his shaft and then slowly bobbed in and off of him as arched his back saying "damn you are good at that, so much better than my girlfriend does!" With that i stroked his balls with one hand and slid my other hand up into the crack of his ass gliding over his opening, which made him shudder.

I kept sucking him but he pushed my head off his cock and pulled me up and said, "let's go fuck! Damn i want your fine! We went up out of the water into the grass and he pushed me down on my back and got in between my legs and began sucking my erect cock as his hand went for my ass. I lifted my legs up for him and he came up off my cock to spit on his fingers. He went onto my cock really good as he put his finger into my ass, press into it until his finger slid in! I moaned and arched my ass into his hand. He kept sucking my cock and I felt like i was getting close and told him. At that he pushed another finger in me and with a few more bobs up and down my shaft he let off and jacked me off until i exploded in his hand as his fingers fucked my ass!

He then pulled out of me and rolled me over on my knees as he positioned himself behind me. He spit on my hole and on his cock and then slid his cock up my crack to lube up. I said, "fuck my ass stud, i want to feel you balls in my ass lover!" With that he grabbed my hips and thrust into my ass the head of his cock slowly! "Fuck...you fill my ass so perfectly Clay!" I arched my back and pushed onto him and then he began fuck me hard as I continued to push back onto him with each of his thrusts. I felt his balls slapping on my ass as he lustfully said, "holy fuck is your ass fine and you're so tight lover!!" As he continued ravishing my ass with his cock i reached under back between my legs and massaged his balls as he thrust into me. With that he let out a loud groan saying, "i'm gonna cum in your ass baby!!" "Yes!! Come on lover and fill me up with your seed!" He then paused and as he thrust deep into ass, moaning and i could feel his streams of cum releasing into my ass!

We fell down into the grass with him on top of me feeling his racing heart beat upon my back. He rolled off of me and slid his softening cock out of me and i reached around and cupped his cock slowly! He moaned and i kissed his neck as i felt his seed leaking from my ass. I said, "damn you fucked me good, you've got a great cock and balls!! I loved it!! I have a feeling that i'm gonna be sore by the weekend's ending!! as i smiled and squeezed his growing cock.

We made love numerous times that weekend enjoying each others body and finding places in the shade of the trail to suck each other's cock! I don't know if Clay stayed with his girlfriend or not but it wasn't much later after our hike that he took another job quite aways away and so I've lost track of him. I can't wait to see him again though!

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