Greek Gods Go Gay : Part 1 - Zeus

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The sun shone through the clouds like a knife through butter. The peak of Mt Olympus was illuminated in the morning sun by a single beam of sunshine, that parted the clouds revealing the magnificant palace of Zeus. Five large white stone pillars supported the front of the palace where, underneath, stood the majestic figure of a god among men and gods themselves. Zeus. His magnificent rippling muscles glowed orange against the morning light.

His rock hard pecks were scarcely covered by a small toga, which shielded his glorious man hood from the breeze and covered his greatly defined abs. His entire body was toned to perfection, including his strong shaven legs and feet, that were protected by a pair of sandals. His manly hands rested on his hips, supporting his brilliant bulging biceps. On his head, a single golden band acted as a crown, and rested on his long golden locks. If ever there was a perfect man, Zeus was him, challenged by only one for his handsome good looks. His brother, Poseidon.

Zeus was an exceptionally Handsome man. Craved for by female and male gods and demigods. His features were perfectly symmetrical. He had strong jaw and cheek bones, which contributed greatly to his macho sexiness. His nose was small and perfect and his lips were to die for. It is said that with just one kiss on the lips, Zeus could turn any gay, and make any woman fall in love with him.

Being the god of gods, Zeus had his pick of any man, woman or child he desired, as did most gods. There were great stone temples built by the god king himself to harbour hundreds of sex slaves for his use and the use of his fellow male gods. Zeus preferred the most of all, as a man knows more about how to pleasure men than anyone else. There were dozens of hot young male slaves, no more than 18 years old, scattered around his palaces selected for different tasks. He lived the most sexually fulfilling life of pleasure in all of Greece.

Zeus stood there on his balcony, looking out over the lands of Greece he created, for no more than a few minutes, before returning to his chamber. He ripped the toga from his body, revealing his legendary 9" flaccid with 3 inches of girth, and threw it to the ground. A sexy young man with chiseled abs wrapped in nothing but a loin cloth scurried across the floor and snatched the toga up, before returning to where he had come from. Zeus admired his monster rod and large swollen balls for a few moments, and then continued to walk across the room, cock swinging heavily from side to side with every step, and entered the en suite toilet chamber.

He walked across the shining tiled floor until he reached another young man kneeling on the floor, with an expression of fear and lust on his face. Much like the man who had snatched the toga up from the floor, this young man had chiseled abs, a well toned body and was dressed only in a loin cloth. Zeus grabbed a hold of his massive beast, and extended it towards the man, who eagerly opened his mouth wide. Seconds later the flood gates opened, and a fountain of piss poured out into the mans waiting mouth. The man had trouble taking the full load, as he gargled and choked, but he didn't stop, afraid of the consequences. Some of his urine spilled out of the slaves mouth and splashed at Zeus's feet. Zeus rolled back and forth on the balls of his feet, enjoying the pleasure of having his piss drank. The final few spurts of urine shot out onto the slaves face and body

"Lick the last drops off!" he ordered the man in his sexy voice, who complied and extended his tongue, mopping up every last drop of piss. Once finished, Zeus pushed the man away with a mighty force, causing him to fall back on the tiled floor.

After slipping into a larger day toga, which was red with a White band around the middle, he made his way through the palace halls, to the huge dining chamber. When he arrived, he discovered it to be littered with broken chairs, tables and goblets. High hanging drapes had been ripped from their brackets and several pillars lay on the ground in pieces, which had caused a section of the roof the collapse onto the fire pit. several servants were hastily tidying the mess, with a few larger, and a of more bulkier slaves - no mach for king Zeus - tended to the broken pillars.

A smile crept across Zeus's face as he remembered the previous night. It had been him that had caused this mess. It was the result of being locked in an intimate fuck with a feisty young demigod, by the name of Alejandro. Zeus felt his dick twitch beneath his toga. Alejandro had literally been fucked to death by Zeus, as is the case with most of his sexual encounters. There are very few in Greece who can swallow the colossal load of a god, or have there insides ripped apart by the enormous prick of Zeus, and live to tell the tale.

A small scrawny messenger, not one of Zeus's personal slaves, ran up to him, knelt and bowed his head in respect, before returning to his feat and giving a message.
"My lord." Zeus nodded. "King Leonidas of Sparta has arrived at the of the mountain. He wishes to negotiate with you."
The smile that formerly occupied Zeus's face had now been replaced with a frown.
"Negotiate!" he barked. "About what?"

The messenger shook his head, so Zeus gestured for him to be brought up. The messenger did as was commanded and rushed down the steps of the palace towards the foot of the mountain to bring Leonidas. What could a mortal king want to negotiate about with a god, he thought to himself? He didn't really care, as Leonidas was the only mortal Zeus had ever craved for, and this gave him the perfect opportunity to seduce him. Leonidas was no soft man though. It would take a fair amount of effort even for Zeus to have him.

The messenger reappeared at the top of the steps, and next to him stood a magnificent man, in his forties wrapped in only a tight brown leather loin cloth and a long blood red cape. Muscles bulged from every part of his body - including his loin cloth. His well toned washboard abs glowed in the morning light, along with his huge biceps and rock hard pecks. His scarlet nipples pointed outwards like knife points and his chest was covered in dark hair, along with his face which played host to a well trimmed beard. He had a rugged but handsome face and a smile crossed it at the sight of Zeus.

"Leonidas!" called Zeus with great excitement. His voice echoed though the palace like the roar of a lion. "Old friend, what brings you here to Mount Olympus?"
"I come here to beg for your blessing," Leonidas pleaded as he knelt before Zeus. "The crops of Sparta are drying out. We need rain. You have to forgive me, but you are the only one left to turn to. You being god of the sky."
"Leo," Zeus said placing his hand under Leonidas's chin and bringing his eyes to keen his own. "You have done me many a favour. You don't have to beg!"

At that he stood up, and Zeus led him away towards his bed chamber. As they both proceeded into the chamber, Zeus closing the drapes over the archway, they sat at the table that had already been prepared for them.
"I just wish there was some way that I could repay you for your kindness, my lord." there was a slight pause.

"There is." Zeus replied. He stood up and made his way towards Leonidas from across the table. When he arrived at his side, Zeus extended his hand and stroked Leonidas's face, then ran his hand down his hard body and onto his crotch. Leonidas jumped up from the table, knocking over his chair and causing Zeus to stumble a little backwards. Zeus regained his balance and reached across to grab Leonidas, who had drawn his sword and was pointing it at Zeus. Infuriated by Leonidas's disrespect, Zeus swept away the sword from his hand and grabbed him, swinging him around onto the table. Leonidas was a large man.

Strong too, but Zeus was even bigger and stronger. Losing his patience, Zeus ripped of Leonidas's loin cloth, letting his cock and balls fall out and swing from side to side on the table as Zeus, getting hornier by the second, reached beneath his toga and pulled out his throbbing 15" cock, and rammed it into Leonidas's , who yelled in pain as his insides burnt with the full force of this pulsing beast inside him. Zeus held him down tightly as he tried to escape his grip, but even his cock was beginning to swell to it's full 10". Soon Leonidas abandoned his bid to escaped, and started moaning along to the pleasure of having Zeus's 15" dick inside him.

When Zeus thought that Leonidas was too entranced to escape, he loosened his grip, still pumping furiously at Leonidas's tight hole. He moaned as his godly precum lubed Leonidas's ass. After several minutes of intense pounding, Zeus removed his leaking dick from Leonidas's ass and led him over to the giant four post bed to his left across the chamber. Leonidas pumped his thick cock with his hand as he knelt on the bed and began to give Zeus a magnificent blow job. Zeus's cut mushroom head throbbed as Leonidas licked his piss slit and sucked on his shaft. Zeus moaned in ecstasy.

"You know your way about a cock!" remarked Zeus as he rubbed his chiseled abs and nipples.

"All Spartan warriors are made to suck their fellow warriors dicks when they are children," he said stopping for air. "Brings us closer together and let's us trust one another."

Zeus nodded and pushed Leonidas's head back onto his dripping dick, and he continued to suck hard, and deep throat him, gagging and gasping for air as Zeus's 15" cock pulsed in his mouth.

Soon after Leonidas almost suffocated on Zeus's massive member, they assumed the 69 position. Leonidas was on top and sucked hard at the glorious cock beneath him, but at the same time thrust his hips towards Zeus's eagerly awaiting mouth. The feeling of the god kings warm lips wrapped around Leonidas's hard cock and sucking up and down, licking his piss slit was complete euphoria. Soon the pleasure had become too much for them all, and in almost exact unison, they blew their loads over one another. First Leonidas shot load after load of hot thick spunk down Zeus's throat, shooting almost 7 times.

Then it was Zeus. Burst after burst of warm thick creamy cum poured out of his giant cock and into the unprepared mouth above. Spurt after spurt of stringy jizz blew all over Leonidas, shooting 23 times without pause. The built up pressure of Zeus's swollen balls finally releasing into the mouth of his mortal craving. Impressively Leonidas managed to drink most of Zeus's magnificent god juice. They lay on the bed for about 10 minutes stroking each others swollen cocks, and massaging their low hanging balls, until their cocks began to deflate.

"I need a piss." announced Leonidas.
"So do I." admitted Zeus.

They both grabbed their deflated dicks and let the piss flow freely onto the bed and each other. Leonidas grabbed Zeus's cock and began to drink his piss, at the same time pumping his own piss onto Zeus's perfectly defined body and face. As it spilled onto him and splashed him in his face Zeus licked every last drop and at the same time rubbing it into his chest and abs. Soon they were both completely emptied, and fully pleasures.

"Thank you Leonidas," Zeus said planting a kiss on his lips. "I've been wanting to do that for a while now. It's just a shame that Poseidon wasn't here to liven things up. He used to give the rim jobs when we were kids. He would have liked it."
"I'm afraid I have to go now Zeus. My wife will be expecting me home."

"Fuck that bitch," spat Zeus. "Are you sure you can't stay the night?"
Leonidas smiled and nodded. "I suppose so. Business can't wait."

Zeus and his lover, Leonidas, lay in bed for the rest of the morning as the sun rose to it's full glory, and illuminated the whole of Greece, and Mount Olympus stood high above the land watching over the world.

End of part 1

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