Going down on the Jordan River Parkway Trails

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This last year of 2016 was a great year, for me and my horny desire to suck . I finally got brave enough to go down to the local gay area at the Jordan Parkway Trail. I started early in the summer and would ride my bike through the gay section of the trails. Once or twice a day I would cruise through with no shirt on and look for Johns wanting their dicks sucked. When I did find one, it was more then obvious to each other. As to what we both knew what the other one wanted.

With a node of my head, into the direction of one of the secluded bike trails. He followed me into the brush and down the winding path.

He was a Latino man in is early thirty's 5.9" around 195 lbs he was behind me on the trail about ten or fifteen Ft. and I had come to a safe and secluded spot. There I turned around and drop down on my knees and had my fly open playing with my little when he approached me. He asked me. "You like sucking cock" ? I replied. "Yes I sucking Men's cocks and I would love to try your cock"!

He opened up his jeans to reveal to my wide gazing eye's a large bulge tucked into his briefs. I quickly used my hands to pull them down to his knees and started to lick his bulging cock through his underwear. My saliva was leaving wet marks outlining his cock. I was eager to taste my Latino friend. And he could see it in my eyes, as I pulled his briefs down with his jeans and his meat flopped out and smacked me in the eye. He said " You like to suck cock do ya, you little white faggot" and he proceeded to wipe his precum across my forehead.

With my mouth open and my tongue stretched out. He lifted hi cock back and se his enormous set of balls on my tongue. I to began to bath his nuts with saliva and tasting his ball sweat. I was loving the salty taste and he continued to say and degrade me with vulgar comments. This had my cock leaking juice and I jacked it with my right hand.

After a good long bathing of his ball I made my attempt to taste the rest of his manhood. I slowly worked my mouth and tongue up around the base of his shaft. I could feel his veins as they pulsed causing his 8 inch cock to get even bigger. I reached the base of his head and ran the tip of my tongue under and around his helmet. I squeezed his dick and pumped a fair amount of precum up and out of his cock. Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed we had a watching the whole scene. He was a few feet behind and off to the side. He had a great smile on his face and was stroking his dick. I just gave him a look and winked and then licked at the gob of precum from my Johns piss slit. It was hot and a little salty I pulled my head back and showed him as it sat on my tongue. I smiled and then pulled it onto my mouth and licking my lips.

I then sucked his bulging cockhead into my mouth and rolled it around like it was a large lollipop. He was soon lodged into the back of my throat and gagging me. He allowed me a second or two more before he forced his dick head past my tonsils. I began to gag a bit. but within a stroke or two I was wide open and he was going balls into my throat. My eyes watered as I tried to breath through my nose. saliva ran from the corners of my mouth and down on my chest as he slowly worked up a smooth rhythm. I played with his asshole with one of my fingers. I was face fucking me and I was loving it!. He would slam it deep and then pull out to the point his head is on my tongue. And then down into me again.

I could feel his dick as it throbbed in the depths of my throat. He worked my mouth for a good 10 minutes and Now there were two men enjoying the show. Then without warning he quickly pulled out of his face pussy and started jacking it with his hand. I sat there with a wide open mouth waiting for his dick to erupt. Soon I was getting multiple squirts across my face and in my mouth. six seven thick hot loads covered my face. he then used his cock and moved it about and pushing his load from on my face into the direction of my mouth. I already retained a fair amount in my open mouth. and he was now mopping up his cum and having me clean of his cock. I just kept looking him in the eyes with a smile on my face, as I swallowed his load down. It was so fucking hot that at some point I cum myself. Once I cleaned his dick up.

He stepped back and pulled up his jeans ant left. He didn't thank me or even look back. I turned to see if the two voyeurs was going to give me a shot at servicing there needs. but they had left as well. I took my shirt from my bag and wiped any left over cum from my face and put it on. I then got up and walked my bike out into a open area, got on it and rode away. I knew that this was a beginning of a good year....

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