Glory holes : are real?

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I hate cities. I grew up in a tiny village where the closest you get to a passerby is the other side of the road. But in cities everyone is crammed tightly together and I can't cope with it, I constantly think I'm gonna get pick pocketed, I always miss the turning because its always so busy and whenever a fit girl walks past me there are about 20 people in between us. Being a first year student though I had to make do, if I wanted the nightlife I had to have the rest of the stuff that came with a city.

At least there was Hyde park in Leeds where I could have a good long jog and clear my head. If I'd have had my way I'd be going swimming but being a poor student I couldn't afford gym membership and at public pools I'd have to contend with fat guys doing widths, so my exercise was a long jog every other day and sit ups and press ups in my room. So there I was in my shorts and t-shirt about to take a jog on one of the hottest days of the year.

Before leaving I gave my self a quick look in my mirror and a young green eyed with dark brown hair looked back at me. I was in pretty good shape, I didn't quite have the six pack I wanted but my shoulders and arms were good from my swimming days and I was slender. The jogging had done wonders with my legs, so yeah I wasn't bad looking. After half an hour into my jog with the noon day sun blasting me I began to think "why am I out here?"

I was sweating loads and I was incredibly uncomfortable, that's when I noticed the public toilets. I made my way to them and despite the smell of disinfectant I was in heaven, it was so much cooler in here than the sweltering heat outside. It was also pretty dark, my eyes hasn't adjusted after the bright day outside so i headed over to the sink. I splashed the tepid water from the tap onto my burning face and let out a sigh of relief.

It wasn't until I looked in the mirror that I noticed there were two guys taking a piss. One must have been in his early thirties and on his lunch break from work because he had a white shirt and blue tie on, the tie was pulled down and the first three buttons of his shirt were undone to help with the days heat and they revealed a somewhat hairy chest. His trousers were quite tight around his bubble arse and I couldn't help but notice he had a good body. The next to him had an equally good body, but he was about my age with black hair and a little stubble, his black t-shirt was really tight and he wore baggy grey joggers.

The guy in the white shirt was closest to me and my eyes were drawn to his dick, he wasn't taking a piss though, he was it with his thumb and his forefinger and it was semi-hard, about six inches I imagined it'd be pretty when hard. I couldn't see the younger guys crotch but he was looking at this guys dick intently. The man with the tie saw me looking and winked at me in the mirror, grinning. I kind of gave him a shy smile back before heading to the cubicle at the end, I really needed a piss and couldn't do it in public especially with that .

To my surprise he followed me into the next stall and a moment later I heard the other door swing, both guys were in their own cubicle now. I didn't think anything of it and I started to take a piss, that's when I noticed the looking through the hole in the cubicle wall. I stopped pissing, looked at him stunned and he moved away, it was weird but whatever floats your boat I thought.

Then he pushed his fully hard dick through the hole, I was right, it was big. 9" stared at me and I heard the guy say "go on!" I just looked at it taking it in, it had a thick bulging head and a long viened shaft with low hanging balls, at this point I was curious and pretty turned on. I got to my knees and grasped the shaft, I'd sucked a guy off once before but it was a while ago. I heard him moan in agreement as I slowly moved my right hand up and down his shaft, his piss slit started to leak pre-cum and I caressed his balls with my other hand, like I'd seen girls do in porn.

His dick smelt of sweat but it was a good smell, it only turned me on more. I bent forward and brushed his piss slit with the tip of my tongue causing him to quiver with pleasure as I tasted the salty juice leaking out. I thought to myself to stop wasting time and I took his in my mouth, sliding my tongue around the head before sliding my lips down his shaft, I couldn't take it all at first and I gagged a little but I allowed my throat to adjust and felt his cock hit the back of my throat as my nose touched his pubes.

I pulled off his dick to admire it again, it was shiny with spit which made the veins stick out more and the end was still leaking precum, that seemed odd to me cause I didn't get that much. I began sucking it again and moved my hand down to my own cock which now stood at its full 8" and wanked my self off, I was surprised at how much I wanted this guys hard dick in my mouth. Which made it so much sadder when he pulled away, I was gutted, I wanted more.

His brown eyes came to my level and he mouthed "your turn!" I was so engaged in this guys cock I'd forgotten about my own, I smiled and stood up, guiding my dick to this guys eager mouth, he grabbed my cock firmly and kissed the tip before taking one of my balls in his mouth, pleasure came like a wave all over me as he throated my dick, he obviously had experience because he was much better than me. I began to thrust my hips into his mouth as my confidence grew.

My breathing became heavy panting, I was close and he must have known because he pulled away from my dick and stood up. I heard both cubicles open and then there was a knock at mine, both guys came in, there rock hard cocks pitching tents in their pulled up trousers, without wasting any time they pulled them down and took off their shirts. The guy in the white shirt had an amazing body, tight abbs covered in soft chest fuzz with a pleasure trail leading down to his big dick. The younger guy was completely hairless, must have been a swimmer, and had a slightly smaller dick, than the two of us.

The older guy had me sit on the toilet and bent the younger guy over to suck my dick, while he stroked his hairless arse, teasing his hole with his finger, I felt him moan on my dick as the older guy slid his fingers into his arse and began to pump them in and out aggressively. The younger guy looked up into my eyes with a look of pure ecstasy as he wanked my dick before I pushed his head back onto it, forcing it down to my pubes, the older guy grinned at me, rolling a condom onto his dick.

This guy was being dominated. The older guy spat onto his dick and rubbed the spit into it before sliding it into the younger guys eager arse. Both men grunted as he slid his dick slowly outwards before ramming it back in. I couldn't believe what I was doing but it felt so amazing and the younger guy licked my bell-end.

Suddenly the younger guy gripped my thighs tightly as he let out a loud moan, and I felt something warm splash against my legs. He must have hit something because this guy hadn't even wanked himself before cumming all over my feet. The older guy beamed with pride, he'd made this guy come just by fucking him. His rhythmic pounding became faster as he slapped against his thighs, the sound echoing through the bathroom. The younger guy lost the strength in his legs and stumbled but I grabbed onto him and forced his head back onto my eager dick.

Sweat shone on our hot bodies, and the older guy just started fucking him faster and harder, the young guy started moving his arse back to meet them as his soft lips worked my dick. I really wanted to fuck this guy but I guess the one who brings the condoms does the fucking. The older guy bit his lower lip and groaned as he came into the guys arse, pressing his stomach against the younger guys and holding him tightly while giving him a few last hard thrusts.

Seeing this I couldn't hold back any longer, a wave of pleasure surged through my entire body and I held the young guys head on my dick as I came into his mouth. I collapsed against the toilet seat panting, a tiny amount of cum seeped out his mouth but he licked it up eagerly and cleaned my dick, which felt all the better as it was, sensitive after I'd just cum.

The older guy pulled out of his arse and all three of us put our clothes back on quickly. We left the toilet one at a time, me last, the older guy stroked my arse and squeezed my dick before giving me a cheeky wink and leaving. From now on I always carry a condom just in case!

Thanks for reading!

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