Glory hole discovery

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)


At the pad Sandy and his pals were busy with their sex games. Sandy was it and he had suck off the others. He was tied naked to a chair, sucking one after another –Sandy was enjoying it- his dick was erect tied to a string. Pete was pulling it. Sandy’s face was covered in cum. Shortly he was lying in bed with and the others.

“Have you ever thought sucking off a dick at a gloryhole” Jake asked him
“What’s the difference?” Asked Sandy
“Nothing, except you won’t know whose it is when you suck it” Jake answered
“Oh sort of blindfolded sucking and fucking?”
“Could be, except you’re not blindfolded, you get see the dicks and balls there”
.”That’s cool, where is this?”

Jake gives the name of the place. It was club not too far from the pad.

“Alright I’ll get there” Sandy says excitedly. Sandy shows up at the club with nothing except for his jeans on.He enters toilet sits on commode, kicks off jeans waits impatiently. Soon a cock came sliding through the wall and then balls fell through. He grabs it and begins sucking it, including the balls. Those cocks would leave as soon he had receive a load of cum and sometimes piss. Then when one cock snaked in from the other wall. Sandy raised his behind and guided it into his -hole. He was receiving cocks from both ends. One cock which sprung up before his face looked sort of familiar, there was this tattoo on it. He finished sucking it off with it. There were more on each end. Sandy could have gone on the whole night, but decided to get out. Pulled up his jeans.

He found Pete and Jake sitting next to the bar boozing.
“Well, how did it go?” Pete asked.

“Wonderful!” Sandy said happily. His cum covered body a sign of how much he did. They took him to the place where they all made out pad. It was some kind of heroes welcome for Sandy. Pete sucked his cock, Jake his balls. Ron was lapping up his asshole. He was being kissed and licked. The tongues were cleaning him out as he lay there, joyful.

Sandy was puzzled about the t attooed dick. His lovers had gone. He decided to go to his ’s trailer. Sandy opens the door, finds John (his dad) fucking a prostitute John pulls his cock out of cunt. Sandy checks out John’s prong it had the same tattoo.
“Aaah ‘sucker’, lick my balls again” John says loudly with a bottle in one his hand.Sandy starts sucking, the taste of cunt was on it. The prostitute unzips Sandy’s jeans starts sucking his cock. Sandy was feeling uncomfortable by having woman’s mouth swallowing his prick. Sandy goes on sucking. Phil grabs Sandy ( John’s younger brother and Sandy’s uncle), pushes off Sandy’s jeans and fucks Sandy in the ass-hole.

“You know he’s my son” Joh tells the prostitute, she was too busy with Sandy’s cock to listen, she did not care who was related to whom and how.,. She had paid for her sexual services not to hear anything and John spent a great deal money them, more than what they asked for. Sandy went sucking John’s prick and Phil’s dick together. John handed over the bottle to Sandy. Sandy stopped sucking and drank – it was piss, not beer, Sandy drank anyway, poured some over the prostitute and resumed sucking.

Shortly after John kicked out Sandy and the prostitute out of his trailer. Threw Sandy’s jeans and the cash out as well. Sandy felt as if have offered sex for money. The prostitute ran off. Sandy returned to his own trailer, his ass-hole wet with loads of cum and mouth as well. He knew it won’t be long till he is fucked again in a little time, so he kept the trailer door open.

*** Glory hole fun part 2

Sandy went to the same gay bar, but did not stop for anything went straight to suck as many dicks as they could through the glory holes and get fucke by anonymous dicks, later to exchange notes as to how many dicks they had sucked the most. The winner would give a treat to the others.

Sandy went on sucking, till there were none coming his way. He steps out naked. He had been hearing something behind the wall and was curious to find out. There was a door and on it was written WARNING! ONLY THE MOST DARING STEP HERE.

Sandly felt his ass hole tingle and his prick was erect. He stepped out in anticipation. His spine shivered with thrill. He came out at the corner of a darkened alley. He looks before him and was pleasantly surprise a couple inside the alley. One was banging the other amidst the trash cans. Sandy feels a finger slip up his asshole. He does not look.

“Like what you see, bitch?” A gravelly voice asks with indignation.
“Yes” Sandy replies
“How much?”
“A lot!”
“Start runnin” Another voice say.
Sandly runs slowly, not to lose them.
”Faster slut!”

Sandy runs fast. The men catch up with him and trip him. He falls on the filthy ground, face,cock and balls first. As he crashed down, he ghasped before he could shut his mouth, there was cock stuffed into his throat. Another was jammed into his asshole. He was being furiously being screwed in both ends. As he was doing that, he felt warm piss showering his back. He already a dick in his asshole another was stuffed in it. He rarely tried taking them, though he enjoyed it a lot, whenever he did. His asshole felt tight. He could not scream even he wanted, he had a mouth full of dick.

When that dick in his mouth was out another was in it. The same was slapping him. His arms were pulled to the side and he was made to masturbate two other dicks and getting additional slaps and spankings.
He was being filled with cum at both ends. He was masturbating using his feet. His feet and hands were covered with a a load of cum.
When all of them had finished screwing him, he was pulled by the nose and made to crawl towards a garbage pile, there was a large amount of shit piled up, by these men.
“Eat!” He was commanded.

Sandy was not that much into shit but loved being ordered around and loved these masters tell him to do what they told him. His face pushed in. He starts devouring the pile as if shit hunger had hit him. He finished it all.
All of the men laughed. Sandly could hardly see their faces. They held him and all of them together sprayed a huge loads of cum onto him. He was left alone covered in cum.
Sandy was delirious with joy. He steps back in. His friends spot him
“Look at you!”

All of them starting questions. Sandy explained, all of them – were so excited, they forgot why the were there, started licking him up.
“You’re so lucky!” Pete exclaimed. Sandy’s asshole was being licked up. They did not want him to be seen by others like wanted him to be only for them. Their feast.
“How many can you suck one hour?” Pete challenged Sandy
“I don’t know, you’ll have to see me” Sandy replies
“A hundred!?” Ron asks.
“Why don’t we go there….”
“Ok” Pete and the rest of them say.

Sandy got busy at the glory-hole. Blowing one cock after another. But the challenge went bust in a little while. Because everyone joined in could not resist sucking. Sandy waited for her turn, but all of them were slobbering on anonymous pricks.
All this time, Sandy could hear something nasty going on behind the wall. He wanted to see for himself what it could be. Unnoticed he left his pals, went around and found a door to a back alley. Two guys were at it, but by the time Sandy got to them, they ran off. Felt disappointed, he was standing thinking he was alone.

“What are you looking at…..” A man said
Sandy looked behind and saw this ugly beast of a man with his pack – showing off their handsome dicks. Sandy’s mouth was watering.
“Show us how fast you can run, scum!”

Sandy starts running, he was a short distance, but they caught up with him, tripping him - an began banging his mouth and ass-hole. He face the ground, but grabbed on cocks to keep him up.

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