Glory Hole in Rest Stop Restroom

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

One weekend, when I was bored out of my mind, I decided to go for a long trip from where I lived in Lakewood, California up north to a place I like near Sacramento. On my way back, I needed to stop at a rest stop to use the toilet.

I don't like to use the urinals, so I went inside one of the stalls. Both stalls were vacant when I went in. When I closed and locked the door, I noticed a hole in the partition. It was about just the right height for a to go through it. Just for fun, I thought I would stick my cock in through the hole to see what it felt like. In no time at all, I felt someone put his mouth on it and begin sucking the whole thing.

I was amazed at how quickly he began to on it and wondered if he had been waiting for someone to come in his stall so he could do what had happened to me one time before. That time, a pulled me inside and held me tight so I could not get away, he closed and locked the door, and then in spite of my resistance, he managed to unzip my pants, pull out my hard, throbbing cock, and suck it off. Nonetheless, this particular guy was very quick and didn't waste a second after I stuck my cock in through the hole!

At , I wanted to pull away, because I am not used to being sucked, but I have to admit that I DO like the way it feels, so I couldn't pull away. Another reason is that I couldn't. When I put my cock through, it was flaccid, but after the guy began to suck me and it swelled up, it was quite clear that the hole was a little smaller than my cock. At least it wasn't painful, though.

The guy sucked me slowly at first, and paid special attention to the head, which is exhilarating to me and tantalizes me. Then he licked the underside of my circumcised cock, right at the head where the crack is, where it is VERY sensitive.

Then he put the whole head in his mouth again and started sucking it again. I was amazed at how much of my cock he could swallow, as it felt as if he were taking the whole thing. He must have been turned on, because he began to salivate rather heavily as he was sucking me, which to me, made it more titillating as his mouth glided back and forth, back and forth, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, and the sound it was making was turning me on.

When I told him I was about to come, and said I was going to come in his mouth if he didn't stop, he sucked harder and faster, until I finally came. I was so excited, that when I came, I exploded in his mouth, and when I did, he pulled in as as he could go, so all the cum went deep into his throat.

Now I had a little problem. I was now so excited and my cock so swelled up, I couldn't move it out of the hole, so I needed the guy's help. I asked him to get some of the liquid soap and put it on my cock so it would slide through the hole. It didn't work though, because he was on the wrong side of the partition, so I had to let him inside my stall.

He turned around first and locked the door. Then he reached down and gently smeared some of the soap around my cock and pushed me into the wall. Then I could pull it out of the hole. I thanked the guy, but he just smiled. Then, without any warning, he had his right hand on my throbbing hard cock, and his left hand on the back of my head, as he forced a passionate kiss on me. I tried to resist, trying to push him away, but that seemed to make him more aggressive. He said, "Come on. You know you want it", as he kissed me some more.

He went down on my cock again and began to suck it again. I soon noticed that his pants were down and he did not have any underwear on, and his cock was and hard as he was beating it off while he was sucking me. Then he took my hand and put it on his throbbing, hard cock and moved my hand to begin stroking it. So I stroked his cock while he sucked mine.

When he had enough of sucking my cock, he gently pushed me down, so I was sitting on the toilet seat. Then before I knew what was happening, he pushed his cock into my mouth. I gasped, because it was so big and because I don't like to suck cock, but it was already in my mouth, and I couldn't push him away. He wouldn't move. He started pulling it in and out, in and out, building up a rhythm so I moved my mouth back and forth.

Apparently, I wasn't doing it deep enough for him, because he put his hand on the back of my head and forced me to take it all until I gagged, and then he still kept pushing it deeper. I did not like that at all. I tried to quit, but by now, he had both hands on the back of my head, and he was pushing me to go deeper and deeper, as I was choking and I felt like I was going to choke to death with his cock in my mouth.

Finally he let up a little, so I could slide back to his head and pay special attention to it. I then pulled out and began to tell him that I didn't want him to shoot in my mouth, and he forced it back in and put both hands on the back of my head and forced me to take so much of it that I began to gag again. Then he started moving in and out, and in and out, faster and faster, and then he did it. He pushed it in DEEP and EXPLODED into the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow all of his cum.

He then stood up again, held me in a hug, pushing our thick, hard, throbbing cocks together, and began to kiss me. Then he forced his tongue into my mouth and began to French kiss me and he began to stroke my cock again. I wasn't sure I wanted him to kiss me after forcing me to suck him, and after the way he had done it, but I couldn't get away from him.

Suddenly, he quit. He thanked me, groped at my cock, pulled up his pants, groped at my cock again, and then he turned around, unlocked the door, and walked out, leaving the door wide open. I had to quickly get up and close it and lock it again.

I was glad when he finally left, and I thought that next time I see a glory hole in a restroom, I won't be so quick to try it out.

The next time I went to a restroom and found that it had a glory hole between stalls, I ignored it. Then I sat down on the toilet. This hole was positioned so when one is sitting on the toilet, it would be right about where the mouth is. Suddenly, a big, throbbing cock came in through the hole. I didn't want to suck it, so I began to stroke it. He pulled it out and whispered, "Suck it please!" I said, "Sorry, but I don't like to suck cocks. I'll beat if off if you want, but I don't like to suck", then he said, "Oh, sorry!"

A few minutes later, I saw him put his finger through the hole. I thought that was funny and didn't know what that meant. Then he put in two fingers, bending them as he put them in through the hole. Then he started to bang on the hole with his two fingers. Then he said, "Put your cock in the hole". I thought why not, because this hole was wider, besides, I DO like the way it feels. I won't go out looking for someone to suck me off, but if he wants to and it makes him happy, then why not? Just thinking about it made my cock get engorged, so I pushed it in through the hole.

As soon as it was through, he began to suck it. He too, paid special attention to the head, until I began to groan, and then he pushed it in deep and went faster and faster, with the sound of a lot of saliva in his mouth, which altogether turned me on. I was exhilarated and titillated. Then as I moaned and moaned, he went faster and faster, which intensified the feeling. I told him, "I'm coming!" so he could pull out if he wanted to, but he didn't. He just moved in deeper so I exploded in the back of his throat, so he could swallow it all.

After he was finished, I wiped myself off, pulled up my pants, and went out to wash my hands. He was still washing his hands when I got there. After I washed my hands, he grabbed me in a bear hug, forcing a passionate kiss on me and began to grope at my bulge, and I thought, "Oh no! Not another one!" But then, he said, "Thankyou VERY much! That was SO good!" and he walked out ahead of me and disappeared into the darkness outside.

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