Get on your knees, pup!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is Matt or was Matt. Now I'm known as slave Nr.2803.

It all began 2 weeks ago when I decided to change my entire life. I found out about a of , who started a new life as a sex slave in a weird sect-like organization. It was a organization with lots of members. The thought of spending the rest of my life as a sex slave turned me on so much, that I actually considered of joining them.

I read the conditions and got a little scared, which aroused me even more. If I wanted to join I'd have to give up my entire life!
I'd had to move out, quit my job and lose the contact to everyone I know.

I was so horny that I almost send an email to tell them, that I wanna be part of their group. But I was a little more intelligent than horny so I decided ti think about it VERY well.

To give up my life wasn't actually the biggest problem. I had no friends, no family and I hated my job. But I was wondering if I could be a slave for the rest of my life, cause I was only 24 years old and I didn't if I was ready to give everything up.

I loved being a bound by dominant and I loved serving them as a slave but could I really do this 24/7 ?

I sat there for hours and I finally decided to send them an email.

The next day they responded with a warning. They said that they are serious and would really keep me forever. However they said if I really wanna join I should send them ALL the information about me. Where I live, where I work, my phone number and all my passwords to every website I was logged in at. They also told me of the ranks. This group had three ranks and each member was in one of them. There was rank 1: the Masters who were obviously the leaders of this group. Rank 2: were the slave, I wanted to be a slave and then there was tank 3: the Puppies. I only that that rank was worse than rank 2 which I could hardly believe.

Anyways I did as they told and after receiving all my personal data they told me to quit my job.
They were fucking serious but so was I, I quit my shitty job immediately and then I just waited because they told me to.

I waited a couple days for a respond when suddenly someone knocked on my door...

And here we are now. I opened the door and saw a tall muscular man standing in front of me, he said :" Your life as a slave starts now! Get in the car and put on the blindfold on the seat. I obeyed. As i put on that blindfold i realized that everything is about to change now.


We drove for at least 5 hours. When we got out, and when I got my blindfold taken off, it was already dark. They brought me into a huge warehouse in the middle of nowhere. The warehouse was empty and dark, we were going to the basement where they lead me into room and told me to stand still, keep my eyes forward and my hands behind my back.

Then they left me alone. After a while I saw a man in leather coming toward me:" My name is Jason but you'll call me sir or master. I'm here to train and break you if you do something wrong you'll get punished. After our training the punishments will get a lot worse but for now I wont be to hard on you. You have to obey every master and you'll do absolutely everything we tell you cause if you don't you'll regret it. Get that, bitch ?"

I couldn't make a clear thought cause I was so damn aroused.

"Uh.. yes", I said.

Immediately he slapped my face so hard that it felt like it'll stay red forever.

"Yes who?!" He shouted.

I saw my mistake and said:" yes sir"

He slapped me again.

"LOUDER slut!"

"YES SIR!" I screamed

The he slowly touched my body my chest my fast and beat of all my crotch . He ordered me to strip and that's what I did.

Now I'm standing in front if my hot master with a huge boner.

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