Fun at work

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

John was sat at home bored out of his mind watching TV. He had took a week off work to spend some time with Harvey, but yet again Harvey had been called into work, because there was some paper work that needed to be done. Harvey was the boss of his own company, and John was always pissed off with the fact that he never took time off.

"Oh Harvey, not again" John had complained that morning.
"Just today and tomorrow I promise". Harvey had replied back, giving him a kiss before he got out of bed.

That was earlier on, and it was now 1.30pm and John was stuck for something to do. 'maybe I could give him a ring' he thought to himself. So he did. Harvey was pleased to hear from him and said he would be home soon, just that he had a bit more to do. John was still unhappy, so he thought he would go there and suprise him with a visit instead and maybe have a little fun while he was there.'I will put his favourite clothes on that he likes me to wear' he thought.
So John jumped in his car and drove to Harvey's office with a grin on his face and an erection in his pants, stopping on the way to get a bottle of wine.

John walked into the reception area and stood at the main door watching Harvey's new secretary. Harvey was forever employing new ones, saying that they annoyed him with their flirting after a while. John laughed to himself when he thought about it. They soon got pissed off and became complete bitches when they found out he was gay and had a . Well you couldn't blame them for trying, after all Harvey was perfect in everyway. Gorgeous face, body, , and not to mention his . Men and women alike fancied him. John had been the lucky one to end up with someone like Harvey, and after 2 years they were still strong. John wasn't ugly himself, inafct he had a few offers, but they were nothing like the man that Harvey was. 

So he stood watching this new secretary and looked at her while she was speaking on the phone. She looked like some tart, with a short mini skirt, high heels and breasts that were half way out of her top. Then he saw Harvey come out of his office and immediately his secretary put the phone down and stood up to to Harvey. Obviously flirting so badly, touching him on the arm, flicking her long brown hair over her shoulder and aiming her breasts towards his own chest trying to get some sort of reaction from him. John laughed again, feeling his erection growing, knowing that Harvey just oozed sex to anyone, and could attract so much attention, yet he was his, and this female tart hadn't a clue he wasn't interested. 

He carried on watching until Harvey went back into his room, then he started walking to the secretary's desk, who had picked up the phone again. He and thought he would have a bit of fun with her, like he always did with the new secretaries. She was talking on the phone to someone about Harvey, and how she would like to fuck him. Probably one of her girlfriends. 'hmm so she is taking personal calls and talking about her boss to her friends is she?' John thought.

John coughed out loud to let her know he was there.
She put the phone down and looked up

"Hi, yes errr what can I do for you sir?" She said with a smile.
"Well, I would like to see Mr Harvey Willis please" John said in a casual manner.
"Do you have an appointment Mr....?"
"Thornley, Mr Thornley and no I don't but it is important that I see him today" John amswered, trying to sound professional.
She looked him up and down, noticing that John was in casual wear not looking professional at all, and said. "So Mr Thornley, ok so you don't have an appointment, but can I ask what it is about? You see I will need to go and ask him if he is available, he isn't actually supposed to be due in this week. I think you may need to make an appointment with me to come in next week".
"Well, I think I may go ask him myself then if it is ok with you? I need to see him" he asked her.
"Well Sir, I don't think you should do that. Mr Willis is a busy man and he doesn't like to be disturbed" She answered.
"Yes well, by the sound of that phone call, I am sure YOU would like to disturb him anytime you wish don't you Miss....?" John smirked.
"It's Miss Finch Sir and I really don't know what you are talking about, but I would suggest you mind what you say in future." Miss Finch commanded.
"Oh really, well you don't seem to mind talking to your friends about him on the phone, do you Miss Finch?" John asked her, smiling to himself underneath. "I did hear you before you noticed me, and I must say that it is very unprofessional. Don't you think?" John waited for an answer but nothing came out, so he carried on. "So I think you had better get Mr Willis on the phone now and ask him if he has time to see me" I demanded.

Now she was busted. She pressed a button on the machine, and Harvey's voice answered "What now?"
"Mr Willis Sir, a Mr Thornley is here and he wishes to see you right away, says it is important." She answered.
John heard Harvey laugh and he could tell there was a smile behind it.
"Tell him to come in Jane, and I don't want disturbing until he leaves do you here?" Harvey answered.
"Yes...yes Sir"
She looked at John with pure evil and sighed.
John looked back at her with a grin on his face and walked right paased her and opened the door to Harvey's office, then slammed it shut behind him.

Harvey was sat at his desk, which was now empty. He had moved everything off and John put the wine down infront of him when he smilied.
"Hey baby, what brings you here?" Harvey asked.
"Well I was bored sat at home, so I thought I would pay you a visit, and I am glad I did. You know that secretary fancies you big style and I heard her making a personal phone call to her friend bragging about her new boss and how she was gonna fuck you by the end of the month." John answered then laughed out loud and Harvey laughed with him.
"Well, you know she can try, but I got all I need right here" Harvey said. 

With that he stood up and walked over to John and pulled them tight together and kissed. The kiss was hard, and long, and felt with so much passion. Both men were hard straight away, their erections straining to be set free from their pants. They moaned together, ripping each others clothes off with a frenzy, aching to see one another naked, to feel each other. They kissed like they had not seen each other for weeks, tongues dancing together in their mouths. It always turned them both on to do this in Harvey's office, knowing that people were outside and could hear everything. A few times they did, but nobody bothered, afterall it was Harvey's company and they all knew Harvey was gay and taken.
About 2 minutes later, Harvey and John stood in the middle of his office butt naked and rock hard, and looked each other up and down.

"Mmmmmm you look delicious, good enough to eat" John said licking his lips.
"Come here then and taste some of my cream" Harvey replied smiling.
"Oh baby, you know anything you command, I will deliver" John said as he dropped to his knees.
He looked at his meal, stroking and teasing it at first, while Harvey pushed it towards his mouth. He licked and sucked on his balls for a while and John moaned as he saw some pre cum came out the tip. He moved his mouth up and stuck out his tongue and lapped it up, tasting every drop that flowed out of Harvey's cock. Harvey moaned and pushed more, so John opened his mouth wide and took him in whole into his mouth, trying not to gag as he took all 9 inches down his throat at first try. Oh how he loved to suck this gorgeous peice of meat. He sucked like it was the last cock on earth, milking it from all it's juice, rolling his tongue up and down and around the shaft. Harvey moaned more and more, thrusting his hips forward, fucking John's mouth harder and faster. John now moaned, vibrating Harvey's cock, wanting his cum to shoot down his throat.
"Oh yeah John, suck it....thats it suck my big cock"
"Milk my cum out my balls, yeahhh....FUCK you are so good....suck it harder...faster...oohh baby im nearly there...OH SHIT"
John loved it when he was vocal, it just turned him on more, and he was now fisting his own cock, nearly ready to cum himself, feeling Harvey's cock expand he heard
"Oh.....thats it comes it comes..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....OOOOHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKK". Harvey shouted.

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