Foreign Love

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was never considered the typical gypsy boy. I rather spend my time cleaning up and making dinner instead of getting , hanging with the guys, and flirting with girls. My mother had start becoming busy running the family psychic shop so she left taking care of the house to me. I l admire my mom with her beautiful features from her red hair, bright green eyes, and beautiful legs. I inherited all of my mother’s features her long red hair, deep hypnotizing green eyes, and her short slim frame. I didn’t like speaking about my dad since he was rarely around. He worked a lot and never had much time to spend with us. My father traveled a lot to work with several of his family members in their money making ventures. Even though he was far away, he still sent money to support us.

Today is the first day of winter, and it is raining. I got dressed in my typical fashion of jeans, a shirt, and a leather jacket. Walking down the stairs, I grab my umbrella from the counter while trying to slip on my boots. As I walk out the door I lock it behind me, I check the mailbox. I notice a letter from dad instead of a happy feeling I --more or less-- could care less. I walk swiftly down the street toward my mom’s shop. “Hey mom,” I shout as I walk into the store. She looks up and pulls me into a hug. “What brings you here?” She questions eyeing me.

“Well I was on my way to the grocery store.” I answer looking toward the door. My mom looks at the mail and notices the envelope from my dad. “Look honey. It’s a letter from your dad. Why don’t you read it?” She asks while opening it. “I will later,” I say trying to scoot toward the door. “Oh dear wait, here is some money for the grocery store. “ She says while handing me a roll of money. “OK, thanks mom.”

I walk down the street and turn the corner. “Mikey!!!” I look across the street and see my friend John running toward me. “Hey John,” I say while still walking. John yanks on my arm screaming, “Wait.” “You’re coming with me. Didn’t you hear about the Warehouse on 5th street? All the employees got fired for going on strike. The boss is hiring the first 20 people who turn in applications. Come on.”

I could only be pulled along by John. He was 6’2, solid muscle, and the poster boy for a way a Gypsy man should be. He towered over and for sure he could over power me. He is my friend ever since we were kids. John always makes time for me with his busy schedule of getting drunk at night, flirting with all the pretty girls, and fighting. John usually comes over to talk, play games while I watch, and even has dinner with me. John is the biggest flirt I ever met and the best friend ever. John will even flirt with me from time to time even though he knows I’m gay. It’s nice since I don’t go out and flirt with random guys because I’m too shy.

I don’t know how to feel about this job opportunity. It wasn’t far from where John and I live, my mom and I could really use the extra money, and it couldn’t be that hard. I couldn’t imagine what my dad would say for some reason his opinion still matters to me. He always says Gypsy men are business men not laborers. We finally arrive to the place but the hiring manager has already chosen her 20 people. John knew the manager because of his friend Jim who was a notorious man whore. I watched John smooth talked us into the job with his short black hair smoothed back, his amazing smile, light brown eyes, and beautiful dimple that shows when he tries to smile sexy.

“Alright sweet cheeks,” John turn around saying as he grabs and smacks my butt. “Hey watch it,” I said seriously but somehow giggling. “Alright here are your sections. I hope it’s not a problem big john but you two won’t be together. I need to keep a personal eye on you.” She spoke in her business attitude, but the smell of lust was coming off her like a prostitute in need of money. John turns to me, lowers down, and kisses my cheek. “Listen honey. I will just be a way for a little while. Don’t forget to put your hair up.” He says kissing me on the lips as I stand there awkwardly and handing me a hair clip.

I watch John walk away as the manager ogles his nice bubble butt. John isn’t my boyfriend but he loves teasing people. We have always been close friends since we were little. We would pretend to play house, he be the father and I be the mother. Until the age of 10, my mother had just opened her shop and I had the responsibility of taking care of the house. John came over as usual when we decided to play house. John being around other Gypsy boys he was more experience in the ways of a relationship than I was. Even then, John was taller than me and had muscles. John pretended to had just come home from work while I pretended to set up the table for dinner.

I turned to greet him but instead of a hug he picked me up, sat me on the table, and started kissing me. I didn’t know what to do being it was my first kiss so I just kissed him back. The next thing I knew his tongue was in my mouth causing me to feel a weird feeling in my penis. He started grinding on me. He picked me up and pulled me closer. “Dude is you getting turned on!?” Those were the words that he yelled as he dropped me on the floor and run out the house.

I didn’t move at all from the spot he left me. He was my only friend I had ever had. Now I realized something was wrong with me. I was different. My mom didn’t come home that night. She went to go visit my dad because he was nearby and I refused to go. I had forced myself to get up and walked slowly to my bed. The day after that, I was up making breakfast when John walked in. I remember that day so clearly. He gave me a box of candy and a big teddy that had a heart with the words “My friend is gay.” I didn’t know what gay was but being accepted by my best friend meant being different wasn’t so bad. He didn’t have to say anything it was understood. Since then, John has always been playfully flirty with me.

It took me two hours but I finally found where they assign me to be at which was packing. It was my worst fear being sounded by boxes. My job is to pick up the boxes, put them in to carts, and push them to the shipping department. The job was going good because I was getting mostly little boxes. I was organizing the boxes in my cart when someone shouted, “Red head move!!!” By instinct, I look up and see a huge box the size of a living room falling down toward me. I closed my eyes and waited to be crushed.

When I felt a powerful force, crush the air of my body. “Mikey!!!” I heard John scream. Tears streamed down my eyes as I realized I didn’t get the chance to say bye to my only friend. “Bye John,” was all I could whisper. I was awaken by a splash of water covered my face. I sit up coughing and whipping my face. “Thanks dude.” I see John saying as he waves to a guy wearing grey sweats and a white sweater that cling to his muscular back. “What happened? Why aren’t I dead?” I ask looking at John. “Be careful baby. You know I can’t always be around to save your !!!” John shouts over me playfully.“Shut up!! I was fine until someone tried to kill me.” I say turning away from him.

John picks me off the ground and cradles me to kiss buff chest. “A box fell from up there but some guy saved you.” I look up to the direction John is pointing at and I see a conveyer belt with boxes on it. “Jenn, we are out of this death trap. You guys almost killed my friend.” John said putting his sweater on. “Sorry John. You guys can leave early. Keep this between us though.” Jenn whispers while feeling on John’s muscle arms.

Once outside the warehouse, John puts me down. “So where were you off to before I interrupted?” John asks while walking beside me. “Aaaahhhh! I forgot that I had to go to the grocery store!! That is what happens when I get involve with you.” I say running off as he follows behind me. We make it to the grocery store with me out of breathe. “John can you please go get the meat. I’ll get the vegetables and stuff.’ I get everything I need. The last thing I need is on the top shelf and with me being only 5’6 how am I supposed to get this. I look around for help but no one stops.

I decide to just wait until John comes, but he is taking too long. He probably stopped to talk to a hot blonde girl. I try getting the pepper myself and climb up the shelves but I lose my grip. As I fall down, I feel strong arms and a muscular chest catch me. “Thanks Jo…” I start to say as I turn to look at him. It wasn’t John, but some guy with spikey black hair, dark green eyes, and a strong frown. He puts me down, reaches to grab the can of pepper for me, and hands it to me. He walks away and says, “I like your hair. It makes you look kind of cute.” His words send a warm feeling into my stomach and all I can do is stand there like a dummy. I watch him walk away in his grey sweats and white shirt that cling to his strong well defined back.

I walk to the cashier line and see John talking with the blonde cashier. “Hey there is my friend now. He was taking forever. Right?” John says while staring at me. “Sorry. I couldn’t reach something.” I say shyly. I feel a strong grasp on my shoulder causing me to look back. I see the guy that helped me reach the pepper. “Well my name is Jo.” He says holding his hand out awkwardly. “Hi Jo! My name is Mikey.” I say shaking his hand. “I can’t thank you enough for helping me today.” I say smiling at him.

Jo gives me his number as John just stands there looking awkwardly from me to the mysterious guy. I try to think of what I could say to him but end up dumb founded. John grabs and holds my hand pulling me closer to him without Jo noticing. Jo hugs but I can only hug him back with one arm.

John and I carry the groceries back to my house. I start working on dinner and I notice there something strange going on with John. He usually goes watch whatever sport game that is on instead he sits by the table watching me. I ask him to come over to taste my honey glaze but Jo texts me. I turn from him and look at my phone. John takes me by the waist and kisses me on the lips. “Wait John. I gotta reply to Jo.” I say pushing him back. John grabs my phone and throws it. “What’s up with you jerk?”I ask walking past him to get my phone. “What is wrong with you?” He says not looking at me.

“You’re really going to date him?” He questions me. “John of course, I mean he likes me and I like him.” I say giving the look of answering a stupid question. “It’s one thing to be gay but another to date a non gypsy. It’s sick.” John says staring at me. “So, it is better for me to just let him fuck me and never speak to him again. Sorry I can’t be like you and to tell you the truth I want to fall in love. No gypsy man wants a male bride, so Fuck You!” I shout. John grabs his jacket and walks out the door.

“John please can you wait,” I say walking out behind him. “No Red it’s clear. You don’t need me.” John says. I walk back into the house and put the food up. It doesn’t matter if it’s no one to eat it. My mom isn’t probably won’t come home since dad probably somewhere nearby. I decide to go to bed early with my mood ruined.

I get dress and go visit my mom before she heads to see my dad. I get to the shop but it is closed. I continue to walk around the streets even though John tells me how bad it is at night it doesn’t seem like it. I walk by the local bar where all the gypsy teenagers go. I see someone passed out at the corner so I run to see it he or she is alright. I notice its John and he looks like he got beat really bad. I help him up. “What are you doing here Red?” He questions me giving off the strong smell of alcohol on his breathe. I walk him to my house; it turns out to be a long walk of him asking me question.

We finally make it to my house. I sit John down on the couch while I sit next to him. He looks over with his light brown eyes, puts his hand on my head, and pulls me closer. “Red, you know I love you. Not as a friend but as more.” He says as he pushes me down and lays on top of me. “What do you mean?” I question but I hear him snoring.

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