Forced by classmate, Pride busted

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I hated that guy since the day he joined our school. He was very arrogant, showy always trying to make fun of others and trying to prove himself a very smart asshole. I already had got into fight with him for atleast a 2-3 times for various silly reasons. He was always trying to be bossy around. Steal others stuffs and trouble them, I don't know why but he had targeted me more than anyone else.

His name is Sam. He joined our school just a few months back. To suit his attitude he had a mighty physique. He was dimwit in studies. And what the news we got he had got failed 2-3 times and hence he was 2-3 years older than rest of us in class. To be honest I used to get scared to indulge in fight with him because I was a lean guy with 120 pounds weight and but circumstance used to be unavoidable.

One day while I was entering the classroom he intentionally pushed me from behind which made me lose balance and fall on to the floor. I immediately reacted and used curse words at him. He felt more angry though it was he who started all, and bad mouthed me as well, while he moved forward poking his mighty tightened chest muscles. I stepped back as he tried to push me off again. But the scene ended as teacher entered the classroom. We behaved as if nothing happened as we didn't want to get into trouble. He whispered "I'll see you later!"

Since that day he started teasing me in front of whole class when teacher was not around. He used to call me "girly ", "skinny animal" etc. One day I really got frustrated and bad mouthed him to the worst. I got support from other classmates as well, since he was bothersome to almost everyone. I also warned him that I would complain to the authority.

He felt more angry or rather anguish. I could see it on his face. He got up and started walking towards me. But again I was saved by the entry of our class teacher.

The same day after the school I was returning my home. I had to walk for 15 minutes to reach my home. I followed a narrow road to a solitary under-construction site. It was a desolate place with herbs and trees all around the place, since it was evening time there was no one at work. It was a shortcut to reach a main street from there only 5 minutes by walk to my home.

I was flooded in thoughts as I was hearing my own steps crushing dried leaves on muddy road. And suddenly I felt someone approaching me from behind, before I could turn around I felt a mighty push, I lost my balance completely and fell on ground! It hurt me hand and knees, I recovered and looked back in shock to see Sam standing there! I uttered in surprise "hey sam! what .." before I could complete what I was saying he lifted holding my left ankle and punched hard on left cheek !

I felt scared like hell! "Please stop!" I shouted as he moved forward ! I was literally shivering. "HELP! HELP!" I shouted as loud as I could, looking for some hope around .. I didn't know what was next! I had no one to help there it was a desolate place.
"You fucking faggot! How dare you bad mouth me!" He barked and pushed me again. I fell to ground easily! He was so mighty that he could easily lift me in air. I didn't try to get up .. My heartbeat raised to 100 .. I guessed..

I started begging as he approached once again "I'm sorry sam! Please don't hurt me"! He sat on ground beside me and leaned. "I will fuck you bitch!" He whispered ! I was puzzled! I didn't understand what was going on..
He started tearing my school shirt apart. The buttons got popped off easily .. My weak hands trying to stop turned out useless.. I was totally in shock "Sam what are you doing? stop it" I uttered in disgust and shock for what was happening ..
He suddenly moved on to me, holding my wrists with his strong hands above my head.. started kissing my face. I felt disgusted!

This was something I had seen in movies, a girl getting raped while guy holding her hands above head.. making her feel helpless and humiliated. I felt as if I'm a helpless girl too..
"You fucking faggot! you rip your apart! I make you bleed!" He kissed my earlobe as I turned my head in disgust .. he continued "He warned me that you would complain to teacher nah? .. I will do something you won't be able to tell anyone!"
I could feel his strong breath on my cheeks and neck! He kissed my neck and releasing my one hand he started to unbuckle my pants ..

I didn't know how to react. I was totally helpless. He got up and pulled my pants and undergarments vigorously! I got up and started to run towards under-construction building walls. I didn't know how much I could succeed but I wanted to get away and hide if possible. I entered the building and he was more quick and energetic enough to catch me. He held me and pulled my shirt off .. I was totally naked ..

Now that I entered into a building's room, I was more of a cornered. I cursed my own stupidity. I tried to escape before getting beaten and slapped by him.
He stared at my little 3 and 1/2 inch dick and gave a good laugh in response. You suck! I wish if I could strip you off in front of whole school.

He pushed me to the corner! Holding my hands tightly to walls he started kissing me again! I don't know why I felt my penis getting hardened. He whispered "You want to see what man's dick is?" he kissed again .. "see this .." He moved back and unzipped his pants.. inserted his fingers in and pulled off his manly tool!

WOWWWWW! It was at least 5-6 inches soft meat.. My penis got more stiffened by looking at it .. 'So gorgeous uncut!' I felt..
I started getting strange feelings in my mind .. I hate this guy but why I'm losing myself I thought!

He held my head tightly and pushed me down on my knees .. He pulled his pants down a bit to expose his huge mighty balls and thick pubic hairs. I had never seen so things in my life! I had only grown few mm pubic hairs around my dick ..
"Suck it!" He ordered ..

"NO!!" I screamed and tried to move away .. He controlled me once again ! Pulled my hairs to cause me pain. I opened my mouth in pain! He pushed soft meat into my mouth! "If you try to bite it .. I will cut your balls and feed you! Obey and eat my meat!" he ordered..
I closed my eyes in utter disgust .. And started sucking it like lollypop.. I could do nothing else.. He had held my head so tightly that I was completely buried into his crotch. Aroma of his pubic hair entered my brain with every breath I took in. I felt his dick hardening and making me feel to afford to hold him in my mouth.. The sucking got difficult as he got completely stiffened in my mouth.. I served him for five good minutes and he pulled his strong stiff tool off my mouth.

He then lifted me by my left ankle and pinned me facing the wall. He quickly moved behind me and pushed his between my legs and pinned me to walls with force.. My hard dick got crushed to walls and I felt enormous pain! I screamed in pain! He started rubbing his tool which was wet with my saliva between my butt cheeks. I felt tickling sensation between my ass crack, as he continued to rub vigorously meanwhile kissing my neck and bare back from behind, he pinched my nipples hard to make me scream like I'm in hell..

He then moved a li'l back and slapped my butt cheeks real hard .. I screamed in pain and pleasure .. I felt 5 more slaps on each butt cheek.. skin was burning ..

I then felt, my asshole being lubed with his saliva and felt a sharp poking at my asshole.. He spread my ass cheeks apart with his mighty hands and pushed his thing into me .. I screamed in pain as he entered few inches into me. I felt so full and numb. he waited for a second or two and then he pulled the thing back.

I felt a bit relieved and immense pleasure as the hard thing in me slowly moved out.. but in a fraction of a second he squeezed and spread my ass cheeks apart once more and pushed himself in .. this time I felt more of his meet inside me. I could feel the stiffness and his manliness right inside me, that made me blush and aroused.. I moaned as he slowly started grinding the his cock in me .. I felt more worked out as he pushed all 9 inches into me. He hugged me tightly from behind as he jerked last inch of his meet deep into me..

"AAAAHHHHH" I moaned .. "I looooov youuuuuu .. sam .. fuck me .." I moaned ..

I surrendered all masculine characters in me .. I felt I belong to him.. and having him inside me I felt I'm complete. He kissed me hard on my cheek. pinched my nipples. I didn't scream, as I felt more pleasure this time in the pain he was giving me ..
"aahhhh .." he roared as he started pumping few inches to and fro in me he started hissing and moaning .. My ass cheeks shivered to the pace he was crushing them. He fondled my tiny dick and balls. My hands were struggling to hold on to wall and withstand the jerk of pressure sam was giving with each powerful stroke.

He started stroking my tiny dick.. I closed my eyes to feel the deep immense pleasure .. I was getting more aroused every minute.. The erotic noise of my ass being crushed by his mighty cock was as loud as I had observed in porn movies. He continued his shower of kisses on my neck and cheeks.. the biting .. the fondling of my dick and squeezing my nipples for some more good minutes..

He increased his pace and whispered .. "I'm about to cum .. I want to cum on ur face and loser dick" He stopped and had me turn towards him.
"on your knees!" he commanded ..
I sat on my knees .. He spitted on my dick! "Jerk your tiny dick" he ordered..

I started to masturbate my tiny dick as he stroked his tool. I was amazed to see a huge monster right in front of my face. I wondered how did I manage to take it in my man-pussy!! His pelvic muscled showed few movements and he shoot up the cum on my face .. I stopped stroking my cock and was ready with my mouth opened and I felt few tasty drops on my tongue .. I felt the stream of fluid all over my face, and chest, novel and I felt some wetness on my dick and balls too.. I felt a little burning in my left eye because of some cum went in as I tried to open my eyes.. I kept the left eye closed and opened right eye to check my erotic pathetic condition after cum shower .. I felt and saw cum slowly sliding down on my chest, nipple, novel and dick..

I started stroking my penis in excitement as I tried to wipe the cum on my face and lick it with other hand.. I massaged my nipples, chest and stomach with his cum as I stroked penis hard with right hand. The cum on my dick kind of gave a good lube for fapping.
Sam watched me with mocking smile on his face.. I wide opened my mouth releasing a moan as I hit the orgasm.. But I lost again in competing sam.. my cum lasted few spoons while he had showered me with his quantity.

I collapsed on ground, as Sam still watched me with that mocking smile.. I had forgotten that he was an enemy and I felt like smiling at him..

He went out and came back with my cloths, threw them on my face. I got dressed with the dirty torn cloths and approached him. Traces of his cum was still on my body and face. I spoke "I'm sorry for misbehaving with you, from now on I will obey whatever you say!"
Sam widened his eyes "Will you be my slave?"
I replied without a second thought "YES! please give this pleasure to me .. please I beg you"

He asked "do you know the meaning of being slave? You have to obey whatever I say .. whenever I wish to fuck that loser ass of yours you need to bend and take me in .."
I replied "Yes I will do"

He commanded "you must be ready to eat my spit and cum!"

I replied "Yes I will eat your cum and spit"

"If I'm angry on you .. I will punish you your ass cheeks red .. can you the pain of it .. and pain of getting your ass screwed"
"Yes I love getting fucked by you Sam! I'm your bitch.." I yelled ..

He smiled and patted on my head.. We parted.. I left home thinking a way to explain a good reason at my home for my pathetic condition of getting the cloths dirty and torn ..


Since then I served him as slave. My classmates at school used to wonder why sam has soft heart at me while he continued to trouble rest of the pupil and school.. I used to help sam in his homework as well.. We used to meet in the same place almost everyday in the evening, I loved being his bitch, obey him and liked getting overpowered by him and his manly masculine boner.

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