Forbidden Attraction

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Harris' phone buzzed. It was his English professor, Mr. VanCarnel. He asked if Harris could about his short story. He replied, "Okay". His heart was melting. Vr. VanCarnel was so charismatic. He had 3 kids, and a wife. What a lucky woman.

He hurried down the hall, and took a right into the English hall. When he got in his professor's class, he saw the much standing next to the stage. Harris gave a sly, "What's up?" but he was internally blushing.

"Harris, your story was very intriguing. I enjoyed it so much, but I didn't really get the message." He said.

"Well the message is hot-" He was cut off.

"I know what the message is... now." Mr. VanCarnel said as he bent down and started to lock lips with Harris'.

Harris was in a clucterfuck of emotions. One side he felt right, and he loved every second of it. The other side, felt it was so wrong. But he didn't care. Harris felt down the older man's back, and squeezed his very firm, prominent . Harris's was practically throbbing at this point. Mr. V got on his knees and started unzipping Harris' pants. Harris had a solid 6" penis, with a mushroom head.

Mr. V started slow on the head, and slowly moved his way down the before choking 2/3 of the way down. the entire time swirling his tongue around the nerves and the muscles just right. The older man started to gain rhythm and could deepthroat the whole thing now. He did so 5 or 6 times.

Harris couldn't it any longer. He flipped Mr. V over the desk and pulled down his pants to reveal his very large and taut buttocks. They were firm, but perfectly firm. Harris went down and started licking around his entire crack, and eventually started licking the perfectly pink hole. But it was very evident that it was a virgin.

After getting everything nice and slick, Harris aligned himself with his hole. He then started to slowly push in, and trying not to make his big mushroom hurt him. he finally got the entire head in, and started to push slowly deeper into his virgin hole. "Oh, !" Mr V. exclaimed. "That is a big dick. Oh, yeah. Keep going. Please fuck me!"

That sent Harris into overdrive. He pushed in and out, slapping against his ass every time. He had daydreamed about this all too often. He went faster and faster, and when he felt himself about to cum, he stopped. All together, for 5 minutes. "What happened?" The older man with a cock in his ass still, exclaimed.

"Just... wait." Harris said.

When the 5 minutes were over, he started going fast. Without warning. The bottom screamed in agony and pleasure. Harris just wanted to cum. He wanted to cum so badly.

Around 20 minutes later, he felt himself getting lighter, his hear was pounding. His brain was aching, and he was about to cum. "Hnngg" he let out before cumming inside of him. Shot after shot of shick globs of white liquid poured into the older man's asshole.

They layed on the floor for a quick minute. Panting. They then realized school had started around 20 minutes ago, and all the students watched and stared as they wildly fucked. Yikes.

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