Football boy 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I manage to pry my eyes open for a second, just barely able to look around. I can hear this loud sound, and whatever i'm laying on keeps shaking back and forth, I'm in a small area and there's a couple people rushing around me, i can manage to make out a + on some of the equipment, and hear a few things in and out including "Heart rate-" "Multiple blows to the hea-" "LOSING HI-" and then just more darkness.

Suddenly. My eyes fly open. I can feel this aching in my arm so i quickly look down to see a needle in it connected to some bag hanging from a metal rack. It's so bright in the room, it's created almost a fog around me, i can only see so far in front of me but then my eyes adjust to the light, there's a beige door on the other side of the room in the corner on the right and another one a little closer on the wall on my right, in the left corner of the opposite side of the room there's a chair and a table next to it with yellow roses on it, why are those there?

Everyone in my family knows i only like White Roses. Just as i think this i can see movement out of the corner of my eye on the left side of the room, it's still a bit bright so i can't make out anything but as my eyes come into focus i can see a window with the sun coming straight through, and a chair under the window sill and, in the chair, is a person. Immediately I know who it must be sitting there so i call out "" but to my surprise it is not my father that turns to see me. I become very embarrassed as this perfect stranger turns around to look at me.

"Sorry, he went to get lunch." He says, but i simply stare at him, intrigued because he looks familiar, but he's got a large ace bandage around his head. But as i look longer i realize who it is, the damn quarter back of the football team, the only reason i know this is because he's all any of the girls at school can talk about, mainly because he looks just like the from the "Call me maybe" music , without the tattoos and an even better body. The ace bandage is around his head diagonally, so it's covering one of his eyes and the top left area of his head, which was weird but there's only one thing i'm curious about.

"What the hell are you do-" I try to ask him why he's here but i feel myself quickly getting drowsy again and my head falls back onto my pillow and everything goes dark again. This is really getting frustrating. Again i pry my eyes back open but only for a second to see the quarter back talking to a man who seems to be a , i can hear the doctor saying "...supposed to tell me as soon as he woke..." and then "..needs to sleep....4 hours until...get back up." My hearing was going in and out again but then just darkness.

Again i wake up, eyes flying open, and now I refuse to pass out again, i look back over to the chair where the quarter back had been sitting before but it was empty, and out the window i can see that the sun had just gone down. Well good riddance i thought, i don't know why he was here but i don't want him here. Just as i finish my thought i hear the click of the door and i turn my head over but it's not the door to the hallway, the bathroom door opens and the steps through, almost surprised to see me awake, i hadn't noticed until now but he's wearing dog tags, as well as a white t shirt and sweat pants. Now that i actually have the strength to speak "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well good evening to you too." He says closing the door.

"Was I asleep all day?" i say looking out the window.

"Ummm." He looks around awkwardly. "It's tuesday." He says carefully.

"I slept...for four days?!"

"Well, if you can call it sleeping. You kept moving, you're a really restless sleeper." He said as he moved back towards his chair.

"Yeah what else is new. Now you never answered me, WHY are you here?"

"Hey, that's a lot of hostility for someone who protected you." Oh god, no he couldn't have. But it makes sense, i remember i was being hit and then suddenly it went dark and there was that warmness, it was him on top of me, he must have been hit in the process, that's what the bandage is for.

"Well...thanks, i guess. Oh god, all my work, my teachers are going to kill me."

"No, don't worry about that, i had a friend drive it up to us."

"...Us? How long have you been here?"

"Well, the whole time."

"Wait. So, you sat here, for four days, and watched me sleep?"

"...Well it sounds creepy when you say it like that."

"...Whatever, where is it? I'd like to get started."

"I did it."

"You did my work?"

"Is that bad?" He says beginning to look worried.

"Well it's pretty advanced stuff." His face turned angry, like he'd been attacked.

"We're the same age, and i'm in all your classes except for first period, you wouldn't notice though you've always just got your face buried in the book."

"Fine then forget it...and i'm sorry for what happened, I was angry, i shouldn't have talked back to those guys."

"Are you kidding me? I'd rather you'd have said something and us ended up here than have you keep your mouth shut and let those jerks get away with it. Although i do wish i could've gotten there sooner, and taken more of the damage myself." That actually seemed kind of sincere, I didn't expect someone who, well, looked like him to have feelings, or even a brain for that matter.

"Well you proved me wrong then."

"What are you talking about?" he asked

"I used to think all you straight football guys were jerks, i guess there's an exception." He shakes his head and looks at me confused and angry "What? I just said you're nice and that's the look i get?"

"That's hardly what you said, first you went ahead and made the assumption that i'm straight, second you made the assumption that most football players are jerks, and third, I protected you and even when were alone you still have this 'couldn't care less' attitude and frankly it's kind of easy to see through, you just pity don't you?" Over the course of this rant my eyebrows get progressively more furrowed.

"Wow, you're just as dumb as i thought actually. Like i said, inside all these jocks and athletes and sports people are just assholes that think they know everything, never considering anyone else or their feelings. No, i don't like pity, in fact i hate attention, and that's why I don't talk to people, why no one knows i'm actually gay, and why no one knew when my MOTHER DIED. WHY are you even here?! Did you think you were gonna get lucky?! Just because you saved me? I'd rather have died if those were the terms.

If that's all you're sticking around for then just leave, and i'd hurry if I were you wouldn't want anyone thinking you were gay too and ruining your fucking reputation would we? So if that's why you're here leave, go back to fucking school and hopefully we wont run into each other in the hallways." As i finish i realize im sitting up, somewhere in my words I must've gotten so angry that i leaned forward, I look at him and he's just looking out the window angrily, so i try to lay back but as soon as I move backward it feels like all the nerves in my torso exploded in a fiery rage all at once, I let out a small cry of pain cringing and closing my eyes as it felt like razor blades were running through my blood scraping through every muscle, my eyes filled with tears and i gripped the sides of the bed in pain.

Then, i felt a hand on my back and my shoulder, i opened my eyes and looked up at him and his blank expression as his warm touch soothed my nerves. Using the hand on my shoulder he slowly lowered me back while his hand on my back kept my nerves at bay and the pain slowly left as he laid me back on the bed and took his hand out from under me.

When my head is back on the pillow he begins to talk as he pulls the hospital blanket up. "My name is Alex by the way, and I'm going to prove you wrong again." his voice was calm as well as calming to hear, his beautiful brown eyes look into mine "I'm going to show you that i'm different" he says as he pulls the blanket up to my chest with one hand and puts the other hand on my shoulder rubbing his thumb up and down.

"I'm here because i care, and i'm going to prove that to you." I stare at him shocked as he takes his hand away, and as soon as he does i miss his touch, no one has touched me like that in such a long time, i'd forgotten how lonely and cold it is without it. He turns and goes back to his chair, curls up in it and becomes silent. I look over to the clock on the end table, 8:30 and i start to feel drowsy again, deciding that i have nothing else to be awake for, I give in and close my eyes. Not sure what to think about all this, and about him.

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