Football boy 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'd missed four days this week, i wasn't looking forward to the makeup work, as i walked into the high school hallway. I removed my hood as to not draw attention from the administration. I made my way up the stairs in the eastern hall up to the floor that all the math teachers occupy. I headed for Mrs. Alcon's door but as i had worried i was going to run into an uncomfortable situation, four football idiots stood right next to the door talking to some girls, while blatantly gloating about their position printed on their jackets.

I managed to squeeze by them into the room, as if it was any better to be in here, Mrs. Alcon's room is always quiet, no one speaks outside of the few minutes when she's out of the room. I take my seat and wait for the bell to ring. I can't believe how many footballers made it into this class as i look around the room, they're all wearing their jackets and its getting on my nerves, the game is coming up so they're advertising it, as if the whole school doesn't already know.

The last game of the season and no one can stop talking about it, except for me. "Just a couple more weeks." I think to myself, today is Friday, the game is 2 Fridays from now and i can't wait for it to be over with.

The bell rings and everyone quickly makes their way to their seats and quiets down almost immediately, the hall clears faster than believable and the last one through the door is Mrs. Alcon, a short blonde woman with hair down to her shoulders and glasses, she seems nice enough, but she expresses no emotion apart from rare occasions where she gets to treat someone like they're stupid, then she'll crack a smile, truthfully she's a nice woman, but sometimes I don't think she understands how cold she is being. Alcon sits down in her chair behind the small painters table she uses as a desk.

"Mr. Neilson, i see you found your way back to school." she says without even looking up from her attendance sheet. As soon as i hear my name i shrink, people around me start to glance in my direction and i don't like all the eyes on me. "You missed a quiz, a test, and four homework worksheets. Did you get the worksheets off the internet and do them?"

"No, i'm sorry, i didn't." I had some more important things to take care of.

"And why not?" She says finally looking up at me. I didn't know what to say that wouldn't either bring attention to me or get me in trouble as far as my grade.

"I was...occupied." I say to her, hoping she doesn't ask me anything further. Mrs. Alcon shakes her head and lifts her eyebrows as she starts marking on what seemed to be the grade sheet.

"You guys can't be out for so long" she says as if she's not talking directly to me "it's ridiculous and irresponsible, especially when you don't even look sick when you return." A few of the students can be heard laughing under their breath. This is it, after everything that happened this morning, this is all I can take and i'm drawing the line here. Suddenly and very sharply i stand up from my seat, everyone quickly becomes dead silent and looks at me, including Mrs. Alcon. Very calmly i walk over to the front of her desk with a dead emotionless look on my face, lean forward on her desk with my hands and say

"You shut your mouth." Mrs. Alcon sits back in her chair in shock, I take my hands off her desk and quickly walk back to mine to pick up my backpack and head for the classroom door. But i stop. I turn around very slowly now looking more angry than anything, i can see everyone is staring at me but i just stare at Mrs. Alcon who goes to get up to talk to me but before she can get out of her chair i say very loudly at first "You know Mrs. Alcon, I hope that if you were to die, that your son would go back to school the next day, we wouldn't want him missing anything WOULD WE?" with that said i throw the door open and rush through, i can hear from the classroom behind me "Oh my god!" said in a voice that sounds like it's about to cry.

I don't know where im walking to. I thought about going to the office and calling my father to pick me up but i quickly dismissed that idea. In a rush of emotions I've decided to go to the guidance counselor and ask her what to do, I feel like crying but i'm way too pissed off to manage any tears. I pull a sticky note out of my backpack just to hold incase an administrator walks by, they only stop you if it doesn't at least look like you have a note.

I walk quickly through the courtyard not paying attention to the classroom buildings that surround it and into the door that leads to the gym lobby, the counselor's office is on the other side of the lobby but as i walk through the door i notice a of guys in gym apparel getting water at the fountain and being generally loud. I could tell they are from the Sports Training class that goes on in the gym during first period, it's basically a class for all the talented athletes that the coaches favor over the others. I hope to go by them undetected but as i make it half way through the lobby they notice me, as i walk past them i can hear one of them whisper "Faggot" behind me.

Getting angry i grumble " off" as i continue to walk but to my surprise i hear a voice from behind me. "What did you say homo?" I can hear them walking up behind me, getting scared, i run for the door but just as i'm about to grab the handle i feel a hand on the back of my sweatshirt and suddenly i am being yanked back and thrown onto the floor, i grab at the neck of my sweatshirt and crawl backwards away from the quickly approaching jocks who look like they're going to gut me. I try to get up but one of them runs up quickly kicks me in the head sending me flying backward into the corner where the trophy cases and the doors to the parking lot meet.

Dazed from the kick, i roll over on to my stomach and to the of my ability curl up into a ball, a moment later i start getting my side kicked in by a barrage of sports cleats, i try to cover my head with my arms but they manage to kick me in the head a couple more times and i can feel myself going in and out of consciousness, i thought the beating would never end and i could hear them shouting "Fucking Faggot." and "Fuck you." as they continue to pound my back and sides with well aimed kicks and now punches.

The feeling begins to fade and my hearing becomes fuzzy, i could tell they aren't stopping but i feel myself slipping into a black out when all of a sudden, it stops, and goes dark, for a second i thought i'd passed out but i managed to open my eyes and i wasn't knocked out. It would seem something is covering me, i can faintly hear shouting and see shapes, but mainly i feel warm, and then suddenly-


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