First time together

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

"Come here then sexy.....I've been waiting for you"

Jack announced as he led back on the bed naked and grinning, leaning back against the headboard and his 8 inch sticking straight out towrds Dave.

Dave stood at the doorway grinning, looking at his new lover to be. His own 9 inch cock growing by the second inside his jeans. He walked towrds Jack and licked his lips, undoing the button and unzipping his fly as he went, preparing himself for what was to come.

Jack turned Dave on something bad. His dark tanned body, his rippling muscles and abs that glistened with sweat after a hard work out. His slighty hairy chest that left a pleasure trail down to his groin. His dark nipples that stuck out when he was turned on, and his face was a picture. Gorgeous smooth skin, piercing green eyes and jet shoulder length hair.
He was stunning, and here he was, on my bed. God, he'd waited for so long for this moment.

Dave was good looking himself. His smooth hairless chest and bulging muscles to match his 6 pack, that stretched through his tight clothes. His tight, toned that just ached to be fucked, his gorgeous 'come -to-bed' brown eyes and that dazzling smile that melted everyone he met.
Jack had wanted Dave for months, but he didn't know he was gay until they got chatting at work. Since then, the sexual tension had been buliding up for both of them, and now here he was on top of Dave's bed. His cock was rock hard, and ached for attention.

Jack pulled himself up to the edge of the bed. He watched Dave as he pulled his jeans down. He had no underwear on and Jack gasped with delight. He looked up at Dave who winked and smiled as he stepped out of his pants.
Jack took his own finger and put it in his mouth to suck on it. He then moved it to Dave's cock and trailed it up and down the length of his shaft, his other hand caressing his balls. He teased Dave like this until he couldn't take anymore.

"Oh fuck Jack...give me more...suck it"

"Be nice...what do you say?"

Dave groaned. "PLEASE....suck it Jack....fuck I'm dying here"

Jack smiled and leaned forward to lick the head, lapping up his pre-cum as it leaked out. Dave moaned out loud, loving the sensation that he felt. He held onto Jack's head trying to push his cock to Jack's mouth. But Jack didn't respond, still teasing Dave by licking and kissing the head, then licking up and down the shaft, moving his hand to stroke him instead, squeezing out Dave's juices.
Dave growled


Jack didn't waste anymore time and opened his mouth wide, taking about 5 inches straight away. Dave gasped with pleasure. Fuck it felt good. His mouth so hot around his cock. Jack sucked on him hard, pulling out to the tip, then going back down, taking more of his length in each time.
He doubted he could take all 9 inches, but he would have a fucking good try!
He twisted his mouth around as he rolled his tongue around. Dave started to push his hips forward, fucking Jack's mouth. Jack gagged a little then looked up at him and moaned, vibrating Dave's cock more.

"Fuck this is suck so good....gonna cum soon....take it all wanna swallow my hot cum?"


"Oh fuck yeah....shit"

With that, Jack quickly took his finger and found Dave's asshole just in time to feel Dave's cock expand and his balls tense up. He forced the finger inside the hole and cum shot into his mouth. He pulled it out a little, and another couple of spurts landed on his tongue.

When Dave had finished cumming, he looked down at Jack, who licked his lips, then grinned. The sight turned him on, and his cock never went soft.

"Ok you little cock tease...see how you fuckin like it"

Dave pulled Jack up and pushed him onto the bed. Jack moved himself back, and led down. Dave stared down at his lover and admired the view. He then leaned forward and planted a kiss on Jack's lips. Jack returned the kiss and his hands tickled down Dave's back, to his ass. Dave stopped kissing, and moved down to his nipples. He moaned as they stood out erect, immediately bending down to bite on them - one at a time.
Jack gasped and his back arched with pain and pleasure all mixed into one.
Dave carried on sucking, kissing and chewing on Jack's nipples, then made his way down to his beautiful manhood. He looked up at Jack, who was staring back into his eyes. He grinned to himself and gently blew up and down the shaft. Making Jack shivver with delight.

"Ohhhhhhhh God yeah....that feels good"

"You like that stud?"

Jack moaned again, answering his question. He tried it a bit longer, then moved towards his balls, pushing his nose to them, taking in Jack's manly smell. He licked and sucked on them, moving his hand up towards Jack's leaking cock. He gently stroked it, without much pressure, moving his tongue over the head to lap up his juices when they poured out. He enjoyed watching Jack squirm. He needed to be sucked and it wouldn't be long before he begged. Dave then licked the underside of Jack's cock all the way to the tip, then back down.

"OOOHHHHHHH FUUCCKKKK suck me Dave....please...I'm gonna shoot soon."

Dave laughed. "Now you know how it feels buster"

"Fucking bastard....suck me now..."

Dave laughed again before taking Jack's cock deep into his mouth in one go. Jack groaned loud, loving every second of it. He felt pleasures he never knew existed. It wouldn't be long now, but he wanted to hold back, he didn't want to cum yet. Dave's mouth felt so good around his cock, bouncing up and down along the shaft, whilst playing with his balls at the same time. He couldn't stop it. He needed to cum, shoot into Dave's hot mouth.

"Dave take my cum....let me shoot it down your throat"


"OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH" Jack shouted as he came in Dave's waiting mouth.

Dave greedily took it all, not letting any leave his mouth. He loved the taste of cum and Jack's was no exception. In fact it was delicious. He needed more of that soon.
He held onto Jack's cock, until it went soft in his mouth. He then licked it clean, and it began to grow again.

They both smiled at each other. Dave led on top of Jack and they kissed for a while, both their erections grinding against each other, turning them on more and more.

"Fuck me Dave....I need you inside me" Jack whispered.

Dave's cock twitched at the thought. "Ok..turn around stud"

Jack got on his hands and knees and wiggled his ass at Dave's face. Dave laughed and slapped Jack hard on his left buttock. Jack yelped, then moaned with pleasure. Dave raised his eyebrows and thought he would try it again. Jsck groaned louder this time.
Ahhh he'd found a little .

"You like being slapped Jack?"

"Oh fuck yeah...slap my ass 'till it's red raw....shit I could shoot right now if you did that"

"Really? Geez I'd never thought you would be like that"

"Well now you fucking do me now"

Dave quickly bent down and licked and sucked at Jack's ass. He felt Jack relax, then slowly pushed his tongue deep inside. Jack moaned and pushed against his tongue, but he held him there. When Dave heard Jack beg to fuck him he reached for the lube but Jack stopped him.

"No Dave, I'm good without it, I like it rough...please just fuck me like this"

Dave wasn't sure, he didn't want to hurt him, even if he did like it. Oh well, it's his choice. He kissed down Jack's spine and felt him shivver. His cock was rock solid and aching. The head was purple and ready to burst. He wouldn't last long in his ass. He aimed at Jack's puckered hole and pushed all the way in, until the base of his cock was touching Jack's cheeks.

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