First time at a glory hole

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Hi! My name is Sam and this is a story about a new experience I had last week and which I think I might be going to repeat.

I recently moved to a new job in a new town. It was all very different. The job was in an office where everyone wore suits, shirts and ties and everything seemed very formal. I found the two weeks very stressful and after work on the Friday I decided to take a detour as I walked home to try and wind down. I turned into the entrance of a park and strolled along the paths looking at the trees and flowers. It was a fine evening and I started to relax at last. After a while I came to a toilet block and, I donít really know why, I found myself inside and at the urinal. I unzipped my suit trousers and pulled my out of the leg of my briefs. I realised I could do with a piss so I let it go and then noticed that there were some pictures of erect cocks on the wall. I stood there after Iíd finished pissing and as I looked at the drawings I found myself getting hard. I suddenly felt really horny and started to stroke myself gently.

Suddenly the door opened and a young came in. He was quite a and wore a tight fitting polo shirt tucked into tight jeans. He looked at me and although I tried to cover up I think he knew exactly what I was doing. He smiled at me and then went into one of the two cubicles and locked the door behind him.

Seeing such a hunk just made me get harder and after a while, when there was no sound or movement from the cubicle, I put my cock away and went into the other cubicle. Again I donít know why I did this Ė Iíd never done anything like it before Ė but before I knew it I was hanging my suit jacket on the hook on the door and lowering my trousers. My cock was still hard in my bikini briefs and I always get turned on even more looking down at my bulge. I tucked my shirt in my briefs so I could get a good look and then sat down on the toilet.
That was when I noticed the hole in the wall between the cubicles. I couldnít resist a quick look through and saw my neighbour with his jeans round his ankles, his cock out of the leg of his white jockey briefs slowly himself. This was so horny that I immediately took my cock out and started on it. It was already wet with precum and had left a damp patch on my briefs.

I carried on looking through the hole and then suddenly the guy put his fingers through and mimed a wanking movement. Before I knew it I was standing up and pushing my cock through the hole and feeling his fingers exploring it. I am uncut and he stroked my foreskin and then put his hand round it and began to pull gently on it. I thought I was going to cum away, it was such a great feeling, but I held back only to find that he had removed his hand. It was quickly replaced by his tongue and then his lips surrounding my cock.

I had had one or two sexual encounters with guys at college but had never thought of myself as gay. But this was so fantastic, not just the cock sucking but the excitement of doing it in toilet and through a glory hole. Of course I couldnít hold back any longer and with a sharp moan I let go jets of creamy cum . He took it in his mouth and seemed to savour it, licking my cock till it was completely clean. I pulled it back through the hole and sat down still reeling from the experience.

After a few moments a long hard cock appeared through the hole. I had expected just to get dressed and go after the blow job and was taken completely by surprise. I immediately started to get hard again and, after a few moments hesitation, reached out and took the cock in my hand. He was uncut too and I rubbed his foreskin gently up and down as his cock head grew and tiny drops of precum oozed out of the slit. As I looked at this beautiful specimen in my hand I knew I would have to do more than just stroke it. I had never sucked a guyís cock before but as I leant forward and took this one in my mouth it seemed the most natural thing to do. My lips and my tongue feasted on him and I could hear him quietly moaning with pleasure. I was obviously doing it OK and I gently wanked myself as I sucked him.

After a while I could feel him tensing and I know he was about to cum. I was now scared. I had never tasted cum before and didnít know how I would react. Before I had time to pull away though I felt this creamy jet hit the back of my mouth. It tasted so good and I started to swallow as more cream followed. I was enjoying it so much and followed his example and licked him clean then watched him pull his cock back through the hole and put it back into his jockeys. He stood there for a moment with his navy polo shirt tucked in his white briefs and I could feel myself getting horny all over again. Then he pulled his jeans up and unlocked the door and left.

I jerked myself off again quickly and then went out myself. There was another guy at the urinal who glanced over at me and grinned. Then I left the toilet dressed again in my suit but with my shirt still tucked in my bikini briefs. There was no sign of the guy when I went out into the park but I resolved to visit again next Friday and hope for another session.

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