First of many feedings

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

I have always known I was interested in men's from early on this is a short story of my introduction to becoming a sex toy. It all started with being caught by a teacher after high school looking at a gay magazine I found behind a empty house down the street from school. I was so focused on the different types and sizes of the men's cocks I didn't hear him walking up to me so when I pulled out my cock to Jack off I didn't know he was watching me until suddenly he stepped in front of me and demanded that I get up and fallow his inside the school.

I did just what I was told once inside he said that if I didn't want my parents to know anything I would have to do what he wanted I strangely found myself excited for the first time I was going to see a real live man's cock anyway he pulled his cock out and told me to put it in my mouth and suck it as I started sucking his cock he started taking pictures.

I didn't know about the camera but I kept sucking suddenly he grabbed my hair and started forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat making me gag and choke but he just continued forcing more down my throat it was hurting me so much I started getting dizzy I couldn't breathe that is when he started shooting my first load of sperm down my throat when he pulled his cock out of my throat I dropped to the floor gasping for air strangely enough after I calmed down I found out I like the taste of his hot sperm so when he told me to keep my mouth shut about everything that happened.

I asked him why he made me suck his cock and he said because he knew I would look at the male teachers waists so I was gay and he needed his balls emptied before the burst I just happened to be there. The next day at school I found a note in my locker telling me I was to report to study hall after school well I wasn't the student so after school I slowly made my way to the small classroom used for study hall when I got there I was the only student there.

When the door opened my mouth must have hit the floor because standing in the door stood not just the teacher that feed me my first cock full of sperm but someone I haven't seen around school he wasn't a teacher he worked as the night janitor they told me to follow them I was taken to a door that went to the unknown ( the boiler room under the school we went down several dark hot narrow passages and suddenly behind a large door full of light was a large room it had a small bed and tables I would soon learn what I was doing there.

For the first time in my life I knew that my life was going to change forever because sitting on three different tables were cameras I was told to relax I would be ok that's when they put on masks one of a clown the other of a dog face. I must admit that I found myself getting very sexually excited not knowing what was going to happen other than I know I was going to be sucking on more mature cock again but when I was told to take my clothes off and geton the table facing up and stretch out I did what I was told they tied me down hands and feet and access my stomach I couldn't move a inch after I was tired down that is when I saw my first monster seized cock bigger than even in the magazine.

I found he came forward and started forcing the monster into my mouth it was so big my mouth hurt trying to open big enough for him to start slowly moving in and out over and over again until slowly my mouth relaxed and he started trying to go deeper into my throat it was far too big for my throat I was constraining on him when I felt something slippery started running between my butt cheeks and I suddenly realized that I was going to experience my first cock fucking me in my hole the pain of having my ass forced open for the first time was terrible but again he started slowly pushing more and more of his cock into my ass moving in and out until I thought his cock was inside my stomach after they were satisfied and I was full of their sperm so much sperm it was dripping out of my ass hole and they wanted it on the video cameras as I walked home or more like stumbled home no one even asked what was wrong with me or if I was hurt that is when I knew I was on my own being gay was the worst thing.

I could possibly be so every time I came home late from school all I would hear is finish my chores go to my room so I learned that if I needed attention don't bother looking at home my fate was sealed I would have to become a sexual toy for anyone that my teacher wanted I'm not complaining about becoming a sexual plaything for men needing release I like the sound of a hard driving cocked man reaching orgasm the swelling of their cocks before ejaculating and most of the time I don't mind the taste of sperm. What does upset me is during two sexual 's where I would be videotaped and was forced to wear a mask like everyone else they invited one of my family relations was there and I couldn't tell them I was the teenager who they had feed their cock to and saw him also enjoying having a hard driving cock up his ass and sperm running down his back.

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