First day on leave

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'm Jason and i just got out of the army for a 30 day leave with my partner ghost or john.He is 6'3 and musculer with brown smooth hair and 5'0 clock shave and italian.I'm 6'1 ripped and blond hair and russian.When me and meet we were training i saw he was married but it looked like he would pick someone of the road and bang them just to get his load off.I jerk off to him some times with out anybody knowing.

But when we got to leave i didnt want to because i couldnt miss a day without him.So he decided he didnt want to go back home he would just not tell his wife and we could share a room but he said when he had a girl he would get another for me so it wouldnt be werid but i wasnt instrested in girls i wanted him.While we was changing to go on a run i put my boxers on but when i relized he wasnt going to put his shirt on i changed and put boxers on.

But i took my time so i could see his and when i saw it it was amazing.Hanging low swaying side to side it had to be 10" of uncut cock.I almost started to jerk off but i stoped myself he was married.After the run he layed down on the bed and said im going to take a shower and see who i can pick up.He was horny because we had not fucked in 9 weeks of course u would want to someone.But when he left i stayed in the room and watched thinking thats what i want john to do but i would just no it wouldnt.But he came back at 10 no girls at all he was surprised and horny as hell.He must have picked up some liqur at a bar because he couldnt walk stright but he had his eyes on me and looking at my shorts.

I was wondering why he was thinking that he jumped on the bed and started kissing me i didnt care then i pulled his cock out filling its warmness i jerked it and all i know he was 12in in my hand i was cumming in my own pants so i pulled my 10" cock out and started off.I started to lick his cock and throated and he was groaning and i knew if i sucked this good he probley thoruah all his condoms away because we were going brokeback tonight.I was gagging to his massive cock but he forced me down even harder.I came up and wanted more.Then all of a sudden he turned me over and stuck it in me i screamed as his massive cock took my hole.

He started humping wildly like a beast groaning grunting.It hurt but it felt good knowing that my ass got to be fucked by him.He didnt run out of steam taking everything out on my ass.I pushed up aganist him ass he grabed my shoulder and went wild pulling me on my back and humping me like he did when he did me doggy.I loved it he cummned in my ass 4 times it felt like a gallon of cum in me.

We fell on the bed with is cock inside me.I saw him looking dazed to what he did after it i pushed against him and he was shocked he was humping a .I then sucked his cock and he pushed me away but i knew he was to horny to say no so then he came back and looked at me with my cock stright up and he started to lick my cock and i never dreamed he would but after we fucked each other i knew he owned my ass and we would never go home.

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