First Time Truck Stop

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had always heard about glory holes but never been able to locate one in my area. I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I am in my mid thirties and just an average . I am married 5í9Ē 180 lbs. with blue eyes. I had always thought about sex with men but never really acted upon it.

The more I read stories and seen pictures on the internet the more I wondered what it would be like. I was not really interested in sex as kissing and having a passionate relationship with a man just the sex. So the more I read about glory holes the more I thought what a great way for a man to have fun without the worry of getting known. I tried to locate a glory hole near me but for the longest time was unable to locate one. Then I finally read about a place near me a Truck Stop out near the Interstate here in Indianapolis. They said all kinds of men visited the place and you could have a really good time. I decided maybe I could find my way there sometime.

Finally one Friday night while my wife was away with the kids I decided I would finally make my way to the Truck Stop. My heart was pounding as I was very nervous about it. What if I got caught? What if nothing happened? What if something happened I didnít want to happen? These things all kept going through my mind, but I also was getting hard thinking about the good things that might come out of it. I finally reach the Truck Stop and set in my car watching men going in and out of the rest room. Some seem to go right in and right out. Others I noticed were in there for a long time.

I decided I might as well at least go in and see. As I entered I was glad to see that the place was clean almost spotless, but I was also thinking this couldnít be the place with it so clean. There were several men standing around the sinks and urinals and some looked at me as I walked in. I decided to make my way to the stalls so I wouldnít look to conspicuous. I enter one of the stall in the middle of the row. There were around ten stalls all together. I turned unbuckled my jeans and lowered them and my underwear and seated myself on the toilet. My was hard already with excitement. I looked to my right and to my surprise there it was a hole in the side of the wall. It looked enough to see thru and even big enough to get a cock in. I then glanced to my left to find yet another hole.
Now there was no one in either stall at the time so I glanced in both holes and seen that you could see into other stalls. What a find. I sat there thinking about what might happen next, my cock got hard. What would I really do if someone wanted to play?

Then I heard the door next to me on my right close and lock. I glanced to the hole but was afraid to lean down to see. I finally decide that this is what I came for and leaned down. I seen a man setting on the toilet he had lowered his clothes and his cock was out. He had his hand wrapped around it sliding it up and down the length of it. It was a nice size cock. It was a little bigger than mine around 8 inches or so and thick. My cock got harder just looking and watching him. I wasnít sure what to do next. Did I want to suck on his cock or would I have him suck me. I sat back on my seat thinking about it when I heard a little noise and I looked back at the hole again. There was a finger tapping on the holes edge. The he turned it and wiggled it in the come here motion. I thought this is it. Do I get up and run out of here or do I stand and place my cock at the hole? I decide it was time. So I placed my cock in the hole. I felt a tongue lick the tip and I realized that my cock had been leaking lots of pre-cum from all my excitement. It felt so hot having a tongue lick around the head of my cock. Then I felt it, a hot mouth took the head of my cock inside it. It felt so good. I thought I would cum right then, but I held on trying not to cum to fast I wanted to experience more.

The mouth then began to slide all the way down my cock. I leaned forward placing my body against the wall so I could get my whole cock in the hole. My hands were holding onto the top of the wall as the feeling on my cock became more intense. My whole cock was now completely in his mouth. I could feel him brushing against my pubs. He began to move in a rhythm up and down the length of my cock. He would pull all the way out to the tip and lick on it. I was so hot it wasnít going to take long. He moved faster and I was unconsciously moving my cock back and forth in the hole. I then realized not only was he sucking my cock but I was actually fucking his face. This excited me even more and I could feel my cock swelling even bigger than I imagined it could. I was close but what do I do now? I finally told the man I was about to cum not sure what he would do? I felt his mouth tighten onto my cock and his suction was more intense. He was moving even faster on my cock and I couldnít wait any longer I felt my cum traveling thru my veins heading to the tip of my cock. The feeling was so intense. I knew there was no stopping now. My knees almost buckled as I felt my cum shoot into the hot mouth on the other side of the wall. I heard a slurping sound on the other side as the man swallowed my cum.

Shot after shot going into the hot mouth and being swallowed. Then it was over. My cock fell from his mouth and I could hear him standing up and putting his clothes back on. I sat back down on the toilet and relaxed. What a feeling it was to have my cock sucked by someone I would never know or meet again. I sat there thinking about it. Then I noticed to my left that something was stirring in that stall. I looked into that hole and saw a setting and he was stroking his cock. He seemed to be a fairly large man with muscular legs and thighs. My eyes stared at his cock. It seemed to be really long. It looked to be at least 11 inches but not as thick as the other mans. My mouth seemed to water at the thought of the size of it. I wondered if I could actually suck another .

I thought he might not want a man touching him, but I decided to take the chance and go all the way while I was here. I got down on my knees and put my finger thru the hole like the other man had done to me. I curled my finger and motioned for him to come to the hole. I waited for a few seconds and then I seen it starting to come thru the hole toward my mouth. It was hard and I could see the veins along the length of it. There was some pre-cum already on the tip of his cock. Could I really do this? Not only was I going to suck on another mans cock but a mans.

I decided I didnít care a cock was a cock and I wanted to do it. So my tongue went out and I licked the tip of his cock. The taste was a little salty but smooth against my tongue. It made me crave more. I took hold of the base of his cock with my hand. My mouth now slid over the head as I licked the tip with my tongue. It felt smooth in my mouth. I took a little more in my mouth not sure how much of his cock I could take. He seemed to understand I was not a pro because he didnít push his cock hard into my mouth. I inched my mouth a little more down the length of his big black cock. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth but yet softer feeling. Was his cock actually getting bigger in my mouth? I kept trying to get more of his cock down my throat. Inch my inch I moved down his cock. Then I realized my mouth was against the wall and to the base of his cock. My mouth could actually feel his pubic hairs against the lips. It felt so good. I was actually in control now of this hard cock. I started to move my mouth back and forth along the length of his cock. I could hear soft moans now and feel him moving a little to the movement of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth as I sucked his cock deep into my throat. I felt the tip of his cock hitting deep down my throat as I swallowed all this big cock.

I felt my own cock now growing hard again. I was truly excited about sucking this big black cock. With this excitement I started going faster and faster up and down the length of the cock. It felt smooth along my tongue as I licked the hard vein on the underside of his cock. His moans were getting louder as his cock seemed to swell even more.

Then I heard his voice in a low muscular tone tell me he was about to cum. My mind was racing. I had this hard cock down my throat I was so hot. How could I do anything now but take all that this man had to give to me. I wanted it now as much as I had wanted anything. I pushed my mouth all the way down on his cock. I felt him tense and his cock swell and wiggle a little in my mouth. Then I felt it. His cum was hitting the back of my throat. It seemed like a large spurt shot into my mouth. I swallowed and just as I finished swallowing that load another shot into my mouth. He was Cumming in large amounts. I just kept swallowing and tasting his cum. He was salty yet kind of sweet. My whole mind was on fire with the feel of his cum shooting into my hot mouth and his hard cock rubbing against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. Finally his cum slowed and it was more of just flowing on my tongue now than shooting. It tasted so good to me. I let it lay there on my tongue as I savored his cum. His cock was finally shrinking in my mouth. I hadnít let it go yet. I gave the head a little more licking with my tongue to make sure I got every last drop of cum from this hot cock. Then it slipped out of my mouth. He pulled it back thru the hole. I couldnít move for a few minutes. I heard his voice say thanks that was one of the comes he had ever had and hoped to meet me another time. He finally had his pants up and was leaving the stall.

I sat back on my seat and thought about what had happened. I decided it was about time to get out of there. I pulled my pants back up and left the stall. I noticed several men looking at me as I left but now they seemed to almost be smiling like they knew something. Then I realized they knew something because I had yet to wash his cum off the sides of my mouth. I thought to myself on the trip back home that I surely would come back again and experience even more.

If you like this story please let me know and I will write more. This is my time with writing about man to .

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