First Time Drinking Piss

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

Last year was my year at college and I was attending an out of state college- none of my friends were attending that school so I was assigned a roommate based on a questionnaire I had filled out. Much to my surprise I was assigned a roommate from India. He was a very nice - slender, dark-skinned and really handsome. I had said in the questionnaire that I was Gay so of course I asked him if he was gay too. He said he wasn't but didn't mind at all that I was. I was cool with that and we spent the first night chatting and just getting to know each other.

Everything went fine for the first week and we started to get along really well. It was a Saturday morning and I was planning on sleeping in, but at about seven AM I heard him stirring and get out of bed. I just rolled over and tried to get back to sleep when a few minutes later I heard what sounded like water being poured slowly into a glass, then I heard him drinking. I was facing the wall in my bed and thought nothing of it and just went back to sleep when he left to take a shower.

The next morning, again really early, I awoke to hearing the same thing- the sound of water being poured slowly into a glass. I rolled over and looked to see him bare , facing away from me holding something and looking down. I suddenly realized he was peeing! I then saw him, still facing away from me, lift his arm to his face then I heard him drinking. I sat up in bed and said "What the are you doing?" He quickly spun around and set down the glass on his desk and said, "Oh! I am so sorry! Did I awake you?"

I just looked at him in shock and replied, "Were you just drinking your own piss?????" He just matter-of-factly smiled and said, "Yes. I do this regularly. It is a common practice in India. There are health benefits from drinking one's own urine. It boosts one's immune system and is healthy for one's digestion, skin and over-all health. Does this shock you?"

I replied, "That is really gross! I have never heard of that in my life!"

He laughed and said, "Well I prefer to to it daily and it's not something I can't really do in the bathroom down the hall. I was hoping that I would not wake you and I apologize for that." I was just in shock and asked him how he could do it because it had to taste really nasty. He said, "Actually it tastes like warm, slightly salty water. It is not at all unsanitary. Human urine is rather pure and you soon get used to the taste. If it bothers you so much I will wait to do it until after you leave in the morning."

I was pretty surprised that he was standing there naked too, but that didn't bother me at all. , he was even more handsome- dark brown nipples, a smooth body, with a small patch of dark pubic hair, small but low hanging balls and a nice, slender uncut that was about four inches flaccid. I just said, "Whatever. I guess it's okay if you want to do it... but it still looks pretty gross." He just laughed and said "You should try it sometime. It's really not all that bad. I've been doing it for years and I never get sick."

This went on every morning for a couple weeks and he now just did it after I awoke, right in front of me. Finally, one morning I said to him, "So, it really doesn't taste that bad then?" He laughed and said "Of course not! Try it! But I recommend that you drink plenty of water. Darker pee does have a strong taste, although not that all unpleasant." I was actually really curious at that point.

I looked at him, smiled, and said "Okay- you talked me into it." I got out of bed and took my coffee mug from my desk and proceeded to fill it with piss. I raised it to my mouth, hesitated and said, "Oh, what the hell!" then chugged it down as fast as I could. Surprisingly, he was right! It didn't taste all that bad at all!" Slightly salty but somewhat sweet, a bit strong but nothing to make me gag or anything.

He smiled and looked as I drank it down then said, "Well?" so I told him it wasn't that bad. He answered, " Just start doing it every day now. You will be surprised at how much better you feel after a while!" So there it was- each morning after I awoke I started to do the same- and he was right! My skin cleared up (I had a rather bad acne problem) and I started to feel better.

We usually did this together. We would stand, both naked, in front of each other and fill our glasses then say "CHEERS!" and drink it down.

One morning, just before we were ready to start our morning routine, I looked at him and said, "Just curious, but have you ever drank another person's urine?" He said, "No, I never really thought about that. Why do you ask?" I answered, "I don't know. I was just curious I guess. Do you mind if I try some of of yours?" He answered, "I guess that would be okay" and we both filled our glasses then he handed me his. I took a small sip and he did the same. In unison, we said, "Not bad!" and both started laughing then proceeded to finish the glasses. For the next few days, we peed in our glasses, then handed them to each other and drank it down.

One morning, just before Fall break, we awoke and got out of bed. By that time we were both comfortable with being nude around each other. However, when he got up he had an erection. It was beautiful- it stood around seven inches, slender and curving slightly to the left. That got me horny almost immediately and within seconds my cock had swelled and was standing erect, pointing straight up at six hard, inches. He looked down and laughed and said "Do I turn you on?" I turned red as a beet and answered, "Yeah, I guess..." He just laughed and said "Well, I REALLY have to pee and it's sort of hard to do it with an erection."

I just smiled and said, "Just do it straight in my mouth then." He got this shocked look on his face and said "Your kidding, right?" I answered, "Not really, unless you want to." He thought for a second, then said "Okay- but don't tell anyone." I just laughed.

I got down on my knees and said "Come on over and stand right in front of me." He smiled and answered, "Gads- this seems so weird but okay." He walked over and held his beautiful cock in front of me. I looked up, and said "Do you mind if I hold it for you?" I could tell he was really nervous at that point. He said "I've never done anything like this before" then let me reach over and gently hold his hard shaft. I leaned in and said, "Just let it flow" and pulled back his foreskin and placed the head of his shaft in my mouth. After a bit of straining, I felt the warm flow of his piss in my mouth and swallowed as fast as I could.

He was right- he REALLY had to pee! It seemed like there was a solid, thick stream flowing down my throat for an eternity. He stopped peeing and I gently forced his manhood all the way into my mouth and proceeded to suck him off. As I was sucking away slowly, guiding his shaft all the way down my throat and out again he just stood there, head thrown back and moaning softly. After only about a couple minutes, he blurted out "OH MY GOD! I"M GOING TO CUM!" and I felt burst after strong burst of his thick, creamy load coat my tongue. I pulled away and swallowed every bit of it.

He looked down at me and said, "Wow. That was and it was amazing! I have never had such a good blow job in all my life!" I smiled and said "Your welcome. Any time!" He just smiled and said "Okay." I got up and said, "You want me to pee in your mouth now?" He thought about it, and said "I don't know. I don't really feel comfortable about that. It really wouldn't do anything for me." So, I just peed in his glass then he drank it down. After he was done I said, "I really have to get off now. Do you mind if I masturbate?" He said "I guess not" so I laid down in my bed and pulled off a load as he watched then we put on our robes and headed down the hall to the showers.

A week later we came back from Fall Break. That night we were lying in our beds just talking for a while. He went silent for a minute, then in a real shaky voice said "Do you mind sucking me off again" I didn't even say a word and just got out of bed and walked over to his and spent the next fifteen, twenty minutes working his shaft in my mouth until he shot his load while jacking myself off. After I finished he just said "Thank you" then I got up and went to bed.

After that, it became sort of a Saturday night tradition- I would give him a blow job before we went to bed. Never in that entire year did he ever suck me off or touch my cock, but we almost every night we would masturbate together in our own beds before going to sleep. He also started to let me take his piss straight from the tap instead of peeing in a cup and letting me drink it. He would just stand in front of me and I would let him pee in my mouth while he held his own cock then I would to the same with him.

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