First Time As A Dungeon Slave

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The house next door had been vacant for a couple of months, with few inquires. One afternoon, while I was mowing my lawn, I noticed a woman putting up blinds on the widows of the vacant house. Later a young looking man arrived, driving a pickup truck with a pest control company name on the side. A couple of hours later the woman came out, and I ask if she was my new neighbor. She replied no, just putting up blinds for my friend Glenn. She said he was a friend with whom she had grown up with, and who had been her next door neighbor. The man came out on the porch, and she introduced Glenn as my new neighbor.

He was about 5' 7" tall, slim but muscular built, with dark curly hair. I learned later that he workedout at the YMCA about 3 or 4 times a week after work. We would speak to one another, when he was coming and going, while I was out in the yard. It took about 3 years before we really got to know one another, and have a meaningful conversation.

I liked to lunge on my back porch in the evenings, and Glenn would always speak when he came home. At time he would come home, well after dark, complaining about having to spray some customer's shops after hours. We would for a few minutes before he would enter his house for the night.

One really hot night, I had taken a shower and gone out on the back porch. I was lounging naked in my lunge chair about half asleep, when Glenn came home that night. He spoke and then went into his house, but a little later he came back out complaining about how hot it was in the house. He went around the side of his house, said he was going for his mail out by the front gate. The next thing I knew, he had opened my side gate at the of the steps leading to my porch. I was laying on my towel and couldn't get it quick enough to cover up, so had to just lay there naked.

He didn't say anything at first, but then ask if I liked being naked. I just stammered around at first, but told him that I liked being naked outdoors. He just laughed, said he preferred to keep his on except in the bedroom. We talked for awhile, really about nothing, and he went home to shower.

One day while working in my yard, a tall blond headed pulled up at Glenn's and headed toward the house. I told him Glenn had just left, and that I had no idea when he would return. He said that was ok, that he was Glenn's and had a key. I think I had seen the car there a few times, but had no idea who was driving. Later Glenn returned, and introduced me to his boyfriend. Steve, the boyfriend, had just graduated from medical school, and had come to get Glenn, so they could go celebrate. That's how I learned Glenn was gay.

A couple of night later, I was lounging naked on my porch. Glenn came home late from work, and came over to talk. He ask how I felt about his being gay, and did it make a difference in how I felt toward him. I laughed, and told him I had no problem with his being gay. Guess he picked up on something, because he ask if I had ever been with a . I told him I had tried it with a friend who way gay, but that it didn't go well. I told him about my experience with Richard, and how badly it had gone. He reached over and started to rub my , and when it started to stiffen, he preceded to jack me off. He did this a couple of other nights, and then one night he went down on me. This became a regular thing between us, and I really enjoyed and looked forward to his coming over at night.

One night I was out on the porch, with my clothes on, when he came home. When he came over, I noticed he had a frown on his face. The next thing I knew, he was telling me to get naked, and not to have clothes on when he comes home. The only thing I said was sorry, and stripped like he ask. He handed me a DVD and told me to watch it that night, then let him know what I thought about the content. That night I watched the DVD, it was about Leather S/M or Bondage. The next evening he ask me what I thought about the DVD, and I told him I found it interesting. He ask if I found it arousing in anyway, and I said yes, it made me stay hard while viewing. He laughed, then said he wanted me to come to his outside basement door at 9:00. Told me to just open the door and come in, that he would be waiting.

I arrived at his basement door at 9:00 and opened the door. Glenn was standing there wearing a leather executioners hood; leather thong with snap pouch; leather harness; leather arm band on his left upper arm; leather boots; and he was slapping a leather ridding crop across the palm of his hand. He told me to shut the door and lock in behind me. I did as he ask, and just stared at him.

He then ordered me to strip and get down on my knees, which I did without question. He came over and locked a steel and leather collar around my neck, then attached a leather and chain leash to the collar. He told me to bow my head to the floor, at which time he put his booted foot on my head and neck. He then slapped my hard with the ridding crop, telling me I would do whatever he commanded....answering with a yes Sir. Next he yelled, "slave I want to hear a yes Sir". I quickly yelled out yes Sir, and he said that's what I want to hear every time you answer.

He then had me lick his boots, then allowed me to drink water from a dog dish. He led me around, on all fours, with the collar and leash. He would kick my ass or slap it with the ridding crop, while leading me around. While still down on all fours, Master Glenn had me suck him off.

Next he chained me spread eagle on a rack, where he had acess to both front and back of my body. He placed a blindfold over my eyes so that I couldn't see a thing. He then placed clothespins on my nipples, slapping the clothespins around and pulling on them. Next he placed the clothespins on my ball sack and cock shaft. He then took a flogging whip and whipped me, slow at first, then it got more intense. I had , blue, and yellow bruises on my ass for days afterward, not to mention the whelps. After the flogging, he jerked the clothespins off without opening the pins. Next I could feel the hot candle wax being dripped all over my body. He covered my cock and balls completely with a heavy coating of wax.

Master Glenn then unchained me from the rack, keeping me blindfolded. I was ordered to get down on my knees and suck him off again. He then lubricated my ass and fucked it with a butt plug. He led me around, on all fours, with he butt plug still in my ass. He would kick the butt plug with his boot, or use his ridding crop.

Finally, he removed he collar and leash, and then he removed the blindfold and then the butt plug. He then had me stand while he tied my hands behind my back with a plastic tie. He led me to the corner of the basement, and had me kneel over a drain in the floor. He then preceded to piss on me. While still on my knees and dripping with piss, he told me I was now his slave. That when commanded, I would appear at his basement door, naked and ready for his use. He then hosed me down with soap and water. He threw a towel over my head, and cut the plastic tie loose from my wrist.

I started to reach for my clothing, but was slapped on the arm with Master Glenn's ridding crop. He told me I would arrive naked and leave naked as a slave should. He looked at me and ordered "slave on your knees", and I obeyed with a yes Sir. He said, I hope you understand that you're my slave now, and that you will obey my every command without question. I answered with a yes Sir. He followed with: slave do you accept the fact that I'm your Master, that you will show me full respect and obedience. I answered with a yes Sir. He then said, my lave is dismissed, it will go home and await my next summons.

And that's how I became the dungeon slave of Master Glenn.

PS. As part of a slaves duties; I mow his lawn, carry out his garbage, and do other things around his house.

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