First Military Sex

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I walked into my tent and put my stuff down. Each tent only held one person, so I wasn't expecting visitors.


When it was around midnight, I slid my pants down my legs so I was left with a soft penis. I started sliding my hands up and down, to make it feel like I was having .

Soon it became fully erect and I began to move my hands faster. I felt something building up inside of my penis. I let it loose and semon came flying out. I quickly cleaned up and pulled up my pants.

It was a good thing I did so, just then, a general came into the room. He asked what I was doing. I answered that I was trying to sleep.

He then said that he saw a drop of on my arm and that he had heard rusling in my tent. He put his hands on my hips and slid his hands down until he was touching my penis.

He said it was still wet. He pulled down my pants and lunged at my penis. His mouth engulfed my penis as if it was a chocolate cake. He started pumping and once again felt my penis becoming erect.

He then stopped and pulled off my shirt. He held my mouth shut while he pulled his own pants and shirt off. We were both bare . He spun me around and stuck his 8 inch penis into my but. For some reason I started moving back and forth, like I was having sex with my wife.

He immediatly pulled his penis out and turned me back around. He pulled my head towards his penis. I jumped on it and started sucking like crazy. I then felt a warm liquid in my mouth.

I released myself and spit the sperm outside. I then put my penis in his but. I felt sperm once again fly out of my penis.

We both put our clothes on, kissed, and then he left. I wish we could have continued.

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