Finally getting what he always wanted

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

He had been searching internet chatrooms looking for Mr.Right for some time now. He was quite picky in some ways, and ended up rejecting a few offers beacuse he thought they didn't look strong enough to really dominate him.

He was 24 years old. Born and bred in Dublin, Ireland. Six three inches tall. Short brown hair with emerald eyes. He had a supple body, toned after months of sculpting it in the gym.

He was always on the lookout for an . He had always had a thing for older guys since he had been fucked by his older brother. He loved the way he had been forced to swallow his cum at least three times, before his brother would let him jerk off himself.

He was on a gay site when he finally found the man who would complete his life. He told him his name was Andrew.

Andrew was a 62 year old divorced guy. He had recently decided to sell up his home and small business in the pursuit of a quiet life in the country. He decided he wanted to live in Ireland where he figured that the fresh air would keep him alive better than at home. He was a tall muscular man with a rough, rugged look earned through years of hard graft.

When they began chatting first, it was under the premise of Andrew being a potential slave owner. He enquired if anyone was looking and when he found the Irish , he began to wonder if perhaps he had found the boy who would complete his life.

After a brief chat, it became immediately clear that both had what the other was looking for. They shared photos, spoke on SKype regularly to guage the others personality. They talked about what they would do to eaach other if they ever got together. Andrew quickly adopted the dominant position and the boy was now called either 'slave', 'fucktoy', or 'urinal'. They spoke of their shared love of watersports, and they jerked off for each other on camera.

They spoke of meeting, but Slave never thought it would happen, until one day, just after they had been chatting about nonsense for some time, Master told Slave that he wanted to purchase his 'soul'. Slave had never heard of anything as intense before in his life. He decided there and then that he would devote the rest of his existence in the pursuit of pleasing this man.

Master wrote up a crude, but very concise contract of ownership, outlining what would happen in their relationship. Slave was sent a fax and they signed seperate copies online together, each on webcam to themselves.


Nothing for the rest of the Summer months. June turned into July and July into August. The weather improved in Ireland and Slave wondered where his Master had gone to. He kept trying to call him and Skype him, but there was no response.

He was working in a cafe 7 days a week, trying to pay for a trip over to see his sister in Baltimore. He longed to speak to his Master. He missed his direcitons, his orders, his command.

"Get out of those fucking stupid clothes and follow me into the Mercedes outside.... RIGHT NOW", an American voice, instantly recognisable spoke sharply into his ear.

Instantly he knew that he could not disobey. He disrobed and walked straight out the front door, leaving behind his customers and his job.

Master was nearly inside the car by the time he got to it. He got in quickly, trying to cross his legs once seated, so that Master wouldn't notice the huge bulge in the front of his pants. Master's door slammed shut and the outside world seemed to completely melt away. Just the two of them. That was all that mattered.

Without saying a word, they drove. Away from Dublin the capital, and west towards Galway. An hour and a half passed in silence, before Master told slave to reach around to the back seat and bring the bag into his lap. He directed him to take 3 of the valium tablets, 'for his own sake'. When he saw that he was looking around for a drink, he told him to wait a minute.

Master pulled into the next service station. He told him to go into the toilet and wait until he came to get him. Slave obediently did as he was told. After around twenty minutes of waiting, Master finally arrived in. He shouted quite loud that 'all of your clothes must come off right now'.

After a moment he was passed a pair of black slacks and a t-shirt with the cafe's logo on it. 'All of it'. A groan of dissatisfaction irked the Master and he warned slave that he was now his. As the contract clearly stipulated, if slave ever is to meet his Master, he is officially then his property and must do as instructed. Full compliance.

He could feel the reluctance, the sheer acceptance of a new from his Slave as he was passed a pair of red checked boxers and a pair of ankle socks. The slip on shoes were slid under the doorway next, and after depositing it all in the nearest trash can, Master got into the neighbouring cubicle, to survey his new prize. He very much liked to see the Slave had maintained his shaving routine. He was smooth as a baby's bum.

He told him to come into him next door. The slave, suddenly aware of the plight he was now in, appeared reluctant at first, but finally obeyed, scampering from one cubicle to the next, just in case there were others outside (even though he knew there wouldn't be).

Once in the next cubicle, he was confronted with his new owner's penis for th first time. It was percect. Long, thick, bald, with a nice throbbing bell end that was a little wet. He immmediately got to his knees, knowing what he had to do, but Master made him look up into his eyes first:

"Look up boi. This is the face of your God now. I own you. You will do as I say from now on. I have purchased a little house out in the middle of nowhere. It's a place that we will never be disturbed. I have instructed the local shopkeep to provide me with supplies on a regular basis.

I told him that I was going here to be a writer. But I'm really here to live out my days. Live them out in style. I will have you perform the most depraved sexual acts you have ever dreamed of. I will create new fantasies for you to fulfill daily. We will get on well together, but you must always know that I am in control. Do you understand boi?"

"Yes Master".

"Good boi. Now take those three tablets. I want you to make it back to the car in a moment. FIrst I want you to worship my cock. Lick it. Kiss it. Sniff it. Inhale it's scent. Rub it all over your face and in your hands. Massage my balls and then drink what I have to give you".

Slave began to service his Master for the first time. He Grasped its length in his fist and tugged slowly but with power. He knelt down with his head so that he could get under his Masters torso. Tongue slathered everywhere, tasting, teasing, searching. Their body temperatures both rose considerably despite their cold environs. Slave buried his head in his cheeks, sniffing and absorbing the smell of unwashed asshole. It was a kind of spiky whiff. Harsh to the nostril at first but becoming more and more inviting also. It smelled like sex.

Master suddenly grabbed slaves head and forced his mouth onto his prick, causing slave to gulp hard in surprise. He looked up in alarm.

"Drink this piss down now", he whispered softly. "Don't spill a drop, it's been brewing since this morning".

The piss slit was at the back of slaves throat as the cock was shoved further and further into him mouth. Master looked deeply into his eyes and told him "hold my gaze while I fill you up". They stared into each others eyes until finally Master let out a loud groan. "OOoooohhhhh, FUCK!!"

Their gaze was broken only for a moment while Master struggled to contain himself. His piss started slowly but quickly built up speed. He was hosing it out now and all the while they held each others gaze. Slave gulped frantically but still he stared into this domineering beast, looking for acceptance.

His mouth was filled with a sharp tasting piss. The taste was incredibly new, and exotic. A strong coffee, ammonia, but also fresh fruit and that unmistakeable taste that piss has; a dirty, smelly scent that you smelled only in a men's bathroom in which the bowls aren't flushing correctly.

He pissed for nearly two minutes solid, and then he had a few slower, smaller squirts. He continued to gaze into slaves eyes and noticed that the piss had started to bubble out of slaves nose and from the corners of his mouth. He laughed at the scene and finally, content that he had proved his point, he took his cock out and calmly pulled his pants up and walked outside.

Slave was confused. He had basically been abused there. Sexually assaulted by a man who was clearly a sexual deviant. A filthy older pervert. He knew that he should get the clothes from the trash and seek an alternative route home...but he couldn't. The thrill of doing the wrong thing, but secretly emjoying it...loving it was too enthralling.

He crept out slowly, fully naked. His cock was as hard as it had ever been and he suspected that it would just start pumping cum of its own accord soon. He had never been more turned on in all his life. His stomach was burning. It must be so unnatural to drink the waste fluids of another human being. He stopped theorizing and decided to make a break for it. He dashed to the door and then seeing the coast was clear ran for the safety of the car.

The door was locked, but the boot had been left open. He knew what was happeneing, but he had no choice. He jumped in to the boot, and it slowly closed itself with a mechanical whir before clicking shut. His life was completely dark, but he didn't care. He was in love.

Two hours passed. Slave had been bumped and bashed around in the boot. He was feeling travel sick and was exhausted from being so aroused for so long. The valium began to kick in and he fell into a deep, artificial coma.

When he rises, he hears a cockerel crowing in the distance, indicating sunrise. He must have been out for a long time indeed! "Well look who's decided to wake up!" growls a husky American drawl.

"M - M - Master!, is this real? Are we together? Are we alone?"

"Yes boi, to everything. You must be hungry. Lets sort that out."

Striding over toward his toy, Master stopped for a brief moment to discard the dressing gown that had lain across his muslced frame. "Into the bathroom now".

No sooner had slave crawled in than he was presented with a two litre bottle of coke. The original drink had been replaced with a dark, golden liquid. Instantly recognising it, slave leapt over to receive it. Master held it back sharply before boi could get it. He opened the bottle slowly for dramatic effect and then held it up high before tilting it toward his cock and balls. The liquid began to drip down faster and faster and Master was soon covered completely. Slave dove hungrily to suck the cock and to lick up all the sweet piss.

"Lie down on the ground."

Master squatted with his ass directly above his slaves mouth. He shimmied backward until his balls were over slaves nose. He began to tip the bottle more and more until it began flooding slaves mouth. He drank thirstily at it.

It took him a long time to feed the slave, but it didn't complain or make a sound once. He saw the love and devotion in slaves eyes and he knew that he would be cumming shortly. He had never seen a boi drink piss so expertly. He barely lost a drop. The last bits of the bottle were clearly the hardest. The piss seemed more concentrated there. After finishing the entire two litres, Master dribbled a big gob full of spit into the slaves mouth as a dessert treat.

The contentment was etched firmly into both faces. They were both having the time of their lives and were falling deeply in love with the other.

"Get up. Walk to the bedroom".

"Lie down over there in that long sofa".

Master followed him in and then deliberatly shut and locked the bedroom door behind him.

"I visited my daughter before I came over here. She's 41 but still beautiful. I stole 4 pairs of her dirty panties and g-strings for you. Which would you like first?"

"Of course, I will leave that to you my Lord".

Smiling to himself with satisfaction, Master advanced brining a leopard-print thong with him. It was clearly stained. There were hairs inside and slave could smell the stale menstrual fluid before it came into view. Master handed it to him and told him to jerk his cock. Slave obeyed and was ready to explode in seconds.

"Shoot your load. Cum now. Cum inside that dirty fucking g-string".

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, shit. Fuck I'm CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMING". He sprayed a huge load all over the place. Most of it turned the g-string to mush, mixing with all the bodily fragments of his owners daughter.

"Now, present your asshole to me. Stick it up in the air and wiggle it about. Display your fucking wares boi".

Seconds later he felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart. His asshole felt like it had torn slightly before a huge cock got rammed into him. It started to pound him. Sweat dripped off both of them as they embraced in the most intimate way possible.

Handing slave a straw, that he had prepared earlier by chopping in half, Master shouted:


Slave frantically tried to comply. But he was struggling to actually get any into his nose. Master could see the frustration and was himself longing to see his slave inhale his sperm. Pausing briefly, with his cock still buried deep in his ass, Master turned his slaves face to his. He took the straw and slurped up the pool of cum from his daughters thong. Then he brought the straw to hover over slaves nostrils. Then he forcibly blew the cum through the straw and right up slave.

It was a bizarre sensation. Like having bubbles of coke pour out your nose when you laugh too much at something. But it was nice. A warm, salty flavour filled up inside him. He could feel it behind his face, in the many channels that travel around in his head. He was being 'filled up'.

After most of the cum had started to drip down in the back of slaves throat, Master shoved the thong into slaves mouth, forcing him to gag. He began to jerk off. Slave could see that he was about to explode and he prepared himself. Master told him to take the thong out and put it on.

Watching his toy wearing a thong with cum dripping out of his mouth and nose was too much. He had to cum. He grabbed slaves head and shoved his cock down his throat as far as he could. Slave immediately started to gag and after the cock was shoved forward and back around three times deep in his oesophagus, his reflex caved in. He puked all over the cock and the cum was regurgitated back from whence it came. Master was out of control at this stage, powerfully face and throat fucking his slave....

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", "hold still you fucking little cunt", "don't struggle while i cum in you". Slave was actually afraid that Master was going to hurt him as he was thrashing about wildly, but finally he came.

Wave after wave of salty seed pumped into his mouth. He couldn't contain his delight. He smiled from ear to ear as he savoured the delectable drink. Masters cock began to shrink slowly in his mouth, no longer causing him to choke. He drank it all down. Every single drop.

When he had finished, slave begged him to leave his cock in his mouth and wash down the cum with a fresh load of piss.

Master could hardly believe what he was hearing. This boi is a keeper. I am going to fuck him until the day I die.

"Master will you fuck me every day until I die please? I love you. I want to be bred by you forever. But first please please please, piss down my throat....."

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