Fair Grounds : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My friends Kevin and Randy had shown me a glory hole at the fair grounds the day before. I had often fantasized about sucking cocks before but yesterday was a dream come true for me. I had gotten to not only suck one but I actually got to suck both Kevin and Randy off. I could barley contain my excitement as I not only sucked them off but swallowed their huge loads of cum as well. I have had a hard time to think about anything else since.

The next day I had just finished mowing four lawns on a hot summer day. I was very hot and sweaty and wanted to take a dip in the pool to cool off, when Kevin and Randy rode up. They wanted me to go back up to the fair grounds with them. I asked if they would rather take a dip in the pool instead. I also mentioned that we didnít want to get caught jumping the fence, as it would be hard to explain to the cops ďwe just wanted to go to the bathroom to suck each others cocks.Ē

They were not too sure what to do so I also suggested I could hang a couple sheets across my room and we could do the same thing behind the sheets so we could each get a blow job and only have to give one. I was glad to see the liked the idea. We stripped down and jumped in the pool to cool off. After swimming for a while I went in and hung the sheets across my room. I went back out to the pool to let them know I had the room setup.

Randy said he wanted to suck Kevinís cock. Kevin said no I want to suck yours. I was a bit upset because neither of them wanted to suck mine. I said I know my cock is not a as yours but it canít be that bad. They both said no it is not that we donít want to suck your cock; it is that you gave the blow job either of us has ever had and we want you to suck us off. I felt better; I also wanted to suck both of them off again but didnít want them to know. I let them argue for a few minutes before Kevin looked at me and asked if I would mind giving them each a blow job. I complained that it wouldnít be fair that I should have to suck cock twice. They promised to make it up to me in some way. I acted pissed but agreed as long as they each took turns sucking on my cock to get me off.

Kevin and I went in . I went to one side of the sheet and he stayed on the other side. I knelt down and waited for his cock to slip through the sheets. He was almost fully erect before I even started. I closed my eyes as I leaned in to kiss the tip of his purple mushroom head before swirling my tongue all over it. I slid my lips over his spongy head as I licked around the crown of his head. I could already taste the salty sweet pre cum as it oozed out his pee slit.

I continued to swirl my tongue around the head of Kevinís before sliding my lips down over his hard shaft. I moved my mouth up and down over his huge cock taking him a far into my mouth as I could. I wanted to take him all the way in but he was just too big. I went back up to his head and licked the ridge along where the head joins the shaft before I licked up the pre cum. I didnít want him to cum too fast so I moved my mouth down to his balls. They were the size of golf balls with fuzz like a tennis ball. I licked each one real good before I took it into my mouth. I sucked on each of his nuts one at a time for a while before I couldnít control my lust for his cock any longer.

I kissed and licked my way from his scrotum back up his thick shaft finally reaching his huge mushroom shaped head. His head was covered with pre cum which I eagerly licked up before I slid my lips over it and down his shaft. I tried to lick his balls as I slid my lips down his shaft. My mouth went up and down his shaft. I felt Kevin grab my head as I continued to drag my lips over his huge cock. He started to thrust his hips as he pushed my head deeper on in massive cock. I felt my face press up against his pubs as his balls began to bounce off my chin.

I managed to pull my mouth off his cock long enough to fill my lungs with fresh air before I dove back down on his huge cock. He again thrust his cock down my throat. Kevin held my head down on his cock as he began to thrust short deep strokes as he began to fire off blast after blast of hot cum down my throat. I needed air again and finally pulled my mouth up off his cock enough to get some more air as he continued to shoot cum all over my face before I could get his cock back in my mouth so I could catch the last of his huge load. When Kevin finished emptying his balls in my mouth I savored it before I swallowed it.

I licked his cock clean before he pulled out of my mouth. He thanked me and asked if I was ready for Randy. I said yes I guess so send him in. I heard Randy ask Kevin what took so long. Kevin just said wow it was better than yesterday.

Randy had his shorts off and his cock through the sheets before I was done cleaning Kevinís cum off my face.

I kissed and licked the tip of Randyís cock before I peeled his foreskin back to expose his purple head. His head was shaped more like a big button at the end of his massive shaft. It glistened with pre cum already. I could tell he was ready for a blow job and I wanted to give him my best blow job ever. I swirled my tongue over his head licking up all of his pre cum. I flicked my tongue over his head and down his shaft before sliding my lips over his head and down his shaft.

I moved my lips up and down over his red bull size shaft as I worked to get my mouth as far down his shaft as I could. My mouth traveled up and down his cock faster and faster for a few minutes before I pulled off him to lap up more of his sweet pre cum. Mmm it tasted so good. Again I didnít want him to cum too soon so I kissed my way down his giant dick to his huge balls. His balls were the size of jumbo eggs and his scrotum was hairless. His huge smooth balls tasted great. I licked each one of them very carefully before sucking it into my mouth for more attention.

Once I was sure each of his balls had received enough attention I kissed and licked my way back up his monster cock. When I got back up to the head I slid my lips over the head as my tongue eagerly licked up all the pre cum I could get. As my mouth descended down his shaft, my tongue continued to swirl over his shaft looking for more pre cum that ran down his shaft as I had bathed his nuts in my mouth. My tongue licked over his shaft as my mouth slid up and down over it.

My eyes were closed as I tried to focus on my lips moving up and down his cock. Randy began to move his hips back and forth with mouth. I felt myself begin to gag as Randy thrust his cock deeper in my mouth and down my throat. I kept my head moving up and down on his monster cock taking in as much air as I could before going back down on him. I could tell he was getting close as I slid my lips up and down faster and faster. I took a deep breath then slid my mouth all the way down on him. Randy grabbed my head as he thrust his cock all the way down my throat. He gave a few short deep thrusts as he went ridged and began to explode down my throat. He must have shot a gallon of hot cum into me the way he was shooting. As he began to slow down I finally pulled off enough to breath and as I took a few breaths he came on my face with two or three good shots before I took him back in m mouth to drain his balls completely. When he was done I licked him clean before swallowing the last of his load.

Randy pulled out and called for Kevin. They both knelt down and told me to put my cock through it was my turn. I was so horny by this time I knew I would not last more than a few minutes at best but I put my little cock through the sheets and they began to lick my pre cum off the head. I was able to hold out longer than I thought I would as they licked and sucked my cock. I felt one of them begin to lick my balls as I had theirs. The awesome feeling of having my balls licked while my cock was being sucked was too much and I shot a good load all over both of their faces.

They wiped my cum from their faces as I walked out from my side of the sheets. They both thanked me and asked if we could do this again. I think they knew from all the cum on my face, some dried some fresh, the answer to that question. I just smiled and said lets hit the pool again.

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