Fair Ground : Part 4

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

The next day I was so excited about my date with Danny. I got everything we would need together and double checked to makes sure I had everything we would need. I took everything to the location I had in mind and stowed it all away. I then went back home to make sure I was ready for my date.

I shaved real good making sure my face was smooth. I decided Iíd better clean myself out extra well after the way Danny had licked my the night before. I was pretty sure he would want to fuck me tonight and I wanted to be clean and ready. I decided I better give myself and enema. It felt so good I decided to go ahead and give myself a second one. When it too was I thought I better continue until it was clean and then one more for safety. I then took a nice hot bath to get myself all clean and relaxed, or as relaxed as I could be considering how horny I was.

I got dressed and waited for Danny to pick me up. I didnít have to wait long as he was early. He looked as excited as I was, and a bit nervous as I was also. I ran out and got in his car and we drove off. Danny asked me if I would like to bring some beer or anything along. I said sure if you would like some. We went to the store and he got a six pack and we headed to the camp site I had prepared. When I told him where to park the car he wasnít too sure as there were no camp grounds around. I told him this was a quiet area where only people who grew up here know about this area and it would be fine.

I leaned over and kissed him for the first time tonight. I said I had wanted to do this from the minute I got in the car but I had too many neighbors outside. He said he had felt the same way. We made out for a few minutes before I suggested we go to the camp site where we can be more relaxed.

We grabbed his things and he followed me into the woods and along the trail for about half a mile until we got to the camp side. I had it pretty well hidden so if anyone had walked down the trail they would not have seen it unless they knew where to look. Danny didnít see it right away either until I pointed it out. I showed him how to get into the clearing where the camp site was set up. I had a shelter build out of trees with a floor about a off the ground to keep the bugs and snakes out. I had a bench built against one wall and a sleeping area on the other side. I asked him what he thought of my little camp. He said he liked it, the only thing missing were running water and electricity. I laughed and told him that was coming soon.

We sat down and began to make out again. I loved the way Danny kissed very passionately. Our tongues and our hands explored each other. We quickly striped off our shirts as Danny kissed down my neck to my breasts. He kissed and nibbled on my nipples sending shock waves of pleasure through me. I loved the sensations he was giving me as he went from one nipple to the other. I kissed my way down to his chest to try to give him the same pleasure he was giving me. I licked and sucked on his tits for a while as my hands continued to caress his masculine body. I reached his belt and undid it and his pants to slide them off as I kissed my way down toward his naval. Danny was helping me out of my pants at the same time.

We were soon on the sleep mats shifting around into a nice 69 position. Danny positioned me on the bottom this time as he straddled my head holding his hard 11 inches over my face. I felt him lower his head to my little and begin to kiss and lick it. I lifted my head so I could kiss and lick the large oval shaped head of his huge cock. I wrapped my hand around his shaft as I started to lick and suck on the head as if it were an ice cream cone on a hot day. I slid my lips over it as my tongue swirled around his head giving extra attention to the ridge just under the crown of the head.

After a few minute of this I began to slide my lips pressed tightly around his shaft up and down over his shaft while my tongue continued to swirl and lick his huge cock. I had my head bobbing up and down on him as he lowered himself onto me giving me better access to his cock. I closed my eyes as I began to settle into a rhythm; I worked my head up and down his huge shaft then I pulled off and began licking his head like before alternating every few minutes. I could tell the way he was beginning to moan he was enjoying the attention I was showing his cock.

I sensed he was getting close so I pulled off him and kissed my way up to his huge balls. Danny lowered his balls to my eager mouth. I licked and kissed all over his smooth balls enjoying the taste and feel of them on my tongue. I then sucked each one into my mouth one at a time they were so . When I was sure he was ready for me to continue without shooting his load too soon I kissed and licked my way slowly back to his head. Once I was back down to the head on his monster cock I quickly lapped up as much pre cum as I could get.

I worked his head lick before swirling my tongue as my lips slid over his head. I then began to slide my lips up and down on his cock faster and further down with each trip up and down. My tongue was still licking as far up his shaft as I could get. Danny was now beginning to pump his giant wand up and down to match the movement on my mouth as I continued to travel up and down his length.

I do not know how I managed but I had his entire length in my mouth and down my throat. I continued with the rhythm I had up and down then just the head as I took in as much air as I could before going back down on him all the way to the base. I felt Danny begin to thrust in as he began to fire off thick ropes of cum down my throat. He must have dumped ten huge ropes of cum down my throat before I had to pull off him to get more air. I took several shots of cum in my face before I was able to get his cock back in my mouth to finish him off.

When he was done I licked him clean as I wiped my face with his huge cock. We then kissed and cuddled while we talked and got to know each other better. I wanted to ask him about the way he licked my ass the night before if that meant he wanted to fuck me but I was afraid he might say no.

After making out some for a while, Danny asked me if I had ever done anything beyond sucking cock with anyone. I said no I hadnít but I had thought about it for a long time. I asked him if he had, and he said he had fucked a once about two months ago. He asked me if when I thought about it what I saw me doing getting fucked or fucking. I asked donít guys just take turns. He said he heard some do but most like one way over the other. I asked him what he liked and he said he likes to fuck the other person. I smiled and told him I always fantasize that I am the one getting fucked. He asked if I wanted to try. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him over and over as I said yes I really want to.

I could see his cock was almost fully hard again. He had me lay down as he straddled me again. I began to suck his cock again as he began to lick my ass. He reached into his bag and brought out some lube. I thought he would lube me up and shove it in but he didnít. He took his time and licked my anus until I began to relax. He then began to rub his finger around my hole again waiting until I was relaxed before he began to insert one finger into me. He slowly began to move it around inside me and it felt great. He then added some lube and began inserting a second finger. He moved them around until I was ready for another.

It didnít take too long before I was beginning to moan and ask him to please fuck me. He told me to be patient, he wanted to make sure I was relaxed and well stretched out before he tried to enter me because he didnít want to hurt me. I went back to sucking his cock as he continued to insert his finger in my ass to get me ready.

Danny pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and moved around so he was knelling between my legs. He lifted them to his shoulders as he placed some pillows under my ass to lift me up so he could have a straight line into me. He applied some lube to his monster cock and some more to my ass. I watched as he lined up his cock with my hole. Danny could tell I was getting tense again so he kept telling me to relax. I took a couple beep breaths as I tried to relax. When Danny felt I was ready he began to press slowly into me.

It took him a couple tries before I felt my hole open and his head enter me. I saw a flash of white as a sharp pain ripped through me. He stayed very still as I tried to deal with the pain. I tried to concentrate on relaxing my lower lip, a trick I learned in sports to help over come pain like the wind getting knocked out of you. It worked and in a few minutes I was no longer in pain. I told Danny to keep going. He asked if I was sure and I said yes I want you to fuck me. He began to press into me again pushing in an inch at a time waiting for me to relax and tell him when to try again.

He was about half way in when I said I was ready for his to push more into me. He pulled out about an inch then slowly slid in about two inches. It felt good and I wanted him to do it again. He waited until he was sure I was ready before he would try again. He slowly slid out then back in deeper than before. It took several more times before he was buried all the way deep inside me. He waited until I was ready again before he began to move.

I told him I was ready and he slowly pulled about half way out then slid back in again. He continued to pull out further and further until only the head was still inside me. He then slide all the way back into me again still going real slow. When he hit my prostrate I almost came from the intense feel. I really didnít know if it was intense pleasure or pain, I just knew I wanted it again. He began to pull out a little faster then push back in a little harder. I felt so good. He went faster and I found myself thrusting my ass up to meet his cock slamming him into me deeper and harder. I was now ready for a real fuck and I was telling him to fuck me faster and faster. Then I would cry out as he went faster to go deeper and harder. I was throwing my ass up to meet each of his powerful thrusts.

We were both lost in pure animal lust at this point. I wanted him to keep slamming into me as hard and deep as he could go. His huge cock was pounding on my prostrate with every thrust I was going crazy it felt so good. I felt myself begin to spasm as my balls discharged their load form the force of the pounding my ass was getting. As my cock shot its load between us my ass tightened around Dannyís monster rod sending him over the edge as well. His body went rigid as his cock began spewing huge amounts of hot cum deep inside me. We came for what seemed like half an hour before he collapsed on top of me with his cock still lodged deep inside me.

After a few minutes of us trying to catch our breaths he said ďwow that was even better than I could have ever imagined.Ē I looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes and said I never thought I could feel so many different kinds of such intense pleasure. That was better than I hoped it would be. I want you to fuck me again. We kissed and fell asleep like that for a while.

When we awoke we fucked again three more times that night and twice in the morning. I think the only reason we stopped was we began hearing kids playing in the woods and didnít want to get caught.

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