Fair Ground : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Randy, Kevin and I had a great time all summer after they had introduced me to a glory hole in the bathroom at the fair ground. Even though I got to suck a lot of from both Randy and Kevin, I still wanted to try more. The fair grounds had two weeks of horse racing about a month before the state fair was to start. I went to the races every night, not so much for the races as for the chance to suck new dick. I would sit where I could see the menís room to watch to see if anyone went in. I would then go in and see what might happen. I could also make sure I wouldnít go in if it were someone who knew my family since I did not want the whole town and my family know I was gay. Being gay in a small town could have many problems associated with it when I grew up.

The first week was not too eventful. Very few men used the restroom and fewer put their cocks through the glory hole for me to suck. At the end of the first week I had only sucked three new cocks. Monday night of the second week that changed about half way through the races I saw this nice looking about my age go into the bathroom and I followed him in. Yes, he went into the stall so I went into my stall and locked the door. I looked through the hole and he had his cock out and was beginning to stroke it. He saw me looking and stood up and put his nice thick cock through the hole.

His cock had a nice mushroom shaped head on it, but it was more of an oval shape than round and the tip curved up slightly. He was cut. He put what looked like seven inches through the hole for me to enjoy. I kissed the tip of his cock as my tongue began to lick and swirl around and over his nice head. As my lips began to slide over his head and down the shaft, I closed my eyes to focus on this nice cock.

I slid my lips up and down his cock going down more and more each time, before moving back up to his head to lick and suck on it. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could. This was the nicest cock I had had since the fair grounds had opened and I wanted him to come back again for me. I swirled my tongue over his head for a few minutes then slide my lips down his shaft again.

I opened my eyes for a second and I could not believe what I saw. When he had put his cock through the hole I thought it looked like seven inches, it had grown considerably since. He had to be more than nine inches. I took his cock out of my mouth and kissed the tip again as I lapped up his pre cum. I then slid my lips over his head and down his shaft. I closed my eyes and moved my head up and down his monster cock. I slid my lips up and down faster and faster and I heard him begin to moan and thrust his hips into me. I tried to match his hip movement with my mouth and I brought him closer to the point of no return. He let out a loud moan as he began to fire off blast after blast of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could as I kept my lips and tongue moving all over his exploding cock.

When he was done feeding me his huge load, I licked him clean and thanked him. He thanked me and said he hoped I would be back the next night. I told him I would definitely be back. He left and I sat and jacked off twice before I could get my cock back into my pants.

We met every night for the horse racing that week. On the last night of the races he asked me if I would like to go out on a date with him some night. I said yes as long as no one knows we are gay. He said my secret would be safe with him as long as I would keep his being gay a secret as well. I asked him if he was going back into the races and he said no. He didnít care for the races he just came to the races for my blow jobs. I asked if he wanted to hang out together tonight. He said he would like to. I told him my name is Dave and said his name is Danny.

We talked and it turned out he was in town attending the art school for the summer. I told him what I was doing for the summer as well. We were the same age and got along very well. Danny asked me how long I had been sucking cock and I told him about a month and a half. He said he had sucked his first cock about three months ago but hadnít had any since he got to the art school a month ago. Danny said he had been afraid all summer of someone at the art school finding out he was gay. I said I understood as I was terrified I would get caught looking at guys or even worse sucking cock.

I had him drive to a secluded area where we could relax and not worry about getting caught. Danny leaned over to kiss me. I was shocked a bit at first. He asked if anything was wrong. I had never really thought about kissing other guys before. I know it is foolish I to suck cock but never thought about kissing a man. I leaned into him and we kissed my first kiss with a man. We started slow but were soon kissing very passionately. Our tongues flicked out to explore each others mouths. (I had kissed a few girls but this was so much better, I donít know why, but it just felt right.)

Danny began kissing my neck and feeling my chest and arms. I followed his lead and did the same to him. He slipped my shirt off as I took his off. He began to kiss and lick my left nipple then my right. Oh, it felt so good. I had never thought of my nipples before. Wow the feeling was intense. It felt so good I didnít want Danny to stop, but I felt I should show him the same pleasure he was showing me. I licked and kissed his nipples first the right then the left. He let me work on him for a few minutes then he went back to work on my nipples again. He pinched and pulled them gently at first then harder. He could tell by my reaction I really liked what he was doing.

I reached down and undid his belt and pants as he continued to work my tits. He undid my belt and pants as well, as he kissed his way down my body to my naval. I loved the way his hands caressed me as he slid my pants off. He said he had wanted to suck my cock all week but I had had the stall for sucking all week. We maneuvered into a 69 position in the back seat.

He was on the bottom and he had no problem with my little cock. I finally got my first look at his massive tool. He was almost a long and as thick as a red bull can. I kissed and licked the head of his cock real good before I slid my lips over his head. I licked the head of his cock like it was an ice cream cone on a hot day. I used my tongue and my lips to get his pre cum to flow freely. I lapped it up quickly as I slid my lips down over his head and down his shaft. I got about half way down on him before I slid my lips back up to his head. I began to move my lips up and down his shaft until I felt him getting close. I then pulled my mouth off his cock and moved down to his big balls.

His balls were about the size of goose eggs. His balls were nice and smooth, with few hairs on his scrotum. I licked each of them really well before I suck them one at a time into my mouth. I felt Danny begin to work my balls the same way. When I was sure he had back away from the point of no return.

I kissed and licked my way back up. I tried not to slobber too much on his gigantic club but I did. When I finally got up to his head I lapped up as much of his pre cum as I could. I then began to slide my lips up and down his cock as far as I could. I just closed my eyes and focused on his giant cock. My mouth slid up and down on him five or six times before I would again lick up his pre cum and lick his head like an ice cream cone.

I continued to use my tongue to lick his shaft as my lips traveled down his cock. I felt Danny begin to move his hips slowly up to met my descending mouth. I felt him enter my throat but I continued to slide my mouth up and down on him. I soon had my face planted firmly into his bush as my chin rested on his balls. I could not believe I had his enormous cock buried down my throat.

I felt his hips thrust up into my face as his cock seemed to grow even more just before it began to explode down my throat. I held him down my throat as long as I could before I needed air and had to pull off. I took as a breath as I could as he shot two blast of cum on my face. I put his cock back in my mouth and continued to milk as much cum form him as I could get swallowing as much as I could. When he was done I licked him clean while using his monster cock to wipe his cum off my face.

As I finished cleaning his cum from my face and his cock. I noticed Danny had finished my load and was now licking my anus. Wow, like my tits I had never considered having my licked, but it felt wonderful. He continued for a few more minutes. I didnít want him to stop but he had to get back to the art school before they locked the gates.

We dressed and made a date for the next night; since it was the weekend we decided to go camping. I told him I knew the perfect place where we could be alone. We kissed good night as he dropped me off.

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