First and Best

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was the end of 2006. I was 21 years old and lived in Columbus at the time. I was working a lot and making great money. My girlfriend wasn't coming to visit that weekend so my roommates and I decided to a little. We got some powder and had a good time at the house that night. Later in the night, I go to my room, telling my roommates I didn't feel good. I felt great, and wanted to be alone so I could browse porn on my laptop. Every time I party, I fantasize about being with a man and watch . I decided it was time to take it a step further.

I took a picture of my hard dick and posted online - looking for a hookup. An hour went by when I got a reply I was interested in. A 45 year old stocky who was all about it and would go slow with me. He gave me his address and I left immediately, very nervous and very excited. I made it to the location, which was a barbershop the guy owned. I walked to the door and knocked. the door opened. The man was wearing briefs only. I used the restroom inside and then sat on a couch in the waiting area, joining my new friend.

Porn was playing on an overhead projector. I sat nervously watching it, becoming horny and catching myself staring at his bulging from the briefs. A few minutes passed. I reached over and grabbed his penis. Quickly moving my hand under his briefs. I pulled out his flaccid cock. I began stroking him as I undid my pants and pulled them off. I moved closer and took his hand, moving it to my . I asked him to feel me, he put his two middle fingers against me and pushed in. both fingers went in me. I moaned as he fingered me, it felt incredible.

I slid off the couch onto my knees directly in front of him. His pelvis moved forward as he sat back. I grabbed him, squeezed his shaft as I wrapped my mouth around the head of his dick. Slowly I sucked on him. moving down as he got harder. His cock was warm and thick. I was hard and turned on. I finally had a penis in my mouth and it was incredible. I sucked his dick for about ten minutes, unable to clear it all, one inch remained at the base as six were in my mouth. I was throat swallowing him but still could not clear it. I was ready to fuck.

I asked him to take me. He stood up and led me to a backroom with a table in it. I got on the table and layed on my back, spreading my legs. I stroked him and put a condom on him. I laid back as I felt pressure and slowly pushed into him. Wow does that feel good, his cock is in me now. I pause before I push further, his whole dick is in me now. I feel full. He begins fucking me slow. I it as I feel his thrusts.

I lean up and he slides out, I flip onto all fours and face the wall, lower my ass onto him. when I feel his head enter me, I say "all of it" and push into his thrust. He is deep and I moan in pleasure as I feel an eruption inside me. We continue having sex, I move off the table and into the hallway where he fucks me doggie style. He blows inside me.

We move back to the couch, he sucks my dick for three minutes and I blow in his mouth.

sex I've ever had.

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