Exploring Everything With Jake

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'm Nick, a 19 year old with a budding interest in young men. Last year I began College where this interest became a passion. After being left at my dorm, alone and nervous on my first day - there he was. This is my gay story.

I stared at one of the four pale blue walls that would soon become my home and began shaking at the thought of being alone for an entire year. Friends are not easy to come by when you are as shy as I am. My two passions were arguing and music and just waited for a third one but never had the company to add to them. Never have I been sexually expressive - not by any measure - I was a closed gay who would only ever fall in love with straight people.

My last unrequited affair was with a Skater called Jamie: Golden haired, slim, smiley - he would light up any room he was in. He would tease me about how gazed over at him dreamily, me being a bug eyed dribbler and all. I never got the chance to tell him about how much I desired him. I can recall him stripping down in front of me, asking me to hold his shirt. As he took it off I couldn't help but chew on my bottom lip as if I were biting down on his lips. I longed to take a hold of him and taste his mouth. As he bent down to take his shoes off I horned up and cloaked my boner, putting his sweat ridden shirt over it.

I started to think about him as I was lazing around: How his slim fingers unlaced his shoes, the scent it exuded when he raised his socked feet from them. For notice it was one that drew my nose in and played with my penis, a clean yet erotic smell - how I wanted him.

I began to develop a boner at this point and decided - since nobody else was around - to have at it! I started masturbating to the mental image of Jamie undressing. Then a knock on my door... Shit! I am standing to attention a little too much to pay attention to the one standing outside my room right now.

My door was unlocked so thank goodness whoever it was had the courtesy to knock. I tried to control my erection and opened the door. A my age was standing outside "Alright, I'm Jake" an outstretched hand reached over to me. I stared at him for a second, trying to drink in what is the spitting image of lust. His longish brown hair danced over his chocolate eyes and he accompanied it all with a polite toothy smile. I took his hand and admired his slender fingers, each one with perfectly rounded nails and grasped his hand - never wanting to let go.

"Hey Jake, how are you? I'm Nick!" My voice must have broken half way through, I was nervous "Haha, not bad mate, just gonna go to the shop to get stocked up" he said in a confident tone. Jake was about 5'10, slim but not skinny and size 9 (I found that one out later). He was delicious. "Alright cool" I said "See you in a bit, okay" and I was met with an assertive nod and he left. My college room-mate is mouth-watering, I thought. I desired Jake.

When he got back, we chatted and joked about everything really. He is a cocky, arrogant and cheeky chap which really turned me on. I have a thing for bad boys you see, and Jake was certainly naughty.

Bed-time arrived and I got my first glimpse of heaven. Jake began stripping off starting with his socks. I have never been attracted to anyone's feet as much as his. He stripped his navy blue long socks off to expose his perfectly rounded toes. His toe nails were as clean as you could get them and he did not have any problem showing them off. Jake went on to put his pajamas on, taking his shirt off to expose a smooth, hairless frame that anyone would gain pleasure from licking. Alas his pajama pants were put on in secret. Although his pajama pants were baggy which made his bare feet look all the more appetizing.

We ended the day playing games together on Jake's PS3. We played competitive games but I would always be half glancing at Jake's wiggling toes so I ended up losing a few times. Nevertheless, I was pretty good so I won the majority of the games. Jake was a sore loser so he would start a play-fight when he lost. I loved letting him take me. I would hold his hands and move closer to his body for jerk-off material.

The next morning I met Jake in the kitchen as he was gulping down a sandwich His naked feet were dancing around under the table which set me off and he said "You like this don't ya" ... I crinkled my face up in bewilderment and looked at him. He had chewed up a bite of his sandwich, opened his mouth and cranked his neck upward so I could see. "Haha, nice Jake, I love it" I said to him, feeling relieved not to have been found out. He gave me a sexy wink in response, swallowed and let out a gaping, cheeky smile.

"Let's play 21" Jake said. "Sure" I replied, I knew this would be a chance for some action and I knew how to cheat. "Why don't we agree on a dare beforehand and whoever hits 21 has to do it" I requested. He agreed and I asked what he wanted to be the dare. "Whoever loses has to be the others slave for the whole day". I didn't protest at all and lost on purpose. In I knew I was the winner.

After cleaning Jake's dishes and having been given the nickname "bitch" Jake decided to make me tidy his room. Even though there is nothing I hate more than cleaning, there is equally nothing more I desire than Jake. So it was a fair deal. Jake went out whilst I was tidying his room. I found a huge cumstain on his sheets and locked his door from the inside. I picked up some of his dirty boxers and socks, smelt them, licked them and jerked off with them. Perfect.

Jake arrived home hours later, he mocked "hey bitch, how was tidying?" I responded "not bad, you have a massive cumstain on your bed. Control yourself!" a worthy rebuke I thought. Jake quipped "I know, I left to for you, I knew you'd like it, haha". Hoping he was not joking I replied sarcastically but with intent "I like nothing more than cummy-beds, dirty boxers and smelly socks!"

Jake had a light bulb moment. He said "In that case you won't mind taking my shoes and socks off and giving me a massage, my feet are killing me, eh slave?". I responded in disgust but probably protested too much to be sincere "Fuck off, no way man!". He lifted his feet up to me "Do it, slave."

His feet sat comfortably in his plimsolls and I started to unlace them. They were magnetic and I quickly threw his shoes to the floor - they smelt just like Jake - with a slight whiff of sweaty boy feet. I started massaging him through his socks and looked up at his face. Jake was laid back, wiggling his delicious toes, waiting to be stripped down. I slid my fingers underneath his socks and starting from the tops of his toes, slowly pulled his socks off. Jake trembled and giggled as my fingers tickled his bare feet. Jake's gorgeous soles were perched on my lap as I moved back onto his bed.

I fidgeted a little so his feet would make contact with my dick and let out a small whimper. Jake was too zoned out at this point to notice, although he occasionally let out a sexy groan followed by a chuckle. He said "Ah, I needed this" once again flexing his toes. "You love it don't you, bitch?" he said mockingly. I replied "mmmm I love it" half-serious. I longed to plunge in and devour his toes. His toe looked so suckable and supple, Jake teased me with it. "Smell my feet, Nick" he said. I looked at him not knowing if he was serious. "Do it, slave! I command you!" And before I could respond, he planted his size 9 boy feet on my face.

Without registering I took a deep inhalation of Jake-feet and just left them on my face, probably for too long. They were damp and warm but I knew if I ever wanted them again I'd have to stop this momentary moment of bliss. His soles brushed my lips and I got a taste of my for the first time. Jake's whole aura exuded sex and lust and his feet were the pinnacle of this feeling. I needed to fuck him. Not yet though, I had to build up to that.

I grabbed a hold of his ankles and yanked his feet away from my face. Jake was looking at me with an evil smile and he was biting down on his lip. What a fucking tease this boy is, I thought to myself. His feet were in my possession and i wanted to make him scream. I asserted "Jake, I'm gonna make you pay" and ran my fingers up and down his sole with speed. I looked at the balls of his feet, smiled and looked at his smiley, anticipating face and tickled him.

"NO, NO, NICK, STOP IT!" he protested "HAHAHAHA, I AM GONNA... HAHA". Jake was trembling all over and sprawled down to the ground. By this point I was so horny and it showed. My bulge was exposed but I didn't care. Jake was mine and that's all that mattered. I moved up his body and sat on his stomach so I could tickle his pits. i pinned his arms down and pulled his shirt up and off so I could get maximum coverage. His smooth belly was open to me now and I traced my finger all my way up his chest to his pits. Jake was shirtless by this point and he was so delicious.

He managed to get free and stood up in front of me. As i looked up at him in all his glory, he said "You like me, don't you?" This sudden shift to seriousness made me uncomfortable and I tried to play it off "Absolutely, you're a God man" I replied in a flippant tone. I looked to his feet at this point and he noticed. I saw his face decode it as I glanced down at his size 9's "Oh, wow" he said.

"You like my feet?" lifting them off the floor and circling them in the air, transporting their smell to my nose and dick. "I know you do" he elaborated, smiling down on me with the same cheeky, cocky look. I went as red as a tomato and he said "Slave... kiss my feet?" Jake laid down on the bed next to me, raised his feet to my face and wiggled his toes to entice me. "Listen Jake..." I said "I urgh... really...". But before I could elaborate, Jake's toes were placed over my lips to silence me.

As soon as his toes crushed my lips, I kissed them. Jake smiled as to encourage me and finally I let loose on his perfect boy-feet. I took his big toe in my mouth and starting sucking on it as if it were his penis before trying to fit his other toes in my mouth. They tasted sweet and clean as i licked them.

Jake's other was flexing beside me so I decided to get that involved in the action. I took it and licked him from sole to toes and Jake groaned "Oh fuck Nicky boy!" Jake's ecstasy was matched by my own and - still shirtless - Jake moved down to his pants.

"Allow me" I said, after I took his foot out of my mouth. I slid his skinny jeans off and it revealed the shape of a 6 inch penis beneath. Still covered by his underwear, I rested my head beside his to drink in all its beauty. I massaged Jake's cock through the fabric and looked up at my master.

He was drowning in his sexuality as I was, having never been this turned on, I slid my hand beneath his boxers and at last got the wet, slippery horn of Jake in my grasp.

'I fucking want you Jake' I whispered, with his penis throbbing in my hand. I raised myself to Jake's level and looked into his eyes. The cocky, arrogant boy I knew was there underneath his lustful exterior. I grabbed the back of Jake's head and kissed him, we rolled around on the bed together with our lips locked and eyes closed. Our tongues explored each other's mouths and our chemistry was unmatched. Jake was made for me and I for him.

We broke our kiss and looked at each other for a while. I decided to explore Jake's neck with my tongue and I nibbled on my naked prize. My hands explored his and my fingers wandered into his hole, teasing him. Jake decided to be on top of me now as we changed positions. My master looked down on me and grinned suspiciously. He dangled a line of spit from his mouth and I smiled back at him - swallowing it all whilst looking into his eyes.

"You're a bad boy Jake... I like to fuck bad boys..." Jake looked at me and dismounted. He played out in front of me, facing me, inviting me inside of him. I grabbed his ankles and placed his legs on my shoulders. Jake's glorious cock was throbbing in excitement and I decided to give it a few pumps for good luck. Time to fuck Jacky.

I drove my hard dick into Jake's asshole and he let out a cry "Oh Fuck!" He offered up to me his fingers and whilst I built a steady rhythm sucked on each of them. Jake moaned "Oh my God, Nick' and I drove harder and faster into his ass. His face was a mix of pleasure and pain as he jerked off with his spare hand. I let his ankles slide down and he planted his feet on my chest, allowing me to suck his toes whilst fucking him. This is paradise.

I withdrew my dick and started to finger his asshole. His toes curled as I got deeper and played with his rim. Jake looked at me and asked "Lick it" and I devoured his boy-butt. He screamed "HOLY SHIT NICK!" as I twirled my tongue in his asshole. Jake's sweat tripped down on me as I exited him and I held him close to me.

"You knew how much I wanted you, didn't you?" I asked him as we both panted alongside one-another. Jake replied "I always saw you looking at me, I knew you fancied me... you , haha". "You hungry?" Jake said in a devilish tone. I knew what was coming... Jake said "good little bitch" then spitted in my mouth and sat up. I grabbed his cock and started pumping it, talking dirty to Jake all the while. "Cum you fuckboy" I said "Let me taste your small cock" and with that Jake exploded.

His cum shot out of his penis like a rocket. Luckily, I was braced to swallow it. Jake sat back and let his cum drip onto his chest. He wiped some up with his fingers and tasted it. He went in for another try, forking up his sperm with his finger but I intervened, sucking up all the cum from Jake's finger. "Mmmmm... you taste good Jake" and Jake acknowledged with an angelic, toothy smile.

He took a hold of my dick and pumped me till I came. With all the hospitality in the world, Jake sucked me till there was nothing left.

My cocky, asshole, arrogant, sexy, barefooted love.

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