Every Which Way...& Then Some!

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

It was the second week of January before Rob and Liz were able to get together for their anual holiday dinner. The term anual was used even though this would be the first of such dinners. The two had worked together for 4 years before Liz had change jobs the previous summer, and just like it so often happens they saw less and less of each other as time went on. So the two decided they would get together for the holidays this year, and every year, so that there friendship might never stretch too far apart.

It was a cold Friday night, and starting to snow pretty heavy. As Rob waited for the door to open to the nice little garden apartment that Liz shared with her he tried do make circles with the frozen breathe coming from his mouth. "Hey Robby! Cold enough for ya!?" It was David, Liz's boyfriend whom Rob always got along with great. "Davey !! Let me in brother, my giblets are freezing!" The two exchanged hugs and handshakes, as well as wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before walking up the staircase to the apartment.

"Liz is in the kitchen Robby, let me hang up your coat", David said as he took the bottles of wine that Rob had brought out of his hands. Rob went to the kitchen and found Liz reaching for a plate in the cupboard. He stood there and stared for a moment, hypnotized by the beauty of his friend that he had never gotten used to. Liz was Hispanic, Dominican to be exact, with beautiful tan skin even in the depths of winter. She had brown eyes and brown shoulder length hair that was naturally curly. Her body was amazing full pouty lips, large natural breasts, a small waist, but by no means was she some malnourished little thing. She was a natural women, with a full , long legs and absolutely perfect feet. The reason Rob was reminded of her perfect little feet was because as usual she was barefoot. She was beautiful, but not in a plastic cover girl sort of way...she was real. "Hello Robby, I said Merry Christmas!!" Rob snapped out of his trance and responded to Liz with a "Happy Holidays!", and gave her a hug and a kiss. David entered the kitchen and started searching for a cork screw. "Hey hun, Robby brought us two bottles of wine! Whatta ya say we thank him by finishing them quickly!" The three friends laughed and proceeded to sit down at the dinner table for what turned out ot me a delicious meal.

After dinner they moved over to the living room for some more wine and conversation. David opened a small box on the entertainment stand and pulled out a joint. "Anyone up for a little holiday green?" he said. "Sure", "Absolutely" were the replies. As they sat there smoking, drinking and laughing David went to the window and let out an excited, "Holy shit!" "You guys gotta come and look at this!", he continued. When Rob and Liz got to the window they too said, in unison, "Holy shit!" Without them even noticing it had continued snowing hard the entire evening and there now looked to be at least a of snow outside! "Well that settles it", Liz said turning to Rob, "your spending the night!" "Oh I don't know Lizy, I don't want to impose", he said. "Nonsense! We're glad to have ya!" was David's response, "Besides, your in no shape to drive, especially in this weather." Rob thought about it for a second and then said, "Well alright then, you guys got yourself a roomate for the evening!" The three of them went back to where they were sitting, Liz and Rob on the couch, David on the love seat. They continued to smoke the joint and drink their wine, telling stories and laughing a lot.

During all the laughter and conversation Liz had slowly inched her sexy feet onto Rob's lap and Rob had begun massaging them without really even noticing. After a few minutes of this Liz began using one of her feet to rub Rob's crotch and he began to get noticeably aroused. Although this was a very pleasurable feeling Rob beagn to get uncomfortable quickly, after all, David was sitting only a few feet away and he surely must notice what was going on. Almost as if sensing the tention Rob was begining to experience David looked at him and said, "It's alright, she's been wanting to play with you for a while now." With those words Liz sat up, moved closer to Rob and began kissing his neck. Rob kept a close eye on David to see if he could gauge his reaction to what was happening, but David just stared at them...he seemed to enjoy watching. All of the awkwardness of the situation began to fade when Liz began passionately kissing Rob on the mouth, he couldn't believe he was finally getting to kiss her. She began unbuttoning his shirt and running her fingers across his chest. She took of her shirt and bra, revealing her beautiful large breasts. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled his hard cock out and began stroking it. Rob hiked her skirt up to her waist and began caressing her soft ass and rubbing his hand between her legs. She was getting moist, he could feel it. Everything was happening so fast, in such a blur, and then...

Rob felt the sensation of a warm wet mouth sucking on his cock, but realized it couldn't be Liz because he was kissing her! He looked down and was astonished to see David on his knees with his shirt off sucking on his cock. "Wh, wh, what the hell!! What the hell are you doing man!", he shouted. But David didn't stop, he kept sucking and licking Rob's hardon. Rob tried to get up, but Liz put her leg across him and pushed him down. She kissed his neck and licked his ear, and quietly whispered, "Shhh baby, let us take care of you, we're gonna make you feel so good." She started kissing him again and guided his hand back between her legs. She was so wet, her kisses so soft, and David was giving him the blowjob that he ever had. Rob surrendered and let himself slip into the pleasure, forgeting all he was ever told was right or wrong about sex and just began getting lost in the passion and pleasure of the moment.

Liz removed her skirt and panites and layed back on the couch guiding Rob's head between her legs. Her pussy was so wet and tasted so sweet, he lapped up her juices and began stroking her clit with his finger. David took off his pants and then proceeded to pull Rob's off. He vigorously continued sucking off Rob while he jerked himself off. Liz was writhing and moaning on the couch, telling Rob just where and how she liked it. She started pulling his hair and grinding her crotch into his face, moaning louder and louder until her orgasm had subsided. She pulled Rob's hand up to her mouth and sucked her own juices off of his fingers.

After Liz's orgasm had completely subsided David stopped blowing Rob and said, "Now that you're through giving her head, how about taking care of me?" He stood up slowly, Rob always knew David had a nice body but he had never seen him naked before...he looked amazing. It was the first look Rob had gotten at David's penis and he was turned on by it. It was bigger then Rob's, longer, wider. It was cut, and David's pubic hair was trimmed nicely. He stared at it for a few minutes, and then looked up at David...he was smiling. Rob decided to go for it!

He cupped David's balls in his left hand, grabbed the base of his dick with his right, and slowly guided it into his mouth. He couldn't believe he actually had a dick in his mouth! All his years of bi-curiosity took over in a matter of seconds and he began sucking on David as best as he could. He was into it. He was getting David's throbbing cock nice and wet, sticking as much of it into his mouth as he could fit. He even gagged a few times trying to deep throat the large, hard dick. Rob sucked and licked, sucked and licked. He played with David's balls, sucking and licking them as well. He even wet his middle finger and started sticking it in and out of Davids asshole. David's knees started to buckle, he was enjoying it so much he could hardly stand. "I need to lay down", he said with a shaky voice. Liz got up from her spot and let David lay down, Rob hardly took his mouth off of the dripping wet cock for a second. The three were in reversed positions now, with David laying down and Rob furiously sucking his dick, and Liz taking the liberty of kneeling in between Robs legs and sucking on his still hard cock.

Rob was enjoying David's fat dick so much that he didn't even notice when Liz stopped sucking his and went into the bedroom. When Liz came back she found David sitting up on the couch still getting a blowjob and Rob on his knees still giving a blowjob. She stood there and watched for a while, chuckling at how far things had progressed so quickly. She then decided it was time to rejoin the fun and out of the corner of his eye Rob could see her put a bottle of lube and a towel on the floor. As David continued to moan with pleasure Liz got down on the floor and spread Robs ass. She began his hole with her tongue and sticking one, then two, then three fingers up his ass. Rob loved it! He looked over his shoulder and asked her to finger him faster. Liz zmiled and said, "I've got a better idea." With that she stood up slowly revealing what she had gone into the bedroom for...a , fat dildo that she had strapped on!

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