Evans encounter: Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

*** Chapter 2

The night past and the fire had died, this went on for many days, going on weeks. They’d find food, somewhere to sleep and thus sleep. Evan sometimes created grand concoctions to take the edge off and sometimes Caleb would bring back deer from a hunt. At night the arrangements because strict, Caleb on his bed roll, and Evan in a tree. However Caleb had woken up on one particular morning, looked at the sky and saw the hazy orange sky and realized it was somewhere around 6 am, he glanced at where Evan was sleeping and realised he was no longer there. “Strange” he thought, “ Evan doesn’t just up and leave, let alone wake up this early”

He stretched his arms only to find his arms were were entangled with the small body of another small person. He looked down fearing a small dear had cozies up to him in the middle of the night and was about to knock out his front teeth with its hooves if he tried to move. But he didn’t find a dear, he found Evan . Curled up against his chest, with his hands directly opposite his face, his knees almost up to his chest and his hair all messy. Clutching his small, brass knife in his right hand and clutching a portion of his top in the left. Evan slept quietly, he made little to no sound, he did however twitch in his sleep, not an awkward twitch that would’ve sent things flying and the sudden movement but he’d twitch in respond to sound, his ears that was. Evan had small ears for a wood elf, in fact, he was all around small for an elf, you’d think that by this age he’d be taller, huh, “maybe he was the runt?” Caleb though to himself. Evan shivered and Caleb gently moved his arm from Evans waist and as he stood up he realized, he had, a most peculiar growth in his member.

“Fuck” he thought, “How am I going to get rid of this?”

He began pacing himself into the woods when he turn over and noticed Evan, how vulnerable he was, his tan skin beaming, his golden hair that almost glowed, his tiny, little, ears. He paced his way over to Evan sleeping silently and soundly, then, he looked at the golden locks of hair, His hair was all messy and rugged. The sun beamed rays of sunlight off and he swore one hit his eye, Caleb liked it when Evans hair was all rugged. He looked at Evan and realized that no matter how much he pretended not to notice when his ears twitch or when he tosses in his sleep and almost falls out of the trees he hides away in, or the way he notices Evan staring at him while he thinks he’s asleep no matter how much he pretended not to notice, not to care, a small potion of him has taken a liking to him and now he can’t seem to shake him off.


A sudden dismemberment of trees falling to the ground can be heard from a distance.

The thudding of horses hooves can be heard drawing closer and closer to the make shift camp. The sudden noise sent Evan into a cluster of panic and he jolted upright and clutched the brass knife between his nimble fingers, he assumed a crouch position and he stared at the shrubs conspicuously as his small ears twitched. Caleb had already clutched his silver hunting knife and darted towards Evan. Both flustered and panicked quickly grasped their belongings and began to run even further into the forest. Caleb hitting every branch, shrub, bramble and thorn on the way there but Evan swiftly maneuvering from tree to land, tree to land, tree to land, keeping a eye on Caleb at all times though. Eventually the cluttering sound of hooves diminished as Evan and Caleb took cover in a local shrub.

“Were those the guards?!” Evan said with a panicky tone in his voice, the tone that surprised Caleb, Evans held an almost impeccable composure until now.
“Most likely, who else would lead a chase into the forest this ”
“Which one of us do they want?” Evan said, glancing over at Caleb
“The Commander took a liking to you, or you must’ve done something atrocious”
“Why me?!” Belted Evan
“Because of where I’m from they won’t bother with me, all the laws at my birthplace are too complicated for your guards to follow, probably because they enforce justice, no offence.”
“None taken, you know I almost lost a for accidents stepping on the Lords carriage?”

“How did you accidentally step on the carriage? They’re carried by people and they don’t even touch the floor” questioned Caleb
“I jumped on it to escape palace guards after I stole bread from Gimmens” grinned Evan
“Well the, there’s you answer”
“You never told me what your oh so awful crime was, the one where you used me as leverage”
“Well” exclaimed Caleb
“You see what happened...“

Caleb was cut off by a guard pulling at Evans hair and reeling him out of the shared shrub. Evan cried in agony at the shock of what has taken place


The guard had been rendered unconscious by Caleb's fist entering his face and leaving the pungent aroma of blood that trickled down Caleb's fist and onto the guards now crinkled attire.
“Fuck” whispered Evan
They both started down at the mangled face of the guard, “He’ll live, just probably with a squashed walnut for a face.”
“Think its okay to leave him like this?” Evan pondered to Caleb
“Probably not, but he was an asshole so I think we’re alright”
“Alright, sound lets go”

And once again they were off however the trail became more of a rocky path which was easy for Caleb to navigate his way around however Evan gained every possible, scrape, bruise and graze one could get walking this trail. Caleb however kept a lenient eye on him, ensuring when he tumbled he got himself back up and dusted himself off and continued onwards.

After pacing through the forest Caleb called Evan to a halt and started him deep into his eyes, locking the connection and throwing away the key, his eyebrows narrow and his lips parted, Evans eyes retreat and his eyebrows conveyed a look of concern as to the awaited trial was about to take

“Evan, this morning I turned to check if you were in the willow but you weren’t.”
Evans chest dropped, he felt like Caleb would turn into a of rage and beat him to a pulp for sneaking up on him in the middle of the night.
“You were huddled next to me?”

Evans eyes soured at the confrontation, he felt like he had somehow wronged Caleb unjustifiably and was about to receive punishment for it”
His eyes dropped and his shoulders slunk,
“Listen,” Caleb so profoundly said
“I don’t mind if you want to sleep next to me, what bothered me is that you were clutching your knife, why?”

Evan look up in remorse and guilt and simply said “it’s a long story, and I’d rather not talk about it”
They both shuddered away from each other as Evan found a willow tree and Caleb found a small rabbit to cook”
Evan coagulated herbs in his pockets as Caleb skinned the rabbit, and he began cultivation’s a small concoction.
“Here” Evan directed towards Caleb, a small handful of red, yellow and green herbs.
“For the rabbit”

Caleb accepted Evans gift and cooked the rabbit with the herbs.

They dined on the small critter and went to bed, however halfway through the night Evan because restless as he started over at Caleb, unawares Caleb was staring back. He slithered down the tree and walked over to Caleb, he slouched down and picked up Caleb's ginormous arms and had enveloped himself within his arms. Evan now snuggly lodged between Caleb's right arm and his back caught a surprise when Caleb squeezed him in tight towards himself. Evan grasped Caleb's arms and snuggles his head into them. And that’s how they slept for that me night, in the arms of each other. Morning however.....

Evan woke to a unfamiliar twitching that brushed against his thighs.

His eyes bulged when he realized what was lodged between the right grasp of his legs. In a jolt of paranoid he bolted upwards, awaking Caleb with a disgruntled gnarl and yawn his eyes opened to a very shocked Evan and a very exciting feeling concealed in the tight linens of his trousers.

“Relax, it’s doesn’t bite” Caleb remarked
“Not unless you want it to” he winked towards Evan and Evan simply got up and announced

“I’m getting wood! Firewood! Yeah that’s what I meant, wood, fire... wood” in a panicked state Evan was off, however Caleb wasn’t that naive to the boner sticking out of Evans linens too. Caleb also noticed Evan left his knife at the campsite, Evan never leaves his knife, maybe he was too shocked and he forgot to pick it up he though to himself. Anyway, it was clear too see the knife had taken a beating, he’d used it for every job under the sun, carving, chopping herbs, killing, maybe I should polish it for him or something, make it brand new.

No, he thought to himself, ill make him a new one. And like that he set off, he collected the Amber sap from trees nearby and had gathered enough to solidify it into a fine dagger, he used willow bark to shape a handle that curved to accommodate Evans nimble fingers. The dagger shimmered in the light of the sun and on the handle he carved beautiful patterns of leaves. Perfect he thought. Evan had been gone for most of the day, this didn’t surprise Caleb as Evan was somewhat of a loner, but nerveless he waited for Evan, and he came back clutching something behind his back.

“ I have a gift for you” they both said in synchronization
“You first” said Evan

Caleb stood up and walked over to Evan and pulled the shimmering amber dagger and placed it in his palm, Evan clutched it but something strange began to happened, the amber sizzled and spat as it touched Evans skin until eventually it converted into a green, emerald colour.
“WOAH THAT'S AMAZING!” Cried Caleb in awe at what he witnessed

“Yeah, funny story, when Wood Elves mix with other species the colour of heir eyes determine what gem they can wear, wield or . My body rejects Amber because my eyes are emeralds, but reluctant to allow a precious gem to be wasted we learned to convert it. Pretty cool huh?”
Caleb stood in awe
“Anyway, this is for you”

Evan produced a rabbit from his clutches, dead of course. Perfect timing really, it was getting too late to hunt and Caleb had spent all day crafting that blade. Evan prepared another concoction of magnificent herbs for the rabbit and as usual they tasted remarkable. Evan had to use his concoctions of spices and herbs to render anything he ate almost tasty when he was back into the white marble city walls, Caleb however had always had meat, and although when creeks it was tasty the herbs enhanced the taste and created a splendid meal of that.
That night Even did what he usually did, he waited for Caleb to fall asleep and wrapped himself in his arms, and every time, Caleb would always squeeze him to pull him closer to him.

“I like it when you do that” Even pronounced
“Do what?” Caleb said, squeezing him closer almost rendering him breathless
“It... It excites .”

Caleb's eyes opened wide as he started at the slender back of Evan, once more he squeezed him closer but this time Evan turn around, he playfully wrestled himself on top of Caleb and straddled himself on him. Evan began to nibble at Caleb lips, nibble turn to kiss, and kiss turn to bite. Evan would kiss his lips then playfully bite his lip every couple of seconds and they would hold a lustful eye exchange as Evan would bite down softly then pull Caleb's lip towards the him then he let if flop back into its puckered state. Caleb traced his hands up Evans chest. He moved his hands carefully up and down his back caressing each curve and each bump. He found the opening of his shirt and began to tug at it in a vicious, but caring way.

Evan pulled away from their embrace to undo his buttons and pull off his top to reveal his tanned stomach, he didn’t have a full fledged six pack but he was getting there. Either way this turn Caleb on as he traced his fingers around his stomach and up his chest to his pecks, Evan lent down onto Caleb's chest and began to undo his buttons while Caleb moved his hands around Evans back and eventually down to his hips where he held him, pulling Evan down onto his groin. Evan undid Caleb's buttons and Caleb pulled his shirt off, he had rock hard chiseled chest. Evan held a hand Caleb's on chest and one he moved to Caleb's crotch, his tiny hands around Caleb's throbbing member made him ever more excited.

Caleb's eyes burst in anticipation as Evans hand stoked his pulsating with gentle but vigorously. Evans eyes flickered with anticipation as his eyebrows furrowed and a almost menacing look drew upon his face, this turn Caleb on even more. Evan kept a hand pressed to Caleb's chest where he clawed at it when his excitement got the better of him. He kissed his way down Caleb's solid chest, adjoining with Caleb's heaving chest as he waited for him to take a breath for him to kiss his chest then he’d move down further when he released. Until eventually Evans hand became too short to reach all the way us Caleb's chest so he settled for putting it on his hips, Evans eyes lit up as he saw the throbbing member inch closer to his face and evidently he placed the top of Caleb's huge dick in his warms, wet mouth. Caleb moaned out in ecstasy and Evan swirled it around his tongue, Evan placed a firm grip on the base while he worked his way up and down the shaft, he gagged as he struggled to swallow the first inch let alone the remaining 6 after that.

Caleb giggled and stroked Evans hair, he tousled it between his fingers. This only encounter Evan to swallow harder, and so he did, he took it inch by inch, both intertwined with screams of pure, ecstatic pleasure, Evans more of a gurgled moan as he fully swallowed the seventh inch, he stayed there for a few minutes until he gave in to the ginormous girth of Caleb and slowly made his way up Caleb's dick, swirling it around his mouth. Evan plunged Caleb's dick into his mouth, gagging at the pain of his throat but that didn’t matter, it was exciting him and Caleb, that’s all that mattered. Evan moved swiftly up and down in a reparative manner only coming up for air breaks, Caleb moaning turned Evan on even more and not made him move faster and thrust deeper. Caleb moaned

“I-I-Imm Evan I-“

Evan got the message crystal clear, but he wasn’t going to stop now. He plunged Caleb's dick into his mouth one final time and Caleb came. Evan struggled but swallowed every last bit, he took Caleb's giant out of his mouth, the cum still lingering leaving strands of spit from Caleb's dick to Evans mouth. Evan collapse in Caleb's chest, both heavily breathing on one another Caleb began stroking Evans hair, slightly pulling at it, roughly tugging it, Evan let out moans ever so often in response to these rough rugs of his hair, once Evan had gathered the strength he crawled his way up Caleb's chest, he put his face next to his and led on top of him, legs spread out on either side of Caleb and Evans arms wrapped around Caleb's head, stroking his hair every so often.

Caleb grasped Evans hair and rugged his head upwards, careful to not hurt him but also to inflict sexual tension. He pulled his head upwards and held him up by his hair, and kissed Evans lips. They both collapsed on each other, panting and heaving. Caleb wrapped his arms around Evan and they both slept in each other’s arms.

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