Eighteenth Birthday Night!

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

The first story I wanted to write about is my eighteenth birthday. I was already sexually active, but was very secretive about whom I chose to play with. I think it's silly that one changing of a day suddenly allows you to openly explore your sexuality, but I have certainly taken advantage of my new freedom. I wanted to go out, , and flirt the night away. A friend who is about six months older than me had been telling me about a gay club that he liked to go to. He seemed excited that I wanted him to take me to my club. From the stories he had told me, I was going to fit in just fine. While I am good at keeping secrets about who I sleep with, I'm certainly not shy about my sexuality or who I want to fuck.

He picked me up at 9. We cranked up the radio and I was dancing in my seat the whole drive there. I got a little birthday surprise as we pulled into the parking lot when he told me that he wanted me to give him my 'first legal blowjob'. In no time, he had parked, turned the car off, and had his out. I leaned over to kiss him as I reached for his stiff meat. After a little kissing and stroking, I moved into position. He was a good seven inches, cut, and not too thick. What little pubes he did have were neatly trimmed and he kept himself very clean. This wasn't my first time going down on him, so I knew what he liked. It was all over in a few minutes. I had my hand wrapped around his shaft, his head in my mouth, and I moved up and down with a steady, determined pace. I didn't slow down as he moaned loudly and began to shoot. I swallowed several times and tried not to make a mess. Once he finished, I licked him a little and sat up. He was grateful as always and we headed for the club.

We showed our IDs at the door and each got Xs on our hands. I was also given a sticker that read 'birthday bitch' in glittery red. I remember that I could still taste a hint of cum as we entered the dance room. There was a good size dance floor, lights going, a DJ, and maybe 20 men. I usually had to be sneaky when I was checking out guys, but there is seemed that everyone was doing it. My friend recognized someone and led me across the room. We hadn't even done anything, but I was already enjoying myself and my smiled showed it. I was introduced as 'the one I told you about' and was wished a happy birthday right away.

He was a few years older than us and I had been told a little about him as well. We pulled up stools and joined him at a table. We made small talk for a little while before the conversation inevitably turned sexual. I was taking inventory of all the hot guys in the club. Some were dancing, others talking, and a few just scanning the room. After a bit my new friend began a heated flirting. He said that I was cuter than he could have imagined and that he heard that I give great head. I immediately looked at my buddy who just laughed. I'm not really shy, but I had been playing innocent up until then. I let him know that I heard a story as well and that I knew he had a thick cock. With that, the conversation only got dirtier.

The flirting went on for a little bit until he finished his drink. He asked me if I wanted him to sneak me a shot since I couldn't be seen with a drink. I was instructed to wait while he got the shot, wait for him to go to the restroom, and follow him in after a few minutes. I had a feeling that there was more to this than just a shot, but I was playing coy and wanted to see what would happen. When I got entered the restroom, there was nobody there except in one stall with the door closed. As I walked over, I heard the latch unlock after I said his name. As he opened the door, I saw him with his pants down sitting on the toilet. He had one hand holding the stall door and the other stroking his thick cock.

I entered, shut the door, and hit my knees. His hand cupped the back of my neck as I took him into my mouth. He has pretty and I couldn't swallow him as I usually would. I started my usual method with my tongue and lips working the head and hand stroking the shaft. I wanted to show him that I knew what I was doing, so I took my time getting him rock hard and then keeping him there. My free hand found its way to his balls to cup them and grope slowly. In my previous exploits, I had learned that I loved prolonging a man's pleasure, making him very hard and horny, and then finally making him cum big. Giving head is just one way to do this, but I truly enjoy sucking cock. It's sexy, intimate, exciting, and I even like the smell and taste. When a man shoots, that is my reward for doing a good job. I will gladly swallow a load and smile. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love getting fucked, but I want to master all the different ways that I can please a man.

Things were just starting to get slobbery when I heard the restroom door open. My face was buried in his lap with my eyes closed. I slowed my pace to keep the noise to a minimum. My steady pace turned to a slow grind against his shaft. I think he was about to cum, or at least moan, when he held my head to make me slow down even more. I took the opportunity to catch my breath as we waited for the unknown visitor to leave. We could hear him at the urinal, then the sink, followed by the paper towel dispenser, and finally the door. My lips had never left his cock and he was still just as hard as he could be. As soon as the door closed, I pushed my head into his lap to take him deeper into my mouth. I wasn't able to deepthroat his girth, but could feel his tip at the opening. He gasped a little and then let out a moan as he exhaled. I went back to bobbing my head at a steady pace and kneading his rather large sac.

It wasn't long after that before his hand was on my head holding my in place and his cock began to pulsate. I instinctively grabbed his shaft with my other hand and began stroking rapidly. My mouth was working the rest of him as the cum started to flow. It was a large load and flowed for a while as I enjoyed him feeding me his seed. I had to swallow after the larger spurts just to be sure it wasn't going to run down my chin. As always, I finished strong and tried to milk him for all the cum I could get. I pulled away and looked up at him as I swallowed the last of it with a smile. I was practically glowing from the excitement. As I stood up, he reached to the top of the toilet paper dispenser and handed me a shot of tequila. I opened the door and walked to the sinks while he composed himself. I took the shot, washed up, and left the restroom before he even exited the stall.

I found my friend flirting with another man at the table. He saw me and waved me over. We spent time dancing, flirting with several men, and just enjoying the scenery. You could spot the guys who were definitely going to fuck later as they were grinding on each other. I even saw a few hands rubbing bulges, though they were trying to be sly. It was exciting to be in a place with so much sexual energy in the air. I think confidence is very sexy and I don't mind a man who is blunt about what he likes or wants. The man whom I had blown was making his rounds and chatting with several guys. I must have been about two hours after he had exploded in my mouth that I saw him walk into the restroom again with another man. My curiosity got the better of me after a few minutes and I decided that I needed to freshen up. The dancing had got me a little sweaty, so I headed to the restroom. There were more than just the two of them in there.

A couple were just there to use the facilities and I decided to wait them out. I pretended that I had to use the urinal and stood there for a while holding my dick. I could hear some sounds from the stall, but the other men didn't seem to be phased by it. They both finished and left. A quick glance at the floor told me that Mr. Girth was standing up and is appeared the other man was in front of him facing away. Their pace told me that they were seasoned pros as restroom fucking. The noise wasn't much, but enough that I could tell what was happening. I stood there quietly for a minute just listening and watching their feet from a distance. It was thrilling to know what was happening right in front of me, even if I couldn't see it. I will admit that I was a little jealous; I had never been fucked by a cock that thick and wanted to know how it felt.

I could hear their breathing getting heavier and the noise getting slightly louder. It sounded like the one being impaled was close to cumming. My suspicions were confirmed when the breathing turned to staggered moaning. I could tell he would have been screaming if he hadn't been trying to be quiet. Seconds later, I began to hear the same sexy sounds that I had been on the cause of earlier. He was drilling this man's while cumming hard. As he slowed and stopped, his conquest turned around and got on his knees. A used condom dropped to the floor as the man appeared to be swallowing the cock that had just used his ass.

I slipped out of the restroom trying not to be noticed. I was turned on by listening to them please each other. I couldn't see it, but my imagination took care of that. It was as if I was the camera man in a hot porn scene. I walked back to meet my friend at the table. I saw the two men leaving the restroom and I swear the man winked at me. I wasn't sure if he knew that I had been listening or if that was just to let me know that something had just happened. Either way, the man has a nice cock and I knew he probably had guys lining up for it. He certainly knew lots of the men that were there that night.

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