Dropping the Soap : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

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After making my stop I went home. I did not worry about running into anyone. It was the summer between high school and college, so no school at the moment. Also as fortune would have it both my parents were out of town at this time. What they called their last vacation before the school bills started to roll in. I had the whole week to myself, and I needed to get some other ďtrainingĒ in. If I could I would see about getting things to progress further with Aiden. After stroking him off in the shower I had an actual idea of what I had to work with, and his girth seemed like it would be a problem for me.

I went to my room and went to my secret drawer, the one that I kept my dildo in. It was puny in my hand when I mentally compared it to what Aiden was packing. Only slightly shorter but the girth was not there, and I had gotten to the point of giving it to myself like a champ. I opened my discrete bag and pulled out my new toy, a butt plug. I was going to start wearing this so I might be able to take the real deal. I grabbed my bottle of lube and washed off the newness and got in my own shower. I turned the water on as as I could handle to relax the muscles I was about to tax. I squeezed some lube on the butt plug and eased the tip in.

I pushed until it felt like I had a fair amount in, felt for the base and realised I had only gotten half way there. I started a stroking motion. Easing more in with each push. Until finally I felt my hole go over the bulb and get sucked in tight. The feeling was intense, and my boner was back with a vengeance. I decided not to finish things right there, I need to save for the next time I could get Aiden to help. I got out of the shower and dried off. I went to my room. I got out a strap I had laying around and tied a string around the leg loops to make an improvised thong, and put in on to keep my toy in place. I got out my laptop laid in bed, and looked up how to videos late into the night on how to give the blow jobs.

I got up the next morning around 10, my phone showing a missed call. The butt plug still in place. I saw that it was Aiden, thinking the worst about how he called to make sure I knew to never talk to him again. There was no message so I called him back. He was happy to hear from me, mentioning about how I got out of there so fast we didnít have time to finish our game. He then said that if I wasnít busy I should head over so we could do just that. I told him that would be great, telling myself that the game had really just begun with a sly mental smile.

I almost forgot to take the butt plug out, for that matter I almost ran out of the house wearing nothing but my jock strap converted to thong holding the butt plug in place. I grabbed a bag threw a towel and my speedo in it, just in case there was swimming going to happen, the lube in a side pocket in case his swimmers were going to happen. Took the butt plug out, out was much easier than in, whipped the lube out of my crack got dressed and headed over.

I was a little disappointed when I got there, because he was serious we did basically end mid game and he was serious about finishing. We played for a few hours, I kept wanting to drop my controler and rip his clothes off, but it seemed like that he was not on the menu for today. We ended the level, and he turned off the console and told me it was talking time. Here it comes I told myself, that round was him finishing off the last of our business together and I was going to get the boot now. He told me that he was sorry to make things odd between us, that there was going to be no more nudity, and that he should not have made me uncomfortable. That he did not want me to be weirded out. This was my chance I was looking for. I stood up and told him I thought I needed a shower.

I turned and headed in the direction of his bathroom, walked in to the little hallway and popped my head out to ask if he was coming alone. I mean showering with Aiden had somehow become common place. I went into the bathroom and stripped to my nothing and Aiden came in holding his suit, I guess is was serious about making me comfortable. I grabbed it from him and tossed it in the corner, and reminded him the naked barrier had been breached.

He did not protest and joined me in my state of undress. Watching him take off his clothes brought me back to attention, he was not paying me any attention so I was able to keep my boner out of sight. He joined me in the shower, I was a bit envious of his ability to control his boners. Something about see his soft was almost more erotic than him walking around at full attention. The bobbing motion it made with each step was almost as hypnotic as a watching a watch swinging on its chain. His tightly puckered foreskin bringing up thoughts of birthdays getting to open a present.

He got in, the shower was so small that I could almost feel his body heat coming off him as he got in behind me. I wanted that cock of his so bad right then, my hole feeling empty after a night with a butt plug stretching it out. Standing like that I asked him how he felt about last night. Aiden said that he had do something similar when he was a kid with another of his friends. They really didnít know about sex or jacking off but him and this friend would give each other the occasional jerk and last night brought him back to that, in a way he did know was going to be as great as it was.

I told him I had never done anything with anyone else and that I had really enjoyed myself and that I was cool with trading such favors from time to time, until one of us had a girl friend, adding that last part to sound like we were just doing each other a temporary favor. I could tell this was going over well with him, at least partly if not all the way, because I felt his cock lightly brushing the underside of my getting hard.

I turned around, my rock hard cock laying against his now semi. He grabbed my cock stating that would be a good idea for the most part. I said that the only issue was that hand jobs tend to only tease, as I grabbed him and started stroking. He agreed with this point, stroking me slow to make the feeling last. I thanked him for agree to this and let go of his cock and took him in for a hug, he returned it our cocks both rock hard by then and caught between us. I whispered though that I didnít want to be a tease. I knelt down his cock at eye level and looked up to see a shocked face. I thought to myself that I better do this before one of us losses the nerve. I grabbed his cock by the base and put the tip in my mouth.

The feeling I got from having a cock in my mouth I knew I was going to enjoy this a lot. I slid my tongue into the pucker of his foreskin and licked around the inside. I was rewarded with a sweet, salty musty taste, and a moan from Aiden. The flavor intensified as his cock leaked gooey pre-cum into my mouth. Aiden put a hand behind my head and gently pressed his cock deeper into my mouth. I loosened my jaw, letting as much of him in me as I could. Which was not much. With one hand I started stroking his shaft back and forth, with the other I started fondling his balls. I was enjoying every second of this, and I could tell that Aiden had nothing to complain about himself. He didnít last long. I felt his cock bulging harder, I felt the underside of his cock pulse as it delivered his seed to my mouth. It came out with much more force and volume than I expected, I swallowed what I could but still had some seep out the corners of my mouth.

I took his cock out of my mouth, feeling satisfied with the job I did. Aiden had a look on his face like one I would imagine someone that got the best gift that they never knew they wanted. I stood up and gave him another hug, his cock not deflated yet, the cum that escaped my mouth running down my chin. Aiden told me how incredible that was, stating he had never had a blow job like that before. I told him that I had honestly never given one like that before, this one being my first. He point out that I had cum on my face, and then he surprised me by licking a little off.

Aiden said that it tasted better then he would have thought, his face was set like there were gears turning. He got on his knees in front of me, apprehension covered his face. It felt as though my heart was going to escape the confines of my chest as he gripped my cock to steady it as he guided it into his mouth. His other hand stroking himself. He stayed like that for a few seconds, not bobbing back and forth just holding me in his warm mouth. I put a hand on the back of his head and gently thrusted my hip forward, going in as as he could take me. That snapped him out of his daze and he started to stroke the hand on me back and forth.

I worked my hips back and forth face fucking him. I felt myself getting close and exclaimed, louder than I intended, that I was going to cum. Aiden didnít change pace or try to back off as the spasms of my ejaculation started. I felt my seed drain into him in a moment that last forever, but also not long enough. Aiden got up, this time it was my cum running down his chin.

He asked how far was this going to go, playing aloof to hide an eagerness that might cause him to flee I told him that I decided last night that I was not going to be the one to back down, that I would go as far as he led. Aiden smiled as he pushed the soap off its ledge and on to the floor of the shower.

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