Dreams can lead to happy things!

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was on my way home when I was 20. I was tired from work so once when I got home I slept for 12 hours. This sleep wasn't like the other sleeps I've had. It was way different and it made me realized I was gay. I freaked out because I didn't know how I would tell my family, friends, and especially my girlfriend. Then one day came that killed me. I got a phone call from my girlfriend's mom saying that my girlfriends is in critical condition and needs intensive care. I got into my car and went to the hospital. I walked in, got on the floor she was on, saw her parents sitting there crying. I got the thought the she died. I walked up to them with tears in my eyes and they told me she gone and she thought about you right before she passed on.

Now it's her funeral and everyone is sad. I went and then she was like a flower. I cried like misery. Then when it was time to bury her I passed out. I woke up in the hospital and there was a muscular thin with a great in the room with me. I said "Is this a dream". The guy who was my nurse said "No this isn't a dream. Why you ask?" I told him that I was gay and I said he looked sexy. He said that he was gay too. I said "really. How old are you?" He replied "I'm only 24". I said wow I'm only 20. I asked him if he could come with me when they take me home and he said sure

Now I'm leaving the hospital and The nurse comes and he said are you ready? I said yep. He said I'm Jose by the way what's yours? I said my name is Jon. He said "Hot name" . I told him that he was taking me to the wrong way he said yeah I know. I want to take you to my place because I have alot of fun things we can do together. I got a hard-on when he said that. He saw my pants throbbing and he said "that's right! that is what going to be fun".

I walked in and he showed me the guest room. It was comfortable. I walked into his study and he has statues of . I said who made these. He said he did. He said he uses the hard-ons to fuck himself. I thought oddof him now. Then He said this is my room. I loved his room. Art deco and a king bed. Right next to his bed was a condom suspenser. I pushed a button and a flavored condom came out. He said he likes to wear them. So I said ok. He grabbed my waist and told me don't not be afraid to express the . I looked at him and said" It's my life". He said Not in this house. You are now my slave.
I said yeah yeah and walked away. He looked pissed. I ate then went back into the living room to apoligize. I didn't see where Jose went. I heard a noise from his room. It was Jose. He caught me and tied me down.

I was tied down for awhile then I see Jose in leather. I said Oh god. I didn't want sex even though I was gay. He lurched over me and ripped my clothes off. He saw my 7in hard on and he saw the condom on. He said " No this is , bondage sex. No condoms. We will be fucking raw. He removed the pouch that covered his . When he revealed his cock I said that is a sucker. It was 11in long and 6in wide. Mine was 7in long and 5in wide.He laughed asnd said prepare for pain. I said it won't hurt if I done it before. He said Not with this butt fucking machine. He put the hardest, biggest, widest, and longest cock on the machine. He told me he was going to shove it all in my ass at once. I said liar. You wouldn't do that. He did. He shoved it in till it was fully in. Once he shoved it in me he sucked my and he said suck his. I was sucking a cock that is full of cum and being fucked by a big rock. He said wait till he get the chains. He said the chains are for the nipples and cock.

I said in pain. Go ahead so it sounds like I'm strong. He puts the chains on my nipples and cock. He said I'll put a chain with 10 lbs at the end of it so it can make you hung. I was in full pain. My whole body was in pain by his torture. He said he thinks he should fuck my ass now. He pulls the machine out at once. I reached back and saw blood. I started screaming and he said it's just blood. You're ok. He jams his cock in my ass that makes more pain. I broke loose and I put both of my hands on his ass and pushes it more into my ass. He squirms and I felt his cock ready to shoot. He kept humping and then he shot a ton of cum out. He was still humping me till he cummed again. He did and passed out. I Tied him down and got the smelly salt and woke him up. He was now chained. I said now here we enter. I shoveed the exact machine up his ass. He opened his mouth and I fucked him mouth. his mouth was so big it even covered my balls. I said suck it he sucked it rough and hard. I took my dick out and sat on his dick and bounced on his cock. He was having orgasms like hell.

I felt his ooze shooting in me again. I got off and i made his clean my ass. He cleaned it. Then i flipped him over and ripped the machine out and fucked his brains out. I fucked him for 3 hours and then I decided no more edging I should release it. So I shot in his ass for 2 minutes straight then the little ooze started to shoot. He was calm and said I was a good sucker, fucker, and a master. He said I had a great dick, great ass. He told me to unlock him which I did and he got up and grabbed me along. He sa on his leather recyliner and he got his 11in hard-on. He put me on top of it which made his cock go in my ass. He bounced me and he kept edging his cock so it can be a big load. I said try it. He did it. I was shocked. I told him this was just like my dream I had 2 days ago.

He went to his room gave me some of his clothes and we went outside and took a walk. I still live with him and he is now 25 and I'm 21. He still does the things he did to me everyday. He said he is going to bring people over but I don't know what is going to happen. I Hope it sex though or guys with very sexy bods Who knows?

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