Dr. Bennett

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I am a middle-aged man starting to feel the tinge of age as it sets in. Healthy by all accounts yet there is a slight pain that has settled into my right hip that feels more skeletal then muscular. Never ceasing it is on a scale from 1 to 10 about a 2 or 3 during the daytime. Yet at night it has become difficult to sleep ramping up to 6 or 7 waking me up at times. I finally had enough and decided to see my .

When I arrived to my appointment I was told that my regular physician had a family emergency and was called away. However there was another doctor available that would be able to see me, Dr. Bennett. Sure why not, it is all one data file anyway that my regular doctor can read on his return. I was escorted to a patient room and had the normal blood pressure, pulse and temperature completed. The nurse left stating that Dr. Bennett would be in shortly.

A few minutes passed and a knock came to the door followed by the door opening. Dr. Bennett was a gentleman in his mid-fifties or so, graying on the temples slightly, six three and slightly muscular. He was ruggedly handsome in a white lab coat and a smile that made you surrender trust instantly. “Good morning.” As we shook hands, “I’m Dr. Bennett. I understand you are having some pain in your hip?”

We sat for a few moments discussing the pain changes and how it fluctuates. He said that he would like to do an examination of the leg and hip, a testicular examination searching for any lumps and a prostate exam if I would be okay with it and we could make a better diagnosis from there. I agreed. “Here is a gown. Put it on and remove your pants and underwear but don’t tie the gown in the back. When you are ready just lie here on the table on your left side and I will be back in a few minutes,” he said and left the room.

I did as he instructed and lay waiting on my left side with the gown open and breezy to the backside. As much as I really do not like going to doctors for any reason I was thinking that finding out what this is all about will really be a relief and hopefully not have to deal with it again in the future. Some time passed and I nearly started to doze when a knock came to the door and Dr. Bennett entered the room again.

“Okay Jay. I am going to explain every step of the examination along the way. If you hurt or I make you feel uncomfortable in any way I need you to let me know. Sound like a plan?” I agreed and he continued as he finished washing his hands. “I have some lotion here for your hip and thigh. I would like to be able to feel the musculature and check the sciatic nerve. From there we will do a testicular exam making sure we do not have any lumps to worry about that may be causing the pain issue latently. Also I have some lubrication for the prostate examination. I assume you have had that examination before so I do not have to explain what that entails.”

I felt a blush to my checks and affirmed that I indeed had the examination performed before. And the process began. I was lying on the table on my left side as he stepped behind me standing at waist level. He pulled the gown up from around my waist and tucked it up toward my stomach and chest. “Now I am going to manipulate your leg and hip so don’t try and help unless I ask you to. Just relax and again, if anything hurts or makes you feel uncomfortable please say so.”

I assured him that I would. I could hear the lotion being applied to his bare hands. When his hands met my thigh the lotion was cool but his hands were warm and took the coolness from the lotion quickly. I had not realized when shaking his hand how large they were. Using both hands to apply the lotion from the knee up to the hip and right buttocks his hand virtually covered the whole right cheek. Lifting my leg slightly and applying the lotion on the inside of my leg, the fingertips of his left hand grazed my testicles and I prayed he didn’t notice my body shiver slightly. Once applied he started using pressure at points.

Using his knuckles to apply pressure into the right sciatic nerve in the center of my right buttock he asked if there was any pain. It felt good but no pain. He then started on the outside of the thigh at the hip and slowly worked down to the knee with deep pressure into the muscles. Again feeling good but no pain. He moved his hands around to the inside of my thigh. I could feel both the pressure of his fingers into my right leg and the back of his hands sliding up my left thigh. When he got to my hip and groin area he made no apologies for dragging the back of his left hand across my nuts. He said he was now going to manipulate the leg and hip.

He raised my right leg upward slightly and moved it in circular motions forward and backward. In doing so however I was sure he could notice my erection that started the second he first touched my thigh. But neither of us said a thing about it. He then pushed my leg forward and up and toward my chest. But with that motion he had to step closer and his groin touched my buttocks. I blushed and my gave a slight twinge of enjoyment.

Resting my leg back on to of the other he moved his left hand to just above my knee and the other to my ankle. He bent my leg bringing my ankle toward my buttocks but at the same time pushing my knee up toward my chest. The bulge in his pants pressed against my backside and I thought, “Wait. Is he hard?”

He placed my leg back on top of the other. “Well the muscles seem to be just fine and I found no knots that could transfer pain. Also the sciatic nerve seems fine because if that were the issue, you would have been in pain with the pressure. So let’s move on and do the testicular exam. Are you doing okay? Still feeling comfortable?”

Embarrassed and reddened from blushing I cleared my throat and told him that I was doing fine. “Great,” he replied and asked me to roll slightly off my left side but not fully onto my back. In doing this he raised my right leg bringing it in front of him, resting the back of my knee in the fold of his bent left forearm. He stepped up closer to me again and reached for my balls. They were near nonexistent with being tight into my body from having a raging hard on! Very gently and slowly he rolled my scrotum in his fingertips leaving no area untouched. Then he felt ever inch of my balls looking for anything unusual. I could feel his crotch rubbing against my right cheek very subtly and I nearly moaned. I had to keep my eyes closed so I did not betray how much I was enjoying this examination.

He put my right leg back to the next one again when he was finished. “I did not find anything unusual there either.” He walked over to wash the lotion residue off his hands. He said as he walked back drying his hands, “Okay I would like you to roll onto your left side again but this time pull your knees upward into a fetal position. We will do the prostate exam if you are ready. However if it is painful or uncomfortable let me know right away. I don’t want the nurses walking by the door and hear you in pain for . . . any reason.”

Curious I thought. Any reason? I have had them before but then again his hands are large so maybe he was referring to the size of his his fingers. I didn’t know but I was actually looking forward to it so I moved into the position that he requested. When he got back to the table behind me again he reached to the front of my waist and pulled me further back on the table so that my buttocks were hanging slightly off the table. “Okay Jay just relax now.”

I could hear the lubricant being squeezed from the container onto his fingers. But there was another faint sound I wasn’t sure at first what it was. A zipper maybe? No just my fantasy working into over time. He gently lifted my right buttock with his left hand and rubbed the lubricant over my anus. Slowly his right fore finger slid into my hole. I could feel my muscles flex and twitch with enjoyment yet said nothing. “Just relax Jay.”

His finger moved slowly but deeper inside of me. Just then realized I didn’t even notice he was doing this without gloves. I never had a doctor do that before. That and he had taken his left hand away from my cheek. I could then pick up a very quiet slippery sound from behind me. Was he stroking?! Then one large finger became two and they were sliding in and out of my hole. My whole body was shivering with anticipation. Two became the attempt at three but his fingers were just so large and it was very difficult to take. With his master patience and skill, he was able to get me relaxed enough to take them.

He moved in tight against me and I could feel the giant mushroom head of his cock touching the outside of my hole. Even after working me loose with his fingers he had to apply quite a bit of pressure then suddenly the head just popped inside the tight fitting hole. “Remember quiet is golden. Are you still comfortable?”

“Yes,” that came out as a near raspy whisper.

“You won’t be.” With that said he shoved the entire length of his shift balls deep inside of me with force, no apologies and held it there. I wanted to moan, groan, scream or something! He had to be more than nine inches and so very thick! There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and I was at the moment hanging to an invisible thread of both. I could feel a tear rolling down my face but I wasn’t sure which physical feeling it was in response to.

He slowly pulled about three-quarter of the way out of my and moved back in again. Each time it felt bigger and deeper than the time before. He stopped again balls deep inside of me and squeezed out some more of the lubrication. His right hand slippery found my throbbing cock and went to work stoking it with confidence and determination.

He changed his rhythm frequently that was making my entire body surrender completely. At times slow and gentle and others deep and hard pounding enough to make me worry the nurses in the hallway were going to hear the slapping of my ass cheeks against his body. I do not know how long this went on but it seemed like a very long time and the pleasure was beginning to cross into the arena of pain. Just as I was about to ask for mercy his cock began to slam so hard inside of me I bit my lip through some tears and accepted all he had to give me.

I have had sex before as a but I had never felt an ejaculation inside of me. Guys had but I never actually felt it. This was different! When he came he held his cock inside me as deep as he could get it and . . . wow! It seemed like a never-ending pulse of warm fluid filling me. This was matched by a silent moan and heavy breathing as every muscle in his body became tight. Then became loose from erotic freedom. But it wasn’t over!

He applied more lubricant to his right hand and his cock stayed inside me. He rubbed the lube all over my balls and cock slowly and skillfully like a masseur well trained in the art of Tantra. He pulled his large thick cock out of me only to leave his still hard mushroom head just inside. He worked my cock between using gentle strokes to using a tightened grip and faster strokes. When I was near ready to blow he would slow to a near stop and continued to edge me to the point I wanted to beg for release.

Dr. Bennett must have anticipated my need because then he stroked me with more determination building in speed and intensity. Just as I was about to cum he must have been able to feel my hole tighten on the head of his cock. He shoved his still hard cock balls deep again inside me as he continued to stroke me. My body reacted like never before! He pounded me deep and hard again.

My body reacted in a near seizure of pleasure and I ejaculated more then I could ever remember having done before. I even shot myself in the face! At near the same time I felt another blast of cum being injected deep inside of me from him. Both of us sweaty and breathing heavy we did not say a word to each other. Slowly he massaged my withering cock and sagging balls and I could feel him starting to soften inside of me.

He pulled out of me and walked over to the sink, wet some paper towels and cleaned himself of any lubrication residue. I wanted to exclaim how wonderful and exciting the whole experience had been but somehow it just didn’t feel appropriate. So I remained still and quiet.

He put away the lotion and lube and cleaned any possible lubricated surfaces on the table and floor. When he had himself together again he walked to the door, “Go ahead and clean your self up Jay, get dressed and the nurse with be in shortly.” With that – he was gone.

I walked over to the sink and cleaned front and back with wet paper towels close to what he had just done. Every nerve in my body was twitching and I could barely walk both from my knees being weak as well as my ass being sore. I double checked all the surfaces of the room to make sure there was no evidence of impropriety, took off the gown and put my cloths back on again.

I had completely forgotten about my hip and why I was there to begin with! I sat back on the table again lounging in the memories in full replay mode. The thoughts were near as tantalizing as the real thing and I started to get hard again. With a knock on the door the nurse I had met earlier entered the room with the flourish of a Florence Nightingale. “Dr. Bennett said your examinations went well and he is making his notes now. He requested that we set up a x-ray of your right hip just to make sure. Is there a specific time or day that would work better for you?” I told her that anytime will work and I will work my schedule around it.

“He would also like you to come back in two weeks after you have your x-ray to discuss the results and what to do next. So I will be back in a few minutes with your x-ray appointment and we can set your follow up visit.”

I said, “Sure that is fine. Will my follow up be with my regular doctor?”

“No,” she said. “Dr. Bennett would like to continue your treatment if you are okay with that.”

“Absolutely!” I said with a little bit too much enthusiasm. “He seems to know exactly what he is doing!” As she left the room I became immediately hard again thinking there may very well be “continued treatment”!!

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