Doug's Nephews Have Some Fun :Part 1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I've always been a fan of erotic stories. Especially stories about younger jocks and muscle dudes who take control over older guys. This is my stab at writing one. I hope it goes well.

I'm a 35 year old with a sexy, loving partner. We have been together almost a decade. I am your typical burly of Scottish descent. I have the standard 30 something beer belly going on but I have a very physical job that keeps me from getting too overweight. My "husband" (It"s almost legal to say that) is the tall, skinny, can eat twice as much as I can without the consequences.

My partner's nephews have always been a pretty consistent presence the entire nine years we have been dating. They were just kids to me and I really never paid attention to them. That was until about 6 years ago, when Lance, the older of the two was in 7th grade and started to play sports and workout. The combination of the competitive exercise and puberty quickly turned him from a kid to a young little muscle stud.

His only flaw was that he started with the heavy weight way to early and his height has suffered, his six pack abs, ripped arms and tree trunk legs are all crammed onto a 5'6" frame. He is well aware of his shortness. Logan, Lance's little brother is 3 years younger and just turned 18 a couple of months ago. He has always been the stereotypical skinny little kid brother and never really has had much interest in sports. He surpassed his sibling's height about 9 months ago and makes sure to remind Lance of that all the time. This quickly spurs a fight where the muscled college makes the younger beanstalk pay for his rudeness. There's the back story.

I'm about to talk about the encounter I had over Fourth of July. My job has kept me from seeing the boys for a couple of years, now. They live in El Paso and I can't take the time off to make the trip. I was very excited to get to spend time with them. When we pulled up to the house, I could hear the weights being lifted in the shop adjacent to the house. I figured it was Lance getting a workout in before work and we went ahead into the house to set food down. Even though they are like family to me, I really can't help myself but to watch ANY hot young guy working out. It is very sexy to me.

So, I couldn't wait to get out there to maybe get a couple minutes of good viewing in. While we were in the kitchen I heard Logan come in from outside and go to the bathroom so I seized the opportunity to take a "smoke break" and wander out to the shop. Well, when I got there, it was empty. I started walking around and noticed that the weights that were loaded up were a little lighter than what Lance uses and I realized that it must have been Logan out here lifting by himself.

No sooner had I realized it was Logan, he walked in. My jaw hit the floor as I had to look up to my 18 year old nephew. He is now standing at 6'1". He came over and gave me a hug and it felt was much tighter squeeze than I usually got from him. Then, I felt my feet come off the floor. This kid had lifted my 200+ lb frame off the floor! After a few seconds of kind of swaying me back and forth, he finally put me down.

"Hey Uncle Kenny, check these out!"

With that being said, he suddenly gave me a double biceps pose. He was still tall and skinny but was putting on some nice lean muscle mass. I could easily see his arms pop with veins and two defined lumps of hot teenage muscle before me.

"Feel how hard they're getting, "

I noticed how cocky he has become and decided to kind of knock him down a notch by just squeezing the hell out of his arms (you know typical uncle stuff). That plan backfired. I reached up and put forth a good almost everything I got squeeze and I could barely dent the skin. My became instantly erect. I had never felt muscles quite this hard in my life. It was literally like squeezing marble balls.

"Ha Ha, thought you could trick me, huh" I was ready for you, Kenny. So, they're really friggin hard, aren't they" Hey check this out, too. Why don't you give these bad boys a few solid punches"

With that, he slowly lifted up his tee shirt to reveal a beautifully defined 8 pack.

"Go ahead, punch them. Trust me, you're not gonna hurt this brick wall."

I obliged and gave a few jabs, each bouncing right off as if I were hitting an actual brick wall.

"Yeah, I'm not nearly as strong as Lance, but I'm getting there. So, whadda ya think?"

"I think it's pretty amazing. You are developing into quite a ripped young athlete."

"But I do have my little older bro beat in one department already."

With that comment, he grabbed at his crotch, giving it a couple of good squeezes. I nervously chuckled and tried not to look directly at my nephew's package, but kept finding myself fixated on it.

"Do you wanna see it?"

So, there I was, feet away from my ripped young nephew and he suddenly grabs his crotch.

"My muscles aren't the only thing getting bigger these days"

He said with a devilish smirk.

"Hey, you wanna see how big itís gotten?"

"Uh, I don't think that would be very appropriate. Trust me; I know your family is blessed with very nice packages"

I sheepishly chuckled and tried to look at anything else other than his crotch but I kept catching myself drawn to his awesome young body. I couldn't help myself. I could only imagine what his dick looked like.

His true uncle, my husband Doug has a beautiful 8.5 inch long, thick . He and Logan could be body doubles. So, I can only guess Logan's penis is getting to be about that size, too.

"Aw, dude, come on. At least tell me how I compare to uncle D. The only other dick I have to compare to is Lance's and I'm already so much bigger that him. So, you need to tell me if he is just abnormally small or if I am just bigger that most guys"

"I'm gonna just say you're bigger that most boys your age. I need to go start preparing the grill for dinner, excuse me."

The only door was on the other side of my horny, muscle bound nephew. I just made a bee line for the exit, hoping he would just let me go. Not wanting to make eye contact, I stared at the floor.

The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back, looking up at Logan. He had grabbed a beam as I passed and clothes lined me. As he stood over me with his loose running shorts on, I had no choice but to look at his massive young cock. I don't know what took my breath away more, the slam or his ridiculously matured package.

"Oh, shit. I didn't mean to knock you down, Kenny. I just wanted to stop you! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just wasn't expecting to be clothes lined"

"Let me help you up"

He extended his hand out to me and yanked me to my knees in one fluid, effortless curl.

I now found myself face to crotch with this muscle stud. I could see the veins popping out from his lower abs and I could feel the heat radiating from the massive phallus I just marveled at. It was pulsating and twitching under the thin material of his running shorts. I was harnessing all the will power I could muster trying to resist the urge to rip his shorts off and get a good, long, hard look at his manhood.

I then felt him grab a fistful of my hair and twist my head backward, forcing me to look up at his face. He stared down at me with a look of cocky satisfaction. He and I both knew he was in control and he was enjoying every second of it. I felt his grasp get even tighter as I felt several hairs being ripped from my scalp.

"Well, while you're down there, Kenny . . ."

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