Dorm Room Domination

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

*** DISCLAIMER: The story contains violence, forced sex, and derogatory language. The language does not reflect my own views, but is necessary for the story. This story is completely fictional, and any relation to real events is purely coincidental. Enjoy!


The day was finally here.

The day I officially become an adult, and a college freshman. Today I'm moving into my dorm room. In fact I'm carrying (okay, dragging) my last box into the room right now. Of course, the room is so small that I only had room for a couple boxes worth of things anyway, so moving was pretty easy.

"Well... I guess this is it," my mom said. She looked sad; she promised that she wouldn't cry more times than I could count, but looked like she was about to break that promise. "Alex... I'm going to miss you."

"I know, Mom," I said. "I'll be fine though. I mean, I guess I'm nervous, but I'm excited too. So... I guess I'll go start unpacking. Really, Mom, don't worry, okay?"

"Alright alright honey. I can take the hint, you don't need me around embarrassing you on your first day here. I love you."

She gave me an annoyingly long hug, and went back to the car. I waved as she took off. Now, don't get me wrong; I'll miss her, but right now I'm so excited that that's not really registering. So I walked back toward my dorm to start unpacking, and to wait for my new roommate. According to the name posted on the door, his name was Nicholas. I guess that is what I was most nervous about. I've always been pretty shy, and can be awkward around new people. I just hope he'll be nice.


This is gonna be awesome.

I'm pretty stoked about finally moving out of my dad's house. Finally, for my senior year, I get to live on campus. I'm going to so much. Not that I hadn't already partied my way through three years of college, but now? Anything goes.

I grabbed all my stuff out of my car and shut the trunk. I only brought about four full bags, so it was pretty easy to carry in one trip. I might have needed a few trips if I brought all of my weights from home, but this school's got a great gym I can use for free, so there was no need. I've already been using the gym for three years, but it'll be nice being able to use it every day.

My room was pretty easy to find. According to the door, my roommate's name was Alexander. I was never really a fan of that name... always sounded pretty girly to me. The door was ajar, so I guess he's already here. I pushed the door open with my and walked in.

...Great. This dude was tiny... looked like a pretty wuss. He couldn't be any bigger than 5'9", 130lb. I was hoping for a roommate I could maybe go to the gym with, definitely party with. This didn't look like he did either.

Though there was one upside...

"Yo. I'm Nick. What are you doing?"


Whoa! That startled me. Damn... he's huge! I'd say about a few inches taller than me, so six feet tall. And absolutely stacked with muscle... I don't really have a guess about how much he weighs, given that I've never known someone that big well enough to ask. Definitely well more than me.

"Oh... uhh hi Nick, I'm Alex," I stammered. "Nice to -"

"I know who you are. I read the door. I said what are you doing?" Wow... Nick seemed kinda mad. I don't know why, but I don't want to start by making my roommate mad. Especially someone who looks like he could physically break me in half.

"Umm.. I, I, I was just unpacking my stuff...," I managed.

"In the wrong place," Nick said. "I want this bed," he said, pointing at the one closer to the door... at the one that my clothes were currently laying on top of.

"Well," I muttered, "I guess... I mean... they did say the first roommate here got to pick- What the!"

He was on top of me in a split second. I was flattened against my bed - HIS bed - and he had his right hand on top of my throat. I struggled to push him off, but he didn't budge. I'm not sure if he even noticed me pushing. His face was only a couple inches from mine. Normally when a guy is this close, I'd be excited that he was getting ready to kiss me. It was hard to be excited, though, when I was fearing for my life.

"Listen you little bitch. I said I want this bed. So I'm taking this bed. Now move."

I wasn't about to contradict him, but he didn't give me a chance to move. He lifted me to a sitting position by the hand still gripping my throat, effortlessly lifted me by placing both hands under my armpits, and literally threw me several feet to land on the other bed... my bed. A moment later the clothes that I was arranging on the bed were on top of me.

This was going to be an interesting year. I glared at Nick for a moment - partly out of anger, and partly... because he was so damn hot. Ignoring what he had just done to me (or perhaps in part because of it?), he was a real physical specimen. As I had just found out, the lean, tight muscle wasn't just for show. His dark brown eyes and short hair were gorgeous. His glare was intimidating... wait... he was glaring at me.

"What the fuck do you want? Do you wanna fucking go right now?" Nick asked.

"N-N-No, Nick. Sorry," I said, and quickly looked away. I was so confused... I had the hottest roommate I could have asked for, but I was terrified of him. I even found the aggression somewhat of a turn on, as evidenced by the slight boner I was hiding. Of course, the abject fear I was feeling was doing a pretty good job of keeping that in check.


Hilarious. This loser was staring at me like he was thinking about trying to fight right now. I hope he doesn't try anything like that. Because I don't want to be arrested for beating my new roommate half to death. There's a good chance that might happen at some point this year, because I suspect he's gonna piss me off a lot. I can only deal with so much shit from a little (and I mean little) punk like this before I have to do something about it.

Either way, looks like I'm pretty much the boss of this dorm room. Even now as I look over at Alex I can see he's still trembling slightly. My first impression may have been wrong; this may well be the perfect roommate. I can already see the possibilities - someone to do my laundry, my homework, bring me food... hell, BUY me food. Just one thing to take care of.

"Yo, punk."

"Hey... I, I have a name," the punk said. I stood up and took a step toward him.

"Sorry sorry, never mind, it's fine," Alex said. That was more like it. I sat back down. "W-What did you want Nick?"

"You'd better not request a room change, a different roommate. I could get used to this. You switch out and I'll beat you so badly you'll wish you never came to college. You look smart; what do you think your chances are of surviving a beating by me?" I flexed my right arm, the 16.5" bicep popping up. The tiny punk stared, speechless. I assume he was too terrified to speak; I had made my point.

*** CHAPTER 2 ***

The first month of college has been rough. Not academically; I've always been pretty smart, I don't have a problem with that. But my dorm mate... Nick has been brutal to live with. He's completely taken advantage of his size advantage over me. He has me doing his laundry for him, and of course, with my own money. He's made me do his homework; even though he's a senior, most of his classes don't seem too hard. I assume he's spent more time in the gym than in the library during his life.

He makes me go to get him food and bring him beer whenever he wants. Again, on my own dime. Of course, I'm only 19, not legally old enough to buy alcohol, but the store down the street hasn't checked my ID yet. Normally, I would be too nervous to do such a thing, but the fear that Nick will beat the shit out of me if I come home empty handed overrides that.

And I really do think he would. He's already gotten physical with me a few times, but I haven't really gotten hurt... yet. I have a tendency to get myself in trouble with my mouth. Even though I'm shy, I don't usually take too kindly to being insulted, and tend to give it right back without thinking first. Evidently Nick doesn't take kindly to being insulted either, but he has a more... direct way of dealing with it.

The first couple of times I talked back to him, he just punched me in the stomach. Dropped me immediately both times. Painful, and shut me up pretty quickly, but not really a big deal. Last time, a couple weeks ago, really scared me though. Nick was , courtesy of, obviously, me. He was sitting in his chair, shirtless, watching TV. I couldn't keep myself from staring - everything about his body was perfect. Washboard 6-pack abs, maybe even 8; wasn't really sure if I was counting right. Huge pecs which he happened to be absentmindedly bouncing while watching TV. I was almost hypnotized. He had looked over at me, and was apparently too drunk to notice I was staring.

Instead, he just told me to bring him another beer. Well, I was doing my own homework, and he was sitting about two feet from the refrigerator. Before thinking, I had said something to the effect of "Why, are you helpless?"

He hadn't liked that at all. He dropped his empty bottle and bolted toward me; he was on me before I could even put my arms up to block him (not that that would have helped). He asked me "what the fuck did I just say" to him, and before I could apologize and beg for forgiveness, he had wrapped both of his big hands around my neck. He was in a frenzy; not that he normally cared about me, but at least when he was sober he realized killing his roommate probably wouldn't reflect well on him. He didn't seem to have that concern on this particular night. I tried to pry his arms off; a reflex, obviously it didn't work.

I tried to beg for him to stop, but his strong hands were cutting off my air supply. It had only taken a few seconds for me to pass out, and in those few seconds I had had real concerns about whether or not I would be waking back up. I guess that with me unconscious, he was satisfied I wouldn't be talking back anymore, so he had let go. I wore a turtleneck for a week to cover the bruise he had left on my neck.

Anyway, the bruise was healed, but I wasn't completely fine. I was scared of Nick, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I could never really get him out of my mind, so I tried to find other things to focus my thoughts on. Luckily, I was in my precalculus class now. Not that I particularly liked math, but there was this guy, Anthony, in my class who was almost as hot as Nick. Just as big, too.

He sat diagonally in front of me to the left. Most of the time he sat with his elbow on the desk and chin in his palm. Today he was absentmindedly bouncing that bicep up and down, and I was in awe of just how big the guy was. Of course, I had never said a word to him. I was just happy I had the perfect vantage point to watch him without being noticed.

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