Destiny Tour

(Part 1 from 4. Fiction.)

*** Chapter 1

That morning, just awakened, Simon went straight to sit in front of his PC and without drinking his usual cup of coffee. His cock was hard. He had for some time been chatting with Mr. Boqin in Singapore. Last night Simon got off all over the floor in his home office, when his internet master wrote:

“We are very close now and I know you very well, Simon. You will come to me and I will take everything away from you and make you my slave. You do not have freedom anymore Simon” When Simon red those lines again; he instantly knew, that Boqin hit him deep in his heart, and he wanted to come again and spread his sperm all over the place.

Since he was just a boy Simon had admired Asian guys. He remembered, when he was only 18, how he used to go to the local Chinese restaurant every Sunday and spend most of his pocket money on spring rolls, only so he could see and admire the shapely Chinese waiter. He always went home and fantasized about becoming the waiter’s close and completely submissive boyfriend, he never had sex with him though. Later in life, he met Asian guys in the gay scene. He had been with quite a few and having sex, but so far never anything serious. His Asian was somehow linked to his submissive fantasies, which he had always tried to forget and suppress.

He had discovered the gay chatrooms and that he could seek out men with BDSM interests all over the world. He began chatting with some . The internet had made it much simpler to make new contacts build on interest. He enjoyed chatting about his slave fantasies. In front of his PC he could let go of his stress and feel submissive. Just do as his friends told him. He could send pictures and small movies, where he ate on the floor and did other submissive acts. Most of his chat friends had so far been perfectly happy just chatting; just as he was. It did not do any harm, and this activity did not disturb his life or his career. However, it was not satisfactory at all.

He gradually realized he had lived a life of denial; and the more Simon chatted about submission, the more he masturbated and wanted to do submission for real. He needed to live out some of his fantasies. On the other hand, he was always careful not to lose control. Simon backed out before a chat became too serious.

Mr. Boqin seemed to crave much more commitment from him than his other chat friends. It was scary and exiting at the same time. It was always when he followed Boqin’s wishes and orders that the chats started to get exiting for Simon. Boqin seemed to know that. He was extremely seductive and Simon often spilled his cum on the floor during the chats. Yet Simon knew that if he gave in, and lost control for real, he would be at the mercy of a complete stranger. He could lose everything. He wondered if this was what he really wanted.

He and Boqin had been chatting for more than 2 months now. Boqin had made it clear that he wanted a real slave, and it seemed like he knew, Simon wanted to become one. He always found Asian masculinity attractive and sensual. Boqin was no exception with his lovely black eyes and sharp Asian features. His voice sounded delicate, and yet Simon never doubted who was in charge, when he listened to it. He trusted Mr. Boqin somehow. He had been much more open with him than with other masters.

Simon was not a novice when it came to BDSM. He had tried at little bit here and there. Everybody has these days, he thought. Somehow he wanted more, much more. Yet the thought of giving op control of his life, which exited him so much, was frightening as well as arousing. Chatting about his submissive tendencies had been a free lunch so far. However, the feelings those chats called to the surface in his mind, were for real. The chats gave him some relief. He wanted to jerk off, and he switched on the chat. Luckily Mr. Boqin was online.
–Why do you chat with me Simon? Boqin wanted to know and Simon got instantly horny.

–It is because I like to serve you master, Simon wrote. At some point soon he would shoot his load on his leg and the floor, if he was not careful.
–Good Boy. Is it because you want to be my slave Simon?
–Yes Master.

And that answer was just right Simon wanted to be a slave, he said to himself, but then again; he had his job, friends and family, how could he give up his life in order to become a slave of a complete stranger, he asked himself?

–Simon. Don’t be afraid of you self, your greatest wish is to be naked at my feet and feel you are locked chains around your limps and neck. Am I right Simon?
–Yes that is right master, I would like to serve you for real, Simon wrote, and his cock got even stiffer. He discovered that the more he chatted about with Boqin, the more he wanted to become his slave. It seemed much more real than his boring job and dull life he had here.
–Simon you are born to serve me. It is the true meaning of your life, and you know it. Why don’t you to become a slave, when you have the opportunity with a good master like me? I know you very well Simon. Be true to yourself, and you will become my perfect slave. I will take care of you. You will never regret letting me become your boss in life, Boqin wrote on the screen.

Simon could not help but wonder how he could feel so close to Boqin in the spirit, and yet be so far away from him physically. He thought of all his meaningless chats with other masters, his boring job, his none event career, his boring daily life. He wanted so much to realize his sexual dream and find the true meaning of his life.

–Simon you have to admit it. You were born to become my slave. It is the truth is it not? Boqin asked directly.

At this point Simon normally would wanking himself fast and the find an excuse to terminate the chat. But this time, for some strange reason he continued.
–Master I know it is my destiny to become your slave, but it is not an easy decision to make. Can I try it? I mean can I visit you in my next holiday. I could be your slave during a couple of weeks. I could even be your 24/7 slave until I leave. Then I can go back and make up my mind. What do you think master? He asked.

Again Simon wondered. How he dared ask that question. Was he about to give up his good and comfortable life and submit to Boqin and live a life as his slave, a life which he has always had been meant for?
–Yes my slave of course you can, just tell me in good time when you arrive here and I will make everything ready for you. However, I have to warn you, I will take complete control. There is no limit and no way out, while you are here with me. Understand slave?
–Yes master. Simon realized that he had accepted to become Boqins slave in Singapore for two weeks, when he answered like that. He felt a strange kind of relief in his body. Boqin continued:

–It is my terms: You let me decide every single thing you do from the moment you land here in Singapore and until you depart. You may not like being my slave all the time, you will have to please me and it will not always be fun, and if you don’t please me I will punish you and that will not always be fun either. You will have no say in any matter, and I will also take complete control of all your belongings. Do you agree slave?

Simon was almost exploding when he came in his own hand. His sperm was everywhere over the leg, the chair the floor and he was sweating. He could still back off, or he could go along.
–Yes master I agree, Simon replied.

Simon knew deep down that being submissive was his true nature. He knew this was what he had always wanted. This decision had a price and a reward. He decided to stick to it and take a holyday in Singapore and meet Mr. Boqin. It was about time he tried to live out this fantasy of his.
–Are you horny now Slave? Boqin asked.
–No master, I am serious. I agree to your terms. You are right. You know me very well. I need to become your slave. I have a holyday in 2 months, and I will come to Singapore and try to be your slave for two weeks. My only condition is that you let me return when the trial period is over. Do you agree to my single term? He asked.

–Yes. No problem at all. But you should not lie to me. You have just had the orgasm of your life. Did you not Simon?
–Yes master. I did. I am sorry I lied about it master.
–Well you are aroused and have just made a big decision. I understand that. In this case I can five you. But you will never lie to me anymore. Will you Simon?

No master. I understand I have to tell you the truth always.
– Good boy Simon. I forgive you this time, but I will punish you, if you ever lie again. When you come here you will be living in my home as my slave, so you will not need a hotel. Just tell me the time of your arrival, and I will take care of everything, Mr. Boqin wrote.
–Yes Sir. I will search for a flight ticket. I will let you know the details as soon as possible, Simon answered.

Mr. Boqin wrote he was very pleased and told Simon it was a wise decision to choose him as his master and he ordered Simon to start reporting regularly about everything that happened in his life.
–You are my slave and you have to tell me everything. Send me a status every morning and every evening before bedtime. I want to know how you live your life. You must begin to get used to let your master make decisions for you. Of course I understand you might be busy sometimes, but it is your duty to report to your master. Do you understand slave? Boqin asked.

–Yes master I do, but now please allow me time to go to work and prepare my travel.
–OK I will let you go for now. And what do you have to do slave?
–Tell you about everything and send you a status every morning and every evening”, Simon wrote.
–Good boy, Boqin wrote, and then he went off line.

Simon felt a strange relief as if his whole body was less tense. He was in exceptionally good mood when he went off to work that morning. He felt he for once had done something right. During the following weeks Simon planned and prepared for his journey. He also had to send messages to Boqin as it was expected. Sometimes they talked, and Boqin's sweet voice made him horny and then he was wanking. Simon always masturbated after a chat, even when Mr. Boqin told him not to do it. But he is not here Simon told himself, while fondling his cock.
However, as the day for his departure got closer, Simon realized, that he did not get much more information about Boqin.

Actually he knew very little about him. He could still stay home, he thought. On the other hand, for some reason, he felt rather confident that Mr. Boqin would be a normal person, having a sexual fantasy. It was like something inside Simon told him to go. Maybe he was beginning to accept his destiny.

The day came, and Simon went to the airport in order to travel to meet his first long-distance date. It was also the first time he had agreed to try a life as somebody’s slave He told himself that this was just an experience and only for a week holyday. But in fact he did not know, what kind of experience he was going to get.

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