Day after...

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I woke up and didn't have the faintest idea where I was. All I knew was that I had been dreaming of kissing Jake and had a huge hard-on. It took me several minutes to make my way to the bathroom across the sea of empty cans and bottles. 'Oh yeah, Michelle's ' I said to myself, as images of people vomiting came back to me. Apparently everyone else had left. Feeling like shit, decided to take a shower. Standing under a hot shower, with a raging hard-on and alone, what was I supposed to do. So I started to jerk off, thinking about Jake in the sexiest ways possible. After just a couple of strokes the bathroom door opened. I turned around, trying to hide my hard on.

'Sorry, didn't realize there was someone else still here', came a voice from the door. The voice of my dream guy, Jake. Needless to say, it didn't help me get rid of my hard-on:
'I'm just gonna shave, if you don't mind.' I was in Michelle's flat, who to my outmost sorrow was Jake's girlfriend. So, naturally I allowed him to stay. I stole a look and saw him wearing only his jeans, with only three of the four buttons done, and a white trunk, which seemed to be his second skin on his swimmer's body. Trying m to get my to cool down, I thought of school-gym class-locker room-Jake in the showers:Shit! No matter what, the image of that last unbuttoned button and what was under it filled my head.

'You okay there'' I had been standing still, battling with my cock, for five minutes or something.
'Yeah' Quick, come up with an explanation! 'I was just trying figure out which shampoo to use.' Perfect, that usually takes five minutes, idiot!
'You can use the one in the bottle, it's mine' I took the bottle, opened it and as soon as the scent of the shampoo reached me, everything came back to me. I had kissed Jake. It had been in Spin the Bottle. He had walked on all fours to me and kissed. Others had cheered, but the cheering had magically been muffled by his tongue secretly massaging my own. When he pulled away, for the briefest moment he looked straight in my eyes with an honest expression, as if saying 'That wasn't just a game'.
'Need a hand'' the clean and sexy Jake asked. What'''''
'Uhm, I'm okay.' The moment the words escaped me I started to loathe myself. If Jake wants to jerk you off, you fucking let him!
'You want me to do your bare back'' Again: WHAT''''' My cock seemed to be ready to explode. Was this really happening'
'Yeah' I said, the word came out barely as a whisper. He came over, so close that I could feel his half-buttoned jeans against my butt cheeks. I was shivering and every single hair in my body was standing ajar, just like my cock.
'Hands on the wall' he ordered and I was happy to obey.
'Give me the sponge' he said and I could feel his breath on my neck. I didn't want to question him, if he wanted to fuck me with a sponge, please, go ahead. With a trembling hand I reached to grab to sponge and handed to him.

'This is really hot!' That was him, not me!
'Yeah' I said with a hoarse voice. I was on cloud number nine and nothing could ever bring me back to earth.
'You been trying to disinfect this or something'' A very different What'' Jake put the sponge on my back and started to rub it. All came clear and I was doing an emergency landing back to earth. He was talking about the sponge. The sponge was hot, because I had been running hot water for ten minutes. He was going to do MY bare back, not Me bare back. Had I been so desperate, that I'd interpreted everything he said into 'I wanna fuck you long and hard!' I must have seemed a moron to him. Nonetheless, I and apparently my raging hard cock were enjoying him slowly massaging my back with the sponge. I was just scared he'd notice my erection. That would've been a bit hard to explain. But it just got harder: The sponge was dripping soap foam and it slowly made it way along my spine to my butt. The cool foam right between my glory hole and his jeans covered crotch was just too much.

My whole body shivered and Jake noticed it as he stopped working on my back. Without a word, he placed to fingers on my and slowly followed the trail of the foam upwards. Unable to help it, I let out a moan. He had dropped the sponge and continued all the way over my shoulders and on my bent neck, though there was no foam there anymore. He took hold of my chin and turned my head, pressed against my body and kissed me. Just like the previous night. He massaged my tongue with his and while kissing me, I felt his left hand massaging my cock. The hand suddenly grabbed my cock harder and started to jerk me off. I moaned between our kiss, and still he didn't say a word, but continued to jerk me while out tongues wrestled. It didn't take him too many strokes to make me cum on the wall. He took some cum from the top of my cock on his finger and put that finger in his mouth.

'You taste so good' he said, took hold of me and turned me around. I finally saw him. His wet trunk was almost invisible, giving me a good view of his nipples and abs. I looked him in the eyes and started to unbutton his jeans. He pulled off his soaking wet shirt with surprisingly little effort and threw it aside. I started caressing his hardened cock with my fingers, but was cut short as he leaned in, pressing his whole body against my, our dicks pulsing against each other and we kissed. My cock was still dripping cum on his and my chest. His dark hair was hanging wet over his eyes and he bent his head down a bit to whisper in my ear:

'You want me to do you '' Before I had replied anything, he once more turned me around, placed my hands on the wall, grabbed my hips and pulled my ass towards him. I moaned long as he fingered me, and even longer as he entered my ass. Breathing in my ear, his pressed against my shoulders he fucked me. I moaned and called out his name, he whispered words of encouragement to my ear. And though I never wanted it to stop, he whispered

'I'm gonna come. You ready'. I couldn't speak anymore; I just thrust my ass against him as a reply. And just then his cock exploded inside me, his cum racing out of his cock to my ass. And his whole wet body stood rigid for a moment and I arched my back. He didn't pull his cock out, but kissed my neck over and over again. Finally, as the hot water run out maybe half an hour later we got out of the shower and lay down on the bathroom floor. His arms around me I fell asleep, not because I had too much, but because I was in heaven.

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