New Darkmancer Chapter 4

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I entered our room, to see Tom laid on my bed naked and I allowed the scales to sink into my flesh, returning it to a usual soft skin of a human being. I snuck up and laid next to him, sinking into his body, he woke up moments later looking at me.

“Morning, Tiger” he said with as wide mouthed yawn.
“I could be, if you wanted me to be”
“Could be what” wearing a bemused face
“A tiger”
“You’re alright, your animal enough in bed for me”

I laughed and decided to risk it; I lent forward and kissed him. However, my fear of him pushing me away was in vain. He leant into me and reciprocated the kiss, several minutes passed before I broke away.

“I need a shower” I got up and walked to the bathroom door. “What about you”

Tom leapt up form the bed, his penis bouncing gently. Making a slight slapping sound as it caused is balls to bounce on his leg. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into the shower cubicle, shifting my grip and wrapping my arms around his side and my hands on the back of his head. He wrapped his arms around my mid-rift, with one hand I turned the warm water on, we kissed deeply. The water washing over our bodies was a very sensual experience.
I however, had an ulterior motive, with the beginnings of the powers of a Darkmancer flowing through my blood, if my seed entered a Mage’s body, they too would gain some of the powers and the gains of been a Darkmancer, that was if I wished it to do so. I could as well use my dark taint to turn them into my servants, my flame would consume the flame of High Magick and turn them into my Ill’guard. Their powers twisted and changed to my will. I also wanted to consume Tom’s seed, so I could copy his powers and integrate them into my own. This was not out of pure, unbridled megalomania, I loved Tom with every fibre of my being, I wanted to share my world with him, and I wanted us to become true lovers sharing our lives with each other. I also knew that when I had gained my full powers I would be able to give him the immortality that I would enjoy. Only if he had been previously converted
I took one of my hands and began to slowly jerk Tom off, as I did, I could hear what was going to be moans, but due to the fact that my mouth stopped it form escaping it was more of a growl. The growls began to become more frequent after 20 minutes of passionate kissing and , I knew he was close to cumming everywhere; I broke away from the kiss and began to suck him off, within moments my mouth saw filled with his warm cum, I swallowed it down, savouring the taste.

All of a sudden a cold shiver ran throughout my body, I could feel his magick blending with mine. I stood up with my erect and spun him round. He complied and my dick, already slick with water slid deeply into his waiting arsehole, he began to moan as I thrust in and out, getting harder and faster. Within half an hour of frantic thrusting I burst my load into his arsehole, he moaned in pleasure and we separated. He spun around and looked at me, his eyes staring deeply into mine.

“God Sam, I you” and kissed me again, his fingers exploring and entering my arse hole, I began to moan. He spun me around; I had fucked him, so it was only fair to let him have a turn. I did love him, I realised as he slid up me and began to thrust in and out, he was good, and soon I was myself to his movements. All of a sudden he let out an orgasmic yell and I felt his penis convulse as it shot it load up me. I felt him pull out and I released my load on the wet shower wall.

We soaped each other down, towelled off and walked back into the room. He put on a pair of loose cut jeans and a black t-shirt. I walked out towards the balcony.
“Sam, you might want to put something on.”
I looked down and realised I was still naked. My flesh sprouted orange fur, with black stripes; I pushed out a tail and grabbed the fags at the table by the balcony door.
“Told you I would be a Tiger if you wanted me to be one”
He laughed.
“Are you joining me Tom?”
“yeah” I opened the door and took out 2 fags and placed it on the table opposite me, Tom walked out an picked it up sitting in the chair, I sparked up and drew several deep drags, Tom followed suit.
“We off for some breakfast”
“Yeah, when I've finished the fag” blowing out the smoke.
“Tom, I want to know, where do we go form here. I mean we slept together and had sex. What goes on form here?”
“Sam, I was hoping that we would be a proper couple. You know, sleep in the same bed, kiss, and share life’s experiences with each other. Or did you think it was a one night stand, because I have to tell you now, I do love you deeply.”
“Well I love you as well, I want to be official, and now lets have some breakfast” I stubbed out the fag and Tom stubbed out his, we walked off to the Kitchens.

When we got there most of the high school was already eating, it was ten o’clock and people were up. I grabbed a full English breakfast and Tom had a bowl of cereal, from the catering staff and walked over to an empty table.
“What are you doing today Tom?” I asked as I dug into a sausage and rasher of bacon.
“Well, I’ve got to finish off my alchemy project, a protection potion. Then I’ve got an essay to do on the conjuration of live creatures with high intelligence.

Then I’m free. Why what do you have to do?”
“Well, I’m finishing a translation of a Macouran text for languages, then I’ve got an essay on the creation of familiars, then I’ve got another 5000 word essay on the creation of homunculus. So most of the day will be hard work.”
“God, that’s a lot of work.”
“Yeah, I know but I'm off to the in the hall tonight, what about you.”
“Well, if you’re going you’re not leaving me behind”
“It’s a date then”
Tom smiled,

When we had finished, we headed our separate ways. I got my required texts from my room and went off to the library to finish off my work. When I entered the library, it was filling up; I walked down through the main tabled area. Into the back, walking down the corridors between the specialist areas, I entered the histories section and walked to the bookcase, opening the secret passageway. I closed the door behind me and walked up the tight spiral stairs, into the chamber. I began to work, this time on my actual school work; I had translated the text within an hour and had a hand written version of the book, Mr Thatchit would be impressed, now I had the difficult work, I opened the books on homunculi and read through noting down the processes, rituals, ingredients, skills and time needed, writing out a new version, it took several hours to have the work ready, but it was a good essay, I looked at my watch and saw it was half 2. I needed to get my familiars essay done in 2 hours. I began to work at a high speed, growing another set of arms and improving the muscles in my arms, allowing me to read and write at the same time, within 2 hours I had completed the work. Giving me half an hour to do what I wanted. I grabbed a book on Darkmancy spells and read through the index, I needed a useful spell. I read and found the perfect one. Tonight was going to be a laugh. I walked down and opened the door, out into the corridor and back to the room. Carrying my work with me.

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