Dairy of a Frat Boy Part II

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I let my body sink into the comfort of the couch cushions, my eyes half open staring at the television in front of me, I had no clue what was on it. The door swung open and my heart had been beating much too hard for the circumstances. I thought it appropriate enough to lean forward, which helped to hide the tent my penis was making with the tops of my athletic shorts. My elbows rested on my thighs and I twisted my head and cracked my neck, still pretending that who ever was visiting wasn’t interrupting anything.

A tall man stood in the door frame, his arm holding a bookbag strapped over his shoulder on his back, while the other carried a bag that looked like it could have consumed my entire body. I don’t know why I was surprised that it was Ben, why wouldn’t it have been, but my day dreaming didn’t really leave me with room to rationalize anything.

Ben waved goodbye to someone who I couldn’t make out passing behind him in the hallway. I stood up immediately and went to greet my friend. He was a couple of steps into the room when he extended a hand, I took hold of it and pulled myself near wrapping my free arm around him for a hug.

With my recent growth spurt I was now basically eye to eye with him. He hadn’t changed much from what I saw at the end of the year, and over webcam. Still absolutely breathtaking, ocean blue sparkling eyes, framed by a short crew cut hair, and a stone cold chiseled body. He was wearing a green t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. The kind that weren’t purchased that way, they had just seen better days. He laughed and patted my back twice which made my pulsate unintentionally. This caught Ben off guard and he jumped back.

I wrinkled my face, terribly confused, mostly worried though. What had happened what had I done, I didn’t really know. He kick the door shut behind him, “You wanna put that think away man… you could put someone’s eye out.” He said gesturing to my crotch. I let out a soft laughed and apologized, I was too embarrassed to tell him what had caused the excitement I could not shake. But Ben didn’t seem interested. He dropped off the two bags that he carried in and went back out the door, this time leaving it open.

I watched some of the fraternity members walk by all carrying boxes and bags to their assigned rooms. Once I was calm again, or at least my boner had finally died down. I stepped out into the hallway and made my way down to see if Ben needed some help unloading.

The next couple of days were spent getting to know the 70 or so guys that we now lived with. And to my surprise Ben kept his distance, we slept in the same room together, watched tv in groups with our brothers or alone, whatever it was like freshman year all over again, except this time he wasn’t going home on the weekends he was just enjoying his time without me. I didn’t know if I was just being paranoid or not, but I knew I didn’t like it. During meals I felt like Ben kept at least ten people between us, when I had grown accustomed to seeing him every meal I had last year.

As the days rolled into weeks I had to let it sit in the back of my mind, I took out my aggression else were, instead of sitting around the room watching Ben, who still walked around scantily clad, and wondering what the heck was going on in his mind. Most evenings I traded that in for a couple hours in the gym or a run around town. By the time I would be done with these activities I would be drenched in sweat and too exhausted to give my frustration with Ben much more thought.

I have to admit other things kept my mind off of Ben as well, mainly the showers in the Gamma Sig house. The bathrooms were worse than my high school locker room. Well I suppose I mean to say it was better for a little voyeurism. Everywhere I looked the boys of the house were rocking out with there cocks out, laughing at each other, telling stories, and cracking jokes as the scrubbed down.
Walking into the bathroom every morning was like walking into a sauna, a wave of mist would hit my face and fog my glasses, because when it was that early in the morning I wouldn’t have put in my contacts. I’d wipe them off and as I put them back on like some dessert mirage, through all the vapor there would always be a couple of my brothers towel across one shoulder, or dangling around the neck completely naked heading towards the showers or just shaving or brushing their teeth. Allowing any passerby to gatch a glimpse of some really impressive set of tools. It didn’t take me long to get used to this wonderful vision of masculinity everyday or to control my excitement.

I was overly dramatic in the room after my workouts, trying to catch Ben’s attention without being too blatant. Trying to entice him to join me in the shower room, not that we were going to do in anything, but I couldn’t help but want to see Ben’s soaking wet body next to a couple of our mates. This was about the same time I noticed that this one , Cameron, and I often found ourselves in the bathroom together.

I, of course, didn’t think much of it at first, but it came more and more frequent. And a couple of times while I was sticking my head under the faucet to wash the shampoo out of my hair I’d look out from the draining water and see Sean admiring me. He would be in the shower sometimes, but other times he’d just be walking by while brushing his teeth or tossing something in the trash.
was a bit shorter than me probably 5’ 6” or 7 inches or so. He had an average athletic body and a boyish face sort of like an Adrian Brody type of quirkiness that I really like. He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous like Ben but Cam possessed a wholesome cuteness that made me think about him more and more for the past couple of days.

On day after a run I was toweling off, my mind jumping from Cam to Ben with equal confusion. It was just after six o’clock in the evening and most of the guys in the house were down in the kitchen eating dinner. Cam had leisurely walked in and out while I was still in the shower we shared a few words then I told him I’d see him at dinner. I walked out of the shower past someone who was in the middle stall. Wrapping the towel around my waist and securely tucking it in on one side I reached out to grab my shower caddy which I left on the bathroom counter.

It wasn’t till I was back in the room placing the contents of the caddy back on my shelf that I notice it. It was a small piece of notebook paper with a number written on it 237. I recognized the number immediately, it was Cameron’s room he lived on the east wing of the house were most juniors stayed. He was lucky enough to have one of the nicer singles too. It was on the opposite side but same floor level as Ben and mine’s room.

I crumpled the paper in my left hand, and kept it there while I dressed. Tossing on a fresh pair of boxers, I ruffled threw my drawers for a pair of sweat pants and a t shirts. Once dressed I slid the mysterious note into my pants pocket, not wanting to be far from it and went joined everyone in the kitchen.

Cameron and mine interactions had been nothing remarkable. I didn’t feel that either of us had much to say to each other. We had hung out mostly in groups on the weekends surrounded by our brothers, I can’t even remember any conversations that we had shared outside of the small talk while in the bathroom. All this just excited my curiosity and left me very distracted during dinner as I kept looking over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of Cam.

He was sitting with Ben to my surprise. Well not really with Ben, more at the same table as Ben separated by 4 people and on the opposite side so that I could only see his back. Cam had decided that he wouldn’t come to dinner fully dressed. He was bare footed and wearing a pair of blue soccer shorts that showed off his nicely even while seated. His back was as bare as his feet and I could see just a patch of hair creeping from his ass up to the lowest part of his back. It wasn’t a like he was furry; his brown hair was said that he was more of the natural type. I can remember from the shower room, his chest had a bit of light fuzz brown hair on each peck and trail that slide down his abs to his pubes. I realized that I was fantasizing too much on this guy I knew nothing about. I was too horny; I missed Ben too much, so I went back to my meal.

Dinner came and went, and then Ben and I found ourselves in our room trying to get a bit of work done. We filled the time with small talk about the upcoming football game this weekend, and the fraternity’s plan to tailgate. The house was excited to get out there and start recruiting. I kept my eye on the clock, and shoved my hand into my pocket to check on the status of the note. It hadn’t gone anywhere, but I had no clue as to the notes intention. To my surprise I got the answer when Cam stopped by the room around 9:30 that night.

“What’s up Ben, how’s the world treating you?” Cam was really causal I guess he and Ben had had previous conversation that I was unaware of. Ben turned around to face him smiling he said “Good man, thanks for your help with Stiensons class, you know your book and everything.” They went on like this, I didn’t know if it was my place to join in, but I watched sitting in my desk chair, and laughed along with them. Watching as Cam’s abs tighten and ripple as he laughed.

After a few minutes the conversation died down Cam turned to me and said, “Oh, um, Downing” (calling by my last name since there was another Tyler in the senior class) “You’re taking writers this year aren’t you” I shook my head having no idea how he had gotten this information. “Cool, why don’t you stop by my room later tonight, I took it my sophomore year too and I bet some of the books are the same, how many writers could there be.” I told him I’d be over soon and with that he was gone. What were the odds…coincidence?

That’s how I ended up in front of room 237. I was still wearing the t shirt and sweats with Cam’s note in my pocket. The door was cracked, it was almost 11:00 nearly an hour from the time Cam was in my room. I tapped the door lightly and pushed it open, not waiting for a response. Soft light hit my eyes from a reading lamp sitting near the edge of his bed and I say Cam sitting in his desk chair watching television. “Hey, Downing” he said.

“What’s up Cameron. Thanks for offering those books.” I said. “You wanna step in or just stand in the door way.” I took a step forward. “Oh and could you shut the door behind you” I did as I was told and stood standing a few feet inside the room. I felt naked in his room completely cut off from everyone. Cam kept stealing glances from me to the tv in front of him. Have a seat I’m just finishing watching… a .” Cameron said pointing over to his bed. I walked over and waited. Then I noticed what had Cam’s attention.

It was some cheap porno, and the scene I had walked in on some guy was getting pleasured two girls. My eyes bugged open and glanced at the screen then to Cam. Who was looking at me with a smirk now. “I hope this doesn’t make you too uncomfortable. I just had this…this idea about you Downing. I remember seeing you on campus, and how close you and Ben were, you were always together. And I started to wonder.” I refused to make eye contact with him at this point. I was trying to control my breathing, and could feel sweat forming on my brow. He continued “And I couldn’t help but wonder why you two were so close, then I caught you in the shower, stolen glance here or there, and I thought I might have had you figured out? Am I right?”

I stared into Cam’s eyes, they were a light brown, lighter than mine, almost mimicking the hair on his head. I fought back a smile. “uh..” I let out in a gasp of air “yeah I guess we were close… Ben and I. But you know… friends…” I trailed off. “Oh then maybe I was wrong about you Downing.” Cam rose from his chair and walked over towards me. I smiled his chest was inches from my face, tilted my head up and said “or maybe not.”

I wrapped my left arm around his waist and drew Cam. He bent down and we kissed. This was the first time in four months that I had kissed anyone, and the first time I had kissed any other guy than Ben. Cam was softer. He kisses were sensual and I didn’t want to let go. Cam pushed me backwards and we crawled on top of his bed. Before I knew it I was on top of Cam. I kissed every inch of Cam’s exposed body, working from his mouth, nibbling his ears, and sucking on his nipples, till I was tasting his abs as they flexed underneath me.

Cam was skinny just an average guy couldn’t have weighed more than 145lbs. Cam had both hands in my hair squeezing tightly as I began rubbing his already throbbing cock threw his blue soccer shorts. “Get me off” he whispered in a breathy voice, and I quickly stripped him of his boxers, to find he was free balling… I had to admire the easy access. As I went down on Cam’s pecker which was no shorter than 7inches and nearly as thick as my entire mouth could take. I took off my t shirt tossing it into the darkened room and started wiggling out of my sweat pants and boxers. All the while not wanting his cock to leave my mouth.

As I bobbed up and down on Cam’s cock I worked my own till I was dripping with pre cum. I leaned over Cam and lay over him, hips pressed against each other so that our swords crossed. Cam’s dripping with his pre juices and showered with my slobber, slip like a slimy stick underneath mine. I grabbed our cocks in my right hand and double jacked us both. He leaned up on his elbows and deep kissed me as I did it.

“Can I…” I hesitated, then began, breathy, again “Can I slide into you?” I felt like an idiot. Not really know what else to say, I waited for his response. Cam lifted his legs so that his knees were by his head, presenting his full round ass. He was amazingly flexible. Then took my cock with one hand and pulled me until my head was touching his warm puckering whole. “That answer enough for you.” I leaned down and kissed him again. Then I licked my fingers and rubbed them against my cock and Cam’s pulsing hole. Cam winced, breath, shallow quick breaths, “uh uh uh” as I inched my way in. I felt his ass contract around my cock with every exhale and moan he made. I nibbled on my own bottom lip as I slid in.

Once my slim 7 inch penis was consumed by Cam’s glory hole, we readjusted. I pulled him down so that he lay flat on the bed. Then tucked his legs on the outside of my arms, presenting his butt nicely. Cam’s cock was now staring him in the face touching the lower portion of his chest. I hovered over him and plowed into him slowly. My hips quivered each time I pulled my head out of his hole. I kept working inside of Cam until his hole was gapping. I could feel four months of a dry spell building up inside of me, but I plowed on.

Cam was jacking hard now. He slapped his dick on his chest so that it made a loud pop… pop… pop. Then he’d jerk it some more. We had worked up a good sweat by now. Sweat was running off my chin and hairline, falling on Cam’s glistening body and cock beneath me. I was slowly speeding up as I fucked him. “Dude… I think I’m gonna blow… you ready?” I smacked my hips against Cam with as much power as I could muster now thrusting myself deeper inside him, pumping for more. “Where do you want me to cum?” I asked in anticipation. Cam’s eyes were closed tight, he was beating off faster and hard. “Cum inside me” he said. I missed a beat, but regained and kept blowing.

Cam’s ass tighten and back arched, hips raised and with each time that my abs smack against his balls he shot load after load into his face and pillow, five six times in gushes. Till it slid out of the tip and onto his chest. He let out breathy moans as I continued my onslaught into his ass. “Uh.. Uho… Oh” I felt a wave of joy escape me as my own juices spilled into Cam’s butt. “That’s was amazing” I told him. He was sliding his finger tips threw the gew on his chest. I pulled out of him and kissed him over and over again, tasting a bit of his salty spunk. I let myself fall to the side of Cam’s bed beside him. Still panting, pinned between the sweaty mess next to me, and the wall. Phewww I let a breath “I needed that…” Cam rolled over to his side so that he was facing me now.

He was looking over my body and I watched as his cum mixed in with all the sweat covering his body. He laughed to himself, at a something in his mind, and I laughed out of discomfort. “Yeah, I know man. I felt like I was dying… Just be careful what you talk about… You know fraternities all homoeroticism just as long as you don’t take it too far. I had heard so many stories about circle jerks, and other supposedly “gay” activities that were more urban legends than anything else, so I guess I understood.

We lay there together for a while, Cam was openly gay, he had told everyone from home his senior year, and most of the guys in the house new, and anyone else just needed to ask, he wasn’t afraid of ridicule, and everyone was cool about it. I told him about my experiences from last year, though I left Ben’s name out of it. And told Cam I wasn’t sure if I were gay or not, but I new that I had having strong feelings about boys for a while now. He told me he would be around if I needed to talk and thought we’d have a lot more in common. I agreed and told him I looked forward to getting to know him better.
I lifted myself from the bed, straddling Cam on my knees as I tried to get over him and off the bed. He leaned forward we kissed again. Then I riffled around the floor till I found my clothes, dressed, said goodbye, and headed across the Darkened fraternity house, I heard pages rustling, and tv and stereos blaring as I passed closed doors, to the west wing of the house and my room.

The lights were off, the tv was still on which I turned off as I made my way over to my bed. I say Ben’s chest move up and down as he slept, I was exhausted and as I slide underneath the covers, I turned to lay on my stomach, because that’s the only way I can fall asleep, and say that the clock said 12:14. I remember smelling the must of my dried sweat and semen and then I was asleep.

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