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Diary of a prison officer : Part 1 reviews

Posted by Borgie (email: borg)
It's long...but worth reading.
Waiting for your part2, sir!

Posted by Josh (email: code)
Awesome:) Wana see a lot more of Flick and Eduardo
Posted by Cal (email: craz)
If this was the realite of prison im sure most horny men would comit crimes :P

shame really... a really good read, start to finish.. painted a great picture with the vivid discription

A very VERY erotic story that i thourouly enjoyed
Posted by israel (email: jose)
I loved your story...i couldnt stop reading...you write any other story...email me
Posted by Joshua (email: sund)

This has got to be one of the hottest stories I've ever read. I'm 21 now and I'd love to help punish Jarek! Man, I wish this were real.

Posted by Brendon Hitchins (email: bren)
Hey man this by far the best story I've read
If you write any more could u email me
Posted by AmyKing (email: Amy_)
Wicked story! Interesting twist!!! Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
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