Cum Addict

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

As I have said on many occasions I’m a cocksucker and addicted to sucking cock and swallowing cum. Last week I had a wonderful cum filled weekend that I would like to share with all my fellow cock sucking cum addicts. I had a couple of comp days coming from work so I decided to take a three day weekend. After sleeping in Friday morning and making myself a nice bacon, eggs over easy, the yokes still runny, buttery light toast and chocolate milk breakfast, I settled in to catch up on my reading, a good Louis L'Amour western.

Unfortunately, not two-minutes into my endeavor my mind started creating all kinds of glorious images of me sucking dick and swallowing cum. I fought the desire for all of five minutes but lost out and had to hop on the computer and jack-off to some steamy .

Satisfied for the moment I went back to read only to be interrupted some twenty minutes later by my neighbor Marvin, who came over to borrow my hedge clippers.

He and I headed out to the backyard to my tool shed and what was supposed to be a simple retrieval job turned out to be ten minutes of steamy cock sucking followed by Marvin giving me a warm load of cum.

Realizing that I wasn’t going to get much reading done I decided to get a little shopping done so I headed to the nearby Safeway grocery store, where as luck would have it, I ran into my friend Jimmy.

Jimmy was headed on break and somehow he and I ended up in the storeroom where, yes you guessed it, I got down on my knees and sucked his hot cock until he filled my mouth with his warm salty man liquid.

Finishing my shopping I headed home and after putting away my weekly supply of groceries I ended up back on the computer hunting for more to jack-off to.

But I didn’t get too deep into my search before Marvin showed up again, this time to return my hedge clippers.

I took the clippers and I also took him into my living room and sat him down on the couch where I spent the next thirty minutes working his dick deep down my throat and sucking him off not once, but twice.

I guess Marvin didn't have a problem with me sucking his dick again because by the time I got down on my knees he was already pulling down his sweat pants. As he pulled them down, Marvin’s hard cock, hooked in the elastic waist band of his underwear. It got bent down with his underwear until all at once it just springs up and out of them, almost hitting me in the face.

I thought that he might have trouble getting hard since I’d already blown him once today, but after I sucked on him for a couple of minutes, his dick was also very, very hard. As it grew, like always his dick got fat and damn despite the salty sweat from working in his yard, his dick tasted good.

I had mixed emotion, as I knelt there slurping and sucking and bobbing my mouth up and down on his dick. On one hand I wanted to prolong my sucking as long as possible, and on the other, I couldn’t wait to taste his cum. The decision was soon taken out of my hands. With a moan, Marvin let go and his balls erupted like a volcano. His scalding hot cum came spewing out of his dick, and cascaded over my tongue and down my throat. It felt like he dumped a cup full of hot cum down my throat.

Not wanting Marvin to stain his sweat pants and because I’m addicted to cum I started cleaning him off with my mouth and tongue before I let him put his dick back in his pants. As I was cleaning him off, I realized that Marvin’s dick was still hard and went back to sucking.

I could tell by the way that he wiggled his hips that Marvin didn’t mind if I kept sucking. It wasn’t long until I was rewarded with another mouth full of delicious hot cum. Surprisingly enough, his third load of hot cum was as as the first two.

Tired and exhausted, Marvin allowed me to continue to nurse on his flaccid cock while I stroked my cock and eventually shot-off, spewing my load onto his dick and balls. Then I spent a good five-minutes licking up my warm delicious cum.

While Marvin rested I hopped into the shower. He was gone when I returned naked to the living room.

Dressing, I headed over to my local watering hole, where over the course of several hours, I blew Hank, Tim, Norman, and Steve the bartender. And yes I might add gladly swallowed all four loads.

Hank, whose dick I’d sucked several times was standing at the urinal just finishing pissing as I walked in. Catching me looking, he laughingly shook off those last three pesky drops of piss and without bother to put his dick away, took me by the arm and walked me into a stall. The next thing I know I’m on my knees and he’s holding his dick up to my lips.

Hank’s dick was soft when I took his dick in my mouth. And then I slowly and softly suck it in and out with just the pressure of my lips around the shaft. Once I've sucked it rock hard, I start to slowly rhythmically take more and more into my mouth.

I was eagerly moving my mouth up and down his shaft when Hank said, "Get my balls now." Wanting more access to full fill his request, I expertly undid and pulled down Hank’s trousers, exposing his full, heavy balls.

After first licking his hairy balls, I sucked first one then the other of his balls into my mouth, gently rolling them around with my tongue. I giggled because being on my knees in the stall in the men’s room felt so natural and yet so forbidden at the same time.

Grunting, Hank started to move his hips against my face, letting his dick trail between my lips with my tongue dragging along the underside of his shaft. With every movement, he praised me, telling me how good I was, how great my mouth felt with his dick in it.

from the tremendous pleasure I was feeling as much as from the alcohol, I began kissing and nipping at his shaft, running my tongue across the veins on the underside. Hank’s dick was hard and throbbing, jumping and bouncing against my lips as I slowly slid him to the back of my throat.

Reveling in his readily apparent enjoyment, I slowly went from the tip to base over and over while delicately pulling down on his balls.

In his excitement, Hank slapped my hand away from his dick, grabbed the back of my head and almost violently shoved his dick down my throat until my eyes watered and my face turned red. My nose was pressed into his kinky pubic hair and his balls were flopping against my chin.

Grunting, Hank tensed up and held himself rigid until he erupted and it felt like a dam had busted. I almost chocked when what felt like a quart of cum pulsed into my grateful mouth.

Hank went totally silent, surprised at the amount of cum he’d poured into my mouth, as I continued sucking and swallowing his cum. I eagerly sucked every last drop of cum out of him and then cleaned his dick with my tongue.

Next was Tim, whom I didn’t know at the time. It was a couple of hours later and he was just one of five or six of us sitting around a table in a dark corner drinking beer. Then on a dare I slid under the table and unbuckle his belt and as I unbutton and unzip his Levis, I heard Tim laugh, “Oh shit, he’s going to do it.” When I started to pull down his Levis and his jockey shorts, he raised his off the chair to help me. .

To tease him, at first I nurse the tip, probing and prying at his pee-slit with the tip of my tongue. Hungrily I lapped at the head and run my tongue in circles around the base exploring. Then I slowly swallowed it down, taking only a half inch at a time. I was going little by little just so I could enjoy and savor every last inch of his hard dick.

Tim moaned as I slowly took the whole thing deep in my throat and at the same time stuck my tongue out underneath, reaching out to massage his balls with the tip of my tongue.

The other guys laughed at the expression on Tim’s face as I allowed my throat muscles to clamp on tight with a hungry milking action. Then I backed his dick out slowly while next I move my mouth's focus to the back side of his wrinkled nut sack.

Unknown to me, Steve the bartend looked up and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I was under the table sucking another customer's dick. There I was on my knees, happily gobbling his hard dick. Steve had looked up because even with the noise of the bar, he could hear me moaning softly and making wet slurping sounds as my mouth pumped up and down on his dick.

What he could see was my hands dancing sensuously up Tim’s bare thighs until my hands cradled his balls. I wasn't just sucking his dick; I was making a serious production of it. I was making these sexy little murmurs, like a kid does when eating ice cream. As I stared up at Tim’s face, I chewed the head of his dick with my lips.

Goddamn thought Steve, he’d only seen blowjobs like this in really good porno.

Not realizing that I had an audience…a very appreciative audience…I took Tim’s balls into my hungry mouth one by one. And then both at once, locking them in and running my tongue softly around them…warming them up, coaxing more cum to collect, and caressing them with gentle strokes of my tongue

Then my lips were back around the head again. This time allowing Tim to set the pumping pace, even slamming into the back of my throat deep when he went deep. Soon Tim’s ever fattening pulsing dick blasted off…sending him into an extended state of rapture as still pumping he gushed his hot load….whoosh…whoosh…whoosh into my mouth and down my throat.

Norman I did in the alley behind the dumpster when I went out for a smoke. I was leaning against the wall next to the back door smoking a cigarette when Norman came out. When we made eye contact, Norman reached over and casually grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head. Then pulling me with him, he walked on down the alley and behind the dumpster. Once we couldn’t be seen from the street Norman took the cigarette from between my lips with one hand and placed the other on my shoulder and gently pushed me to my knees.

As I reached out and grazed my fingernail across the growing bulge in his pants, Norman blew out a column of smoke from my cigarette.

Smiling down at me, Norman pushed his jacket out of the way, as I slowly undid his belt. Then I gently undid his pants and slid his zipper slowly down. Reaching inside his boxers, I wrapped my fingers around Norman’s quickly growing dick. Pulling him free of his boxers and pants, I ran my finger over the tip of his head and then down the side. Norman groaned quietly, his cock pulsing in my fingers.

As I did with the guys earlier, I took Norman’s engorged dick between my lips and started franticly bobbing my mouth up and down his shaft hard shaft with passionate urgency.

Finally, Norman let out a grunt and started to cum. As he filled my mouth with his cum, I swallowed hungrily, but I couldn’t keep up with him and some of it ran out and over my lips. Laughing Norman took a strong grip of my hair. Before I could catch my breath I felt the warm ‘splat’ of his cum on my face. The next instant I opened my mouth and reached out with my tongue to grab the load of his cum that was slowly flowing down from my cheekbone toward my lips.

Just as I tasted the first drop of his hot, creamy cum the next load hit my lips and chin, dripping down onto my shirt. Then Norman jerked my head back exposing more of my face. The next load spattered my face and hair.

As I came back inside and headed for the restroom Steve looked at the cum on my face and my dirty knees from where I’d been kneeling on the dirty blacktop in the alley. Shaking his head in wonder, Steve told me that when I finished, I was to go in the office that he wanted to talk to me about something.

I never did find out what Steve wanted to talk about because when he came in the office, he didn’t say anything…he just sat down and took out his dick.

For what seem like thirty minutes but in was about thirty seconds, I stared at its size and hardness. Then taking the initiative, I started licking the head of his cock, sticking the tip of my hot little tongue in the piss-hole.

“Mmmmmm,” I murmured, “You’ve got a big one, with nice thick veins,” I added as I paused to run a finger down a pulsing vein.

Steve shuddered when I suddenly opened my mouth wide and swallowed half his rock hard dick. My mouth was so hot and wet that I knew to Steve it felt like a pussy. Knowing that he was on a break and didn’t have a lot of time, I started moving my head in a bobbing motion up and down, sliding farther down his shaft with each swallow. I felt his cockhead crashing into the back of my throat and Steve seemed to be as thrilled by it as much I was.

Not being able to take this feeling much longer, I kept banging him harder and harder with my mouth. The thrill was too much for Steve to handle and almost from the start. I knew that he already felt an extraordinarily delicious tension in his balls. I could tell by his moans the he just couldn’t believe how good it felt. Knowing how good I am, I knew that poor Steve had never experienced such perfection in a blowjob before.

Steve couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed my head and slammed into me. I could feel the surge of his blood pumping through his veins. I sucked harder, working my jaw muscles as he pumped in and out of my mouth, controlling the action. I growled low, the hum vibrating around Steve’s shaft until his cum was shooting from his tightened balls and splashing against the back of my throat.

He jerked again, a second time, then a third shot of cum sailed into my mouth and I drank it up with a drawn out, "Mmm."

When Steve eased up, my breath surrounded him as I tightened my lips as I backed off and slide down its still firm length, making sure I left his dick clean.

"Fuck…" Steve muttered as he gazed down at my cum-coated lips…his cum. He watched me slowly lick my lips as I rose.

Back in the bar as I sat on a stool Steve smiled as he served me a beer. “On the house,” he chuckled when I reached towards my pocket.

I smiled as I saw him walk a little bow legged down the bar to wait on another customer.

Around eleven or so when I was headed to my car I started talking to a guy in a white pick up that had just pulled into the parking lot. After commenting about the weather I casually, ask him, “Do you want your dick sucked?” His name was Michael and yes he wanted his dick sucked but he didn’t want to go to my place to get it done. So I had to suck him off in the cab of his pickup. It was a little cramped but fun.

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