Craigslist Dom milks me

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

"Okay let's hope we find a good one." I said to myself as I was getting on the Internet. I typed in the search bar "Craigslist", then made my way to personals, and clicked "men seeking men" I went to that search bar and quickly typed in "BONDAGE" more then a hindered popped up. I went though more then I can even think of then my eyes jumped to one that cought my attention "Dom top for sup milking and cbt" I quickly clicked on it and it read

"Dom top seeks young sub who would be interested in being tied down tight and edged for a long time then milked till your shooting blanks.
Top is 145, very , 27 years old, and very attractive.

You will stay the night but if I find you should stay longer we'll talk about it. You will be restrained the whole time.
I'm into more a lot more things.

Sub should be slim in shape and the idea of bondage. Send stats and pics.
I have a HUGE play room and LOTS of gear so any doms interested in bringing your sub to play to, hmu.

Just reading turned me on and scared me at the same time. I've never had any experience and I just turned 18 four months ago. But the idea turned me on more then anything else so clicked reply.

"I'm very interested in this type of scene! I'm 18, 123, fit, 5'9", brown hair and blue eyes. I'm new to this but willing to submit 100%" and I included my picture.
Him:"your really cute. Would you be interested in meeting somewhere to get a bite to eat and talk about what you would be into doing?

Then he put his picture. He was HOT! Bright blue eyes perfect smile dark brown hair and very buff but not to buff. He was perfect. So I quickly agreed and we decided to meet a restraint near my house at around 4:00pm so I got ready and left. When I pulled up he pulled in right next to me. He got out, as did I and we shook hands and went inside. We ordered and made small talk till we got our food so we could be alone and started talking.

"So Jason what's are you into?"!He asked "Ummmmm I don't really know. I would love to be tied down completely naked with medical restrains and then gagged and left there for a sec to get ready for what's to come, then edged for a really long time then milked till I'm begging to be make it stop."

He smiled. "I got all of that gear. I have all that gear and I even have a serious kit milker so the milking part should be fun. What bout play and other stuff?" I was already hard when he mentioned the milker. "I think it would be nice to have my ass played with for a long time before the milking. And maybe have my balls slapped a little but nothing to painful! I'm not that much into pain."

He said he had ALL the gear needed and it would be perfect. He the asked if I would be comfortable staying the night and maybe the weekend and I said sure why not. So we agreed to meet that Friday which was 4 days away (which killed me) and he strictly told me "NO OFF OR CUMMING!" Hugh that really killed me. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.

The whole week he kept sending me pictures from his pervious sessions which got me so hard but I didn't jerk off. Then the night before he sent me a text with his address then said "don't bring extra cloths." So I woke up around 12:00 and headed over.

I got out of my car and scammed the house. It was really , two stories, and kinda off the road but still in a populated and great neighborhood.
I knocked on the door and he opened it wearing a t-shirt and jeans and socks. He invited me in with a warm smile that made me feel very comfortable. He showed me around and then took me to the kitchen as the last stop. He then we walked through this hall way that led to the laundry room, he walked over to a door and opened it and asked for me to fallow him.

When we hit the bottom there was another door he had to open. When he opened it the room was really big, bigger then my living room. It had four bed in it and NOTHING else. He looked at me and laughed and said, "what's wrong? Ohh this is where the subs sleep." Subs? I asked "I thought it was just me and you?" He smiled. "Yeah it is, but I have other doms bring they're subs here every now and again and they sleep here. The doms sleep upstairs on the second floor. " The beds looked like hospital beds and had the medical restraints on it. I got simi hard just looking at them.

He then led me to the only other door in the room and unlocked the pad lock. It led to another hall way. He pointed to the first door on the left and told me to go in there and strip and put my cloths in one of the lockers and rap a towel around my self then he'll give me a tour. I walked in and he shut the door behind me.

The room was not that big it looked almost like a walk in closet with just four small metal school lockers. I opened one and began to strip. Before I new it i was naked and so puts all my clothes there and shut the locker. I then heard a knock and quickly grabbed a towel. "Make sure and turn your phone off." I hear through the door. Luckily enough I already did. So I opened the door and he locked it behind me. "Don't worry you'll get all of it back when we are done." He assured me.

He showed me the next room, it was a shower room. About the size of a small bed room, it had four shower heads 2 on each side and above each side was a long bar from wall to wall. I guess to tie me up. Then right next door was a restroom with two toilets right next to eachother, no stalls. And on the other wall was a sink.

The next room just had a half sized bed with four metal posts one each corner. The room across that had a bench where you could be tied down on all fours. And the room next to that was a big room long was with four chairs right next to each other screwed into the found with a nice sized tv in front of it. And the last room was a great big room, bigger then the first. It had a few chairs and beds and a lot of different places to be tied up. Each wall was mirrored and he pointed to a door in the room and said that was his supply room.

When we were all done he asked if I wanted to use the rest room and I nodded no and he took me to the room with the bench. He told me to drop the towel and get on all fours, so I did. It was very comfortable but my heart was pounding. He began Strapping down, he started with my ankles, then my calfs, then my thighs, and my back and then moved to my wrists then forearm and last was my biceps. He pulled ball gag out and placed it in.

He smiled down at me and said "I'll be right back don't go anywhere." Then he walked out of the room. I was rock hard and extremely nervous. He wheeled in a tray with lube and napkins on it, the I heard a loud roaring. I started to struggle to get out but I was going no where. He brought wheeled in something covered by a then sheet, it was some kind of machine.

He walked over to the try, I was trying to get his attention by moaning and groaning through my gag but he ignored me. He got some lube on his hands and walked behind me. He started to rub the cold gew In between my crack, I tried to clench then shut but by the way I was positioned I couldn't stop anything. He stated to finger me just enough times to get me nice and loose and then he ripped the sheet off the machine, I tried to turn to see what it was but I couldn't.

You ready he asked? Then I heard a click and felt something poking my ass hole, not going in just teasing it. It drove me wiled I stated to moan cause I kinda wanted it to go in more he the let it go just far enough to poke in and out of me ass, he did this for a while till it was all the way in. And going in and out. The pace and rhythm felt good but also annoy me. He then rubbed my back for a few seconds and said he was gunna get every thing ready, and before I could even try to say something he was gone with door shut behind him. The fucking of the machine was starting to get more annoying, hurting but not enough for me to freak out.

He had to be gone for at least 10 min, then he came back in. I was moaning and trying hard to get out of my bondage. I was turned on a lot but I still wanted this lifeless thing out of me. He laughed and switched it off, he came over to me and unstrapped my arms and hands and before I could reach back and pull the dildo out he hand cuffed me. And same with my legs but the chain on them was wide enough to walk. With my back still strapped down I was still stuck. He went be hind me and slowly pulled the dildo out, it kind hurt he then whipped the rest of the lube of my ass and unstrapped my back and helped me up and led me to another room.

He put me on my back on the bed and strapped my ankles down. He then un cuffed my hands behind my back and forcefully strapped them on each side of me, I looked up at my body as he strapped my chest and lower waist down and noticed hanging over my pulsing dick was the milker. I got really excited and nervous at the same time. He finished me off by strapping my thighs down which spread my legs a bit and made me notice that my ass hole was sore.,

He then began to lube my dick up, when he got done soaking my dick he looked at me and asked "have you ever jerked off after you have already came?" I nodded my head and he had the biggest grin on his face. "This will be lots of fun!" He said while rubbing me stomach. He began to jerk me off I could last more then 20 sec before wanting to cum and he stopped I threw my head into my pillow in anger and he waited a few sec and then started again, and again I wanted to cum and he stopped. He then pulled my gag out and said "tell me when, and if you cum without my permission we will start milking."

Him saying that made me realize I've never "milked" my self so this may not be as great as I thought. He began to start again and I yelled out I'm gunna cum! And he jerked back. He waited a few sec and started again. This went on for about 30min but it seemed like for ever. I was begging and pleading to cum but he just kept saying tell me when. It was so frustrating, I couldn't thrust to increase the pleasure I just kept looking up hoping he would let me and each time he backed off I would buck and beg. But it did no good. He then pulled all of my skin back to the base of my dick and began to jerk.

This increased the pleasure and I started begging "PLEASE SIR I GOTTA CUM PLEASE" and he just repeated "tell me when". I got really mad I started to try my hardest to trust and yell and get him to keep going but he just backed up and waited for me to calm down and then reapplied the lube and kept going. He smiled and said "if you can stop me ill let you cum."

Knowing I had no way of stopping him he kept going. I decided that I had to cum no matter what so when I was on the edge I just kept quiet the i started yelling "ahhhhhhhh yeah!" He didn't stop he just waited for me to finish then he went over to the machine and turned it on. I stated pleading "no please man you can't do this."

He laughed and said "ohh I think I can no one is here to stop me I got no where to be your not going anywhere and no one can hear you scream." He then returned the gag in my mouth and placed the cylinder milker on my sensitive dick. I started yelling and screaming and he just rubbed my stomach and made sure it stayed on. I was going so wild it popped off and he just calmly placed it right back on. He then began to pat my balls and it began to make a smacking sound the light and annoying pain got my mind off the milking but still made me moan and yell. He did this for about 20 sec then stopped.

After about a min I calmed down and the sensitivity wasn't that bad, but he began patting my balls again I wanted to hit him but there was nothing I could do but yell. After about ten min I got the urge to cum again and I did this one even more intense the the last. The machine began to squeak while drinking my cum. I was hopping this was it but he left it there.

I couldn't take this torture I began to scream very loud and buck and thrust but the lifeless thing continued and he just watched. After 10 or 15 min of this he left the room. He was gone for about 10 min when I began to cum again. This one hurt and felt really good but I couldn't do this again I buck the hardest I ever have and continuously screamed and yelled. I was crying and prying this would end when he came in with his phone in his hand. He walked over to the machine and turned it off. I was sobbing and my breathing was very heavy.

He showed me the screen to his phone and there was a around my age a little bit smaller then me. You think he's cute? He asked without waiting or caring for my response he pulled it away and said "we'll he'll be here early tomorrow. You guys are gunna be play mates, he's another sub into the same stuff as you so we will all three have some fun.

I'm gonna let you rest then ill pupil one more of of you and then I'll get you a shower then you can go to bed. Before I could protest he left. I say there waiting for more of this milking feeling satisfied and sore but still horny...

I'm gonna right a part 2 very soon it should be up shortly. :) comments please.

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