Cottage tales

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

I cannot remember the first time I discovered the joys of cottaging. I know that I was fairly naïve sexually in my early life and it was not until I met a guy in a toilet at Gloucester Road station and he asked me if there were any good cottages near to where I lived that I first heard the term.

I suppose I was about eighteen when I realised that public toilets were used for more than having a pee or crap. I was sitting in one of the closets for a legitimate reason when I started to read the messages that covered the walls. I was amazed at what people were claiming to be doing to each other. I knew I fancied other guys but at the same time I did have what I thought were natural sexual urges towards girls. But it was the stories about two guys together which were the ones that turned me on the most.

During this time I had a friend at school with whom I used to experiment but I did not find sexual encounters anywhere else. It was not until the nineteen sixties when I went to university in London that I discovered that toilets were not only places where messages were left but also where fellers met to actually have sex. At the time I was rather a timid sort of person and became nervous if a bloke came into a bog while I was there having a pee and stood right next to me. My reaction was to get out of there as soon as possible.

If, however, I was in a closet with a spyhole so that I could see what was happening outside I would look and wank as I saw other guys playing with each other. I had become a non-participating . This satisfied me for a while until one day, when I was in a closet, a note was passed under the partition. It told me to get on my hands and knees so that the the bloke next door could feel my cock. The partition was quite high and I guessed he had already looked under at me and had liked what he saw.

I took control of my nerves and, with my trousers and pants down by my ankles, got on the floor of the bog which fortunately was not too dirty and a whole arm appeared. He felt my bare legs and worked his way to my crutch. By this time my cock was rock solid as the blood coursed through it. He made a grab for it and he only stroked it up and down about twice and I shot a load of spunk which landed on the partition wall. And started to run down it. I felt fantastic as if a valve had been opened and some internal pressure had been released.

I had no idea who had been feeling me. Even the look of his hand gave me no clue as to how old he was or how big. I still had his note in my hand and guessed by the writing that he was probably reasonably young. I was a bit prejudiced in those days against old people and to me, for some irrational reason, anyone more than a couple of years older than me was old. I took a quick look under the partition and saw he was wearing workman's boots and jeans or overalls and this did not give me any clue as to his age.

I decided to leave the toilet and wait outside for a while and see if anyone wearing that footwear came out after me. I had waited about five minutes when I saw him and guessed he was in his late twenties and so not in my preferred age but he was quite attractive. At that moment my age prejudice started to lessen.

Shortly after this incident I was at Baker Street tube station where there was a public toilet. I had situated myself in one of the closets when I saw a edging its way under the partition. It was a trainer and the wearer was moving his foot gently up and down. I assumed this was some sort of signal but did not know what what it meant. I edged my shoe towards his and eventually we touched. He placed his foot on mine and I then guessed that he wanted to touch me in other places as well.

I got on my knees and looked under the partition. He was on his knees as well and I could see from his bare legs that he was probably the same age as me. I decided to take the initiative and put my hand under the partition. I found his thigh and worked my way up to his groin. His rampant cock was standing upright and I came across his balls first which were hanging loosely as it was quite a warm day. I went a bit further and gripped the shaft of his erection. It felt great and I gently wanked him.

He let me do this for about a minute and then he touched my hand as if to push me away and I withdrew my arm. He put his arm under the partition and grabbed me. I didn't come straightaway this time but savoured being caressed by a young guy who was exciting me so much. We alternated between feeling each other until finally he came and a load of his spunk landed on my hand. I had never eaten cum before but when I saw his thick white cream on the back of my hand I had no hesitation but to lick it up. I developed an instant taste for spunk.

I had many more encounters like this one over the next couple of years and they comprised my total sex life during this time. I still found girls attractive as well and in my third year at university I became engaged to Joan who, at the time, I believed I loved. Although we wanted to have sex we didn't until about a year later when I had left university and was living on my own in the Midlands.

I had moved into a flat and apart from every other weekend when I used to travel to London to see her, I was on my own and to pass the time I explored all the nearby cottages. One of them had two closets and in the wall separating them there was a small hole. I leaned forward to see if the hole went all the way through and could see light the other side. I moved nearer the hole and looked again. What I saw was someone looking at me. Then that person stood up and started to rub his cock. He was standing far enough from the hole so that I could see his tool completely. I liked what I saw and wanted to get my hands around it.

He sat down and made a gesture to suggest that I should stand up and show myself to him. I did so and while I was still standing a piece of tissue wrapped around a pencil was pushed through the hole to my side. I pulled it all the way through and read:

How old, what likes?

I wrote on the note:

21, wanking. You?

I rolled the tissue round the pencil and pushed it back through the hole. It was immediately picked up. Soon it was returned. It read:

30, being sucked and fucking. I've got a car, do you want to come for a ride?

I wanted to feel his dick but was not sure about sucking or fucking. I had never tried either. However I was feeling randy and wrote:

Ok, see you outside.

I pushed it through the hole and saw him read it and then stand up. I did the same flushed the toilet, although I had not used it, and let myself out of the closet and waited outside the cottage. He was close behind me. I looked him over and decided he seemed ok and smiled. He smiled back and beckoned me to follow. His car was parked nearby and I got into the passenger seat. It was only then he spoke.

'Hi, my name's Ian' he said. 'I live nearby, we can go back to my place or have some fun in the car if we drive somewhere quiet.'

He had given me a choice but not having had any experience I was not sure how to answer and so I said I would leave it up to him.

'Let's go back to my place then,' he said. 'We will be more comfortable there and not have to worry about who sees us.'

He had a flat not far away and we got there in a few minutes.

'You seem a bit nervous,' he said as we drove there.

'I've never been back to someone's place before,' I replied. 'Also I have never sucked anyone or been fucked.'

'Everyone has to have a first time,' he said. 'Don't worry I'm not going to force myself on you.'

Once inside the flat he asked me if I wanted a coffee. I said no and he led me into his bedroom. He had a double-bed and he pulled back all the bedclothes apart from the bottom sheet. He came up to me and gently put a hand on each shoulder. His face was very close and I looked at his mouth which had thick sensual lips which were slightly apart. He looked really sexy and as he brought his face closer to mine I went towards his. He brushed his lips against mine and then pressed them hard so that I could feel them pressing through to my teeth. I relaxed my mouth and the pressure went and I felt the full joy of his lips upon mine making the most of the intimate contact.

Keeping our lips joined he opened his mouth further causing mine to do the same then I felt his tongue enter my mouth and touch mine. It sent a shiver through me and I responded by rubbing my tongue against his. I was experienced at French kissing with my fiancée but with this feller it was so much more arousing. I started to feel totally relaxed in his arms.

After a while we released ourselves from the embrace so that, while we were still kissing each other slightly, he could undo my shirt and the waistband of my trousers. Bit by bit my clothes were falling to the floor. Soon I was naked except for my pants and trousers around my ankles.

'Take your shoes and socks off and get rid of the rest of your clothes,' Ian said and I did.

At the same time he was removing all his clothes except for his Y-fronts. I could clearly see the outline of his cock through the material and I placed my hand on it. He had a small amount of hair on his chest and with my other hand I ran my fingers through it. I then kissed each of his nipples. I felt them getting harder. He by now had got one hand on one of my buttocks and the other was running inside the crack between them and occasionally touching my arsehole. Each time he did it made me jump slightly.

'You like me feeling your hole? It's very sensitive to the touch' he said.

I grunted a yes as my mouth was occupied exploring his chest. He knew how to arouse me and I was getting desperate for him to become more intimate with me. I did not have to wait long.

He got on his knees and enveloped my cut seven inch cock with his mouth. His tongue was massaging my shaft and poking my piss slit then it found its way around around my helmet. I wanted to do the same to him and told him so. He stood up and pulled down his pants. I was confronted by a thick eight inch cock whose helmet was still half covered by his foreskin. He put his hands on my shoulders and applied pressure. I needed no more assistance and got on my knees and grabbed his shaft. Opening my mouth I directed his helmet inside and then before closing my lips I let my tongue lick around the fringe of his foreskin while at the same time I pulled it back so that the whole of his helmet was exposed.

I became more adventurous with my tongue and licked every bit of his purple cockhead. Feeling the blood running through it, causing it to throb, turned me on even more and I let it get further in my mouth until it was at the back of my throat. He began to move slightly so that he was fucking my mouth. Occasionally he went further than before and I gagged a little but I persevered and soon I was letting him plunge all of his eight inches in my oral cavity.

'Let's do that to each other,' he said after a while and he gently pulled his cock out of my mouth and led me to the bed.

We lay head to tail and sucked each other. I could feel his hands wandering over my arse and once more exploring the hole between my cheeks. He pressed one of his fingers in my ring and I wanted him to push in further. My instinct was to push against his finger and when I did this he entered me slightly. He then licked his fingers and did it again. This time he pushed in quite far and I could feel him probing inside me. He found my prostrate and gently rubbed it. I felt wonderful sensations running through my body.

'Lie on your back,' he said.

I released his cock and rolled over on the bed. He lifted my legs and knelt between them so that he could crouch down and lick my hole. Little did I know how much pleasure this would give me and I just lay there and moaned with delight as his tongue massaged that intimate part of me.

'I know you have never been fucked but have you ever had anything penetrate your arse?' he asked me.

'When I was about eighteen I used to push a couple of inches of a broom handle inside me while I wanked,' I replied. 'It hurt a bit at first but I got used to it. There's been nothing since so I'm a virgin really however I would like to know what it's like to have a dick inside me.'

He opened a drawer of the cabinet next to the bed and pulled out a vibrator.

'Let's see if you like this first,' he said as he rubbed some KY tall over it. 'It's quite thin and should not stretch your virgin hole too much. Just relax as I'll push it slowly in you. Tell me to stop if it gets too uncomfortable.'

I still had my legs in the air and I could see and feel him place the tip of the vibrator against my hole. He switched it on and I felt the vibrations against my ring. It felt good. I then felt some pressure as he pushed it in me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as he had suggested however it was not easy as everytime he pushed the vibrator in me it stretched my hole in ways it had never been stretched before and it was painful. However periodically he stopped and the pain subsided.

I could feel the vibrations inside my hole now and knew it had penetrated me some way.

'How does that feel?' he asked.

'It feels good sometimes and then gets a bit uncomfortable,' I replied. 'When you're not pushing in me it feels strange but somehow pleasant.'

'Good,' he said. 'I'm not going to push it in any further for the moment but I will pull it in and out as if it was fucking you. Let me know how it feels.'

I felt it being withdrawn by about an inch and then it was pushed back in again. This time I felt no discomfort and found the whole sensation really good. I told Ian and he increased the length of withdrawal. This only made the sensation even better and I told him so. Little did I know that he had pushed it in me even further than before and I was taking all seven inches of the vibrator's length.

Now I think we can move on to something a bit bigger. He left the vibrator in me and greased the shaft and helmet of his dick. I could see it looking slick with the grease he smeared over it. Against the diameter of the vibrator it looked huge.

'Hold your legs so that your knees are touching each shoulder,' he told me.

I grasped under each thigh and pulled so that my arse was well exposed to his rampant cock. He edged towards me and slowly took out the vibrator and then put his cock in the rim of my hole which was slightly more open after having been already stretched. He pushed and I felt my arse open to take him however he only got a part of his cockhead in me when I told him to stop. The pain was so great. I thought I was being split in two.

'Just take it easy and relax,' he said. 'tell me when the pain goes away.'

'It's gone now,' I said but I still felt a bit uncomfortable.

He pushed again. This time it still hurt but not as bad as previously and I kept quiet. He stopped once again.

'Tell me when it feels ok to go further,' he said.

I let him stay in the same position for about half a minute and then nodded my head and he pushed some more. I was in pain but it was a bearable pain and I simply closed my eyes until I knew he was all the way in me as I could feel his balls touching my body. He didn't say a word but pulled out a little as he had done with the vibrator. He then pushed back into me. He did this a number of times and finally all pain disappeared and pleasure took its place.

I continued to just lie there but now I was enjoying the penetration of his cock in my arse. He could see that I was by the smile that had appeared without effort on my face. This made him fuck me faster and the faster he went the more I enjoyed it.

'That's fucking good,' I said and he pumped my with more vigour.

After a few minutes he suggested changing positions and he pulled out of me. I worried that when he pushed it back in again it would start to hurt again but I was wrong. I got on my knees and he came in me from behind. His cock slipped in in one stroke and with ease. He was now in a better position to ram himself in me with all the force he could muster and he did not show me any mercy as he drove himself to a climax. Although I could not feel his spunk hitting the inner depths of me I knew when he had come as the rhythm of his pounding changed and he jabbed my hole really hard and finally pushed it right in and held it there.

'Fuck that was good,' he said kissing the back of my neck and licking up and down my spine.

'Yes it was,' I said and I had not even come myself but I felt fulfilled nevertheless. 'I can't wait for the next time it happens.'

'Stick around I will fuck you some more,' he said. I had to refuse though as it was getting quite late.

'I'd love to but I need to go,' I said.

He didn't press me but instead wrote his telephone number on a piece of paper and asked me to ring him next time I felt horny. I pocketed the paper carefully and left. My arse still felt it had a cock in it and it was a wonderful souvenir of my virginity being taken away. When I lay in bed that night I wanked myself and fantasised about being fucked senseless by loads of men I had met in a cottage. I knew that at the next opportunity I would be trying to find another guy willing to screw me.

In fact that episode was a turning point in my cottaging career. Now when a note was passed under the partition asking what I liked, I would write back that I liked sucking and being fucked. A lot of the time though it went no further as the bloke had nowhere to go where we could fuck. Occasionally though that was not the case and I went back with a number of guys and they each fucked me.

I still had the piece of paper with the telephone number on it and one time when I hadn't managed to score I found a phone box and rang it. Ian answered straightaway and invited me over. He hadn't told me but he had a friend there as well. I was taken aback at first but he said.

'Don't worry this is Steve a friend of mine and he likes to fuck as well. Shall we have a threesome?'

I said yes without hesitation and started to tear off my clothes. Steve was about the same age as Ian and had an equally large cock. In no time I had it in my mouth and Ian was my arse.

'I think you have been having quite a few cocks since we last met,' he said. 'Your hole is nice and relaxed. Let's see how receptive it is to my cock.'

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