Corey and Noah : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Corey couldn’t see how he could get to be friends with Noah unless he turned into a complete asshole so as to match the rest of the boys which Noah hung around with. This seemed unlikely to ever happen however so Corey thought it to do it the only way he saw possible. He would have to get Noah away from his friends so that they could build up something to work on as friends.

Corey thought that maybe people would think he was really strange for not thinking about how best to become friends with another person however, it didn’t matter for he didn’t really have friendship in mind. He wasn’t sure if anything could really happen between him and Noah yet Corey thought it best to at least try and see how things went.

Besides, the fact was the Corey found it difficult not to think about Noah at all. Each day at school, Corey would see Noah and it would bring the upmost pleasure just to see him walk passed in his shorts. Occasionally, Corey would catch Noah scratching his balls or his and he found that he would have to run off to the school bathrooms to relieve himself. Indeed, Corey lived for nothing more than to feel the excitement of when Noah would smile at him (which only happened occasionally), or when no one else was around and they passed each other in the hall, the word ‘hey’ was breathed.

Corey found himself returning often to the spot where he and Noah met just to stand in the place where Noah had first touched him.

And there was the fact that Corey had no idea what was happening with himself really. Corey had no idea why he felt this way about this . It was odd that he would feel an excited leap at ever sight of him or mention of his name, and even more so that every night when he went to bed, his mind filled with the image of this boy and his penis was monumentally pleasured by the one sight alone.

Yes, Corey wanted nothing more than to be with Noah, the problem was that school seemed to harbour no time in which they might possibly or start something of a friendship. The two only had one class together and Corey was almost certain that the last thing he could do was approach Noah’s table with all of those boys and the only other time besides class was lunch but Corey knew well at the idea of him going and sitting with Noah’s was also ludicrous.
This led Corey to be nothing short of depressed.

“And so it was that Shakespeare closed Romeo and Juliet with one of the most tragic and remembered endings of the time.”
Mr. Whitton stood before the class but no one was really listening to him. In fact, the whole class seemed to be in something of a stupor.
Corey was watching Noah (for what was surely the millionth time). Noah had taken his watch off and seemed to be playing around with it in various ways. He may not have realised it yet he looked quite childish in the way he swung it and slid it across the table only to catch it seconds before it feel off.

Corey smiled behind his hand at just how adorable Noah looked at that moment as he flicked his blonde hair from his eyes and looked down at the time given by the watch for the first time. As he did so, his eyes widened slightly in realisation and he flung his hand into the air.
“Sir?” Noah interrupted, “I have to go to footy tryouts now. There signing the members up early this year.”

Mr. Whitton looked most suspicions but more so irritated and allowed Noah to leave. Corey had a sudden thought.
Old Mr. Whitton snapped his heard up quickly, apparently annoyed at the constant interruptions to his failing lesson.
“You need to go too Mr. Matheson?”
“Uh no sir-I need to go to the toilet.”
“Off you go then.”

Corey closed the classroom door quietly behind him and nearly sprinted down the hallway and to his right. Noah was doing what he hoped and skidding along extremely slowly, giving Corey time to catch up with ease.
“Hey Noah, what’s up?”
“Oh hey Corey, how’s it going?”
“Alright I guess.” Corey answered as they stopped to talk, “Your heading off to the oval’s then?”
“Nah, I was just lying back there.” Noah sniggered quietly, “There tonight, I was just so over that Shakespeare shit.”

Corey smiled.
“Yeh I know what you mean ay.”
“So, what are you doing then?”
“Oh just going to the toilet.”
“To jack off I bet.” Noah laughed.
Corey hesitated, not sure whether or not Noah was talking seriously.
“Yeh, definitely.” Corey answered in what he hoped was a sarcastic voice.

“That’s what I’m doing when I get down to the public pool in town.” Noah smiled mischievously, “Anyway I’d better go before that dick head figures anything out in there. See you then.”

Noah patted Corey’s arm roughly before leaving Corey feeling stunned. Was Noah serious? Looking down, Corey saw what he expected. He ran again at top speed and jumped into a bathroom cubicle before tearing his shorts off.
When he returned to class a couple of minutes later, Corey sat down happily after one of the greatest masturbations of his life.

* * *

He took a breath as the station rickety bus drove away. As he did so, Corey looked straight forward at the small, brick building and started a slow walk towards it.
“Okay Corey, just relax. You can do this, really, you can!”
In actual fact, despite what he told himself, he didn’t think that he could do this at all. But all he could do was keep trudging forward for he knew that it must be done. If he wanted to truly spend time with Noah, then Corey knew that this was the only way. Or that’s the conclusion that Corey came to as he eventually reach his destination.
A friendly looking man was pulling out cones and balls from inside the store room of the small building, humming softly to himself.
“Uh…” Corey started, as he stopped behind the man.

The coach turned around and faced Corey who smiled weakly up at the worn eyes of the man.
“I was just wondering about joining the team.” he said in a small voice.
The coach looked him up and down, apparently attempting to see just how up to rugby league Corey might actually be.
“How old are you. Hold on!”
The coach pulled out a rather battered looking clipboard and a form from the bag at his feet. Placing the paper atop the clipboard, he took a pen from his pocket.
“So, your birthday would be in-”
“April 5th 1965.” Corey answered quickly.
“Okay, and have you ever played before?”
“No.” Corey said quietly as if he hoped to pass by that fact quickly, without fuss.
“Do you know the rules of the game?”

Corey nodded, for he at least hoped that he understood the rules considering that he had just spent all day looking over a library book in a wild attempt to remember them.
“Alright, well you’ll have to fill out this form and, the rest of the boys aren’t here yet but, they will be in about ten minutes. We can all meet each other and we’ll start trials.”
Corey nodded again, to show that he understood, and then grabbed the clipboard off of the coach and looked down at it. He had in fact, purposely come early so as not to ask these questions in front of the other boys themselves.
“Oh, and you can go into the change rooms and put these on seeing’s as you’re not really prepared.” the Coach said, indicating a pair of footy shorts which lay inside the same bag which he seemed to keep all of his coaching supplies.
“Oh yeh well, I didn’t really think that I’d buy them before I knew whether or not I made the team.” Corey spluttered.

He knew that it was stupid not to wear footy shorts to the session but he didn’t own any and he hadn’t exactly talked to his parents about what he was doing.
Without any response from the coach who had once again set to the task of laying out the cones, Corey took the shorts and went around the back to the change rooms where he found a open space with one wall separating the communal showers from the changing area. Hoping that he wouldn’t be forced to use the showers (for it seemed unlikely that he could control his penises behaviour in such a situation), Corey undressed and pulled his new shorts on.

All too soon, the hopefuls for the Jesmond Jaguars team arrived.
When Noah trudged towards them, Corey’s heart did something of a backflip. It went even wilder when he saw that Noah had seen him and started to walk towards him.
“Hey, I didn’t know that you were into the game.” Noah said, genuinely surprised.
“Yeh well, you know-” Corey muttered in response for if he had to be truthful then he’d say that nothing at all about the game interested him in the slightest.
“Epic, at least I’ll know someone now.”

Corey’s heart jumped again at this piece of information. He would have Noah all to himself for these sessions! It was greater that he could have hoped for…
“All right, listen up everyone.” the coach called out after all the boys had proceeded out of the change rooms and sat down in front of him in the proper rugby training attire.
Corey and Noah sat with them, but at a greater distance then most of them sat with each other.

The coach stared by getting everybody to fill and hand in their forms to him and in doing so, did something of an introduction process.
“And this here is Corey Matheson.” The coach said as he glanced down at the form he had just taken from Corey.
Corey looked around at the rest of the team, most of whom were glaring at him, their expressions completely neutral.
This didn’t help Corey’s confidence.
“And we have Noah Girding here.”
Noah gave a feeble sort of smile to everyone which no one returned.

When the introductions had been completed, the coach announced that he would asses everyone’s basic playing skills such as kicking, passing, running but first of all tackling. The coach asked if anyone had difficulty with any of the basic skills and offered to help those who did. A surprising number of hands rose into the air and Corey and Noah were approached last with aid offered (as Corey had raised his hand as well).
“Now Corey, what you want to know about tackling is, you don’t want to annihilate the other person to oblivion; you just want to get them to the ground. So, what you do is you go for the waist, you lock your arms around him and push or pull him to the ground, but remember that you’re going down as well.”
Corey nodded his head uncertainly for it sounded very hard but there was one thing that caught Corey’s interest and that was that he would be tackling Noah.
“All right Corey, give it a go.” Coach said.
Corey turned and looked up at Noah’s blond face and brought his eyes down passed his perfect torso and onto his groin-area, which he would soon be grabbing.
Wasting no time, Corey ran forwards and pounced at Noah.

Very clumsily, he grabbed Noah around the waist and pulled him down to the damp grass. As Corey fell flat on his back, he pulled Noah on top of him.
Then, Corey felt and realised what he was actually doing.
Noah Girding was on top of him, the boy that he found so amazing was lying with his butt on top of Corey’s penis. Had the two not been separated by mere millimetres of nylon, then the feeling couldn’t have been more than amazing...
“That was pretty good Corey, pretty good.” Coach said, patting Corey’s shoulder encouragingly.

But it didn’t matter, the rest of the training session was a haze of beauty as he watched Noah, and the other boys running around, passing the ball.
As the session came to a close, Corey found that due to an amazing amount of luck, he had made the team alone with Noah.
“Great job Corey.” Noah said, “You’re pretty good.”
Blushing, Corey went home in higher spirits then he had felt in a long time.

* * *

The ball flew back towards Corey yet he was determined that this time, he wouldn’t flinch. He watched it come closer and closer, stretched his arms out and awaited the impact with his eyes only barely open. In fact, Corey couldn’t help himself and closed them at the last second, just as he felt the leather ball fall into his hands. In doing so, Corey enclosed his fingers and opened his eyes wide in amazement.
In his hands was the hard rugby ball and upon catching it, Corey realised for the first time that it was nothing to be feared. In fact, just then, he threw the ball back into the air and went to catch it several more times, his mind swimming with the image of their training session the next week for now he could prove at least a bit of his worth on the team. More importantly though, it may actually impress his new friend, or what he thought may be his friend…he wasn’t sure if he could call Noah that yet.
A smile reached across his face as Corey stood with the ball in hand, and he thought once again of the one he cared so much about.

Corey wheeled around with a whimper before stumbling backwards and falling over. Looking between his arms, Corey relaxed slightly as he saw that his mother’s shout was not fixated on him but on what must be his father from the lounge room.
When he realised this, Corey’s breathing calmed a little before panic returned once more. The reason for this was that the back door flew open and his father appeared in the doorway, his head turned back towards his wife.
“I’m not gunna listen to your shit for a second longer!” his yelled, marching across the yard and stopping in front of Corey.

Corey looked up at his father, shaking.
“What the fuck are you looking at!?”
Corey said nothing but instead looked at his mother who had proceeded out the door and into the yard.
“Leave him alo-”
Her voice was drowned out as Corey’s yell rent the air.

Corey coughed and spluttered as he clutched his stomach which felt as though a hole had just slammed through it. He looked back at his father’s sturdy boot which had swung back and was going for a second kick.
The boot seemed to hit its target for, seconds after Corey closed his eyes again; his head gave a great shock wave. His skull flew back and his body followed suit: his cheek gave a sickening crack and his brain seemed to shake within his skull.
“You basted!”

Whilst Corey swallowed what he thought must have been blood, there was a scuffle above him but it didn’t make much sense really. All he knew was that it felt as though his head was about to spilt open and, as he turned over; a stab of pain went through him again which forced him to groan heavily.

He did not know how long he was laying on the grass. The prospect of him kicking a ball around seemed very distant indeed. He did not know what had happened to his parents but all he knew was that the sun was still glowing overhead and the breeze continued to drift lazily.

If he could muster the strength, Corey would have jumped. The voice was recognizable but as he attempted to open his eyes, blackness returned just as a face gloomed. Corey turned, rested his hand on a ball and knew no more.

To be continued on January 29…

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