Construction workers are the best

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I've had a long stressful day at work so i decide to call up my friend matt to meet me at the bar. matt tells me he cant leave the site yet so i bring him a few beers. its within walking distance so i make my way over there.

i almost forgot, my name is ben, i have a medium build and a rockin 6 pack. im 24.

so i get to the construction site and i go into the trailer only to be greeted by a naked matt. he could be the sexiest person besides my other friend austin. he stand just a few inches taller than me at 6'3" and his was 5" soft. he must not have been expecting me so early because he was wet from the shower. he sees me and quickly grabs for a towel. i walk up to him and take the towel. he gives me a confused look but i give him a kiss in the lips and he had the softest lips EVER. by now matt is catching on and his hard cock hits me in the thigh. i look down and it cant be any shorter than 10"! i drag matt into the bedroom. and throw him on the bed. i marvel at his chiseled chest and gorgeous abs. i waste no time as i strip bare. my cock is stiff as can be and standing at 9". i get on my knees and lick matts massive head. he moans which fuels the fire. i take it as encouragment and swallow as much of his monster as i can. it was more than half but i couldnt handle it all. i had maybe 8 of the 10" in my mouth. it was the feeling of my life, at the time. he moans that hes gonna cum and i pull off immediatly.

i get on my back and hold my legs close to my chest. he gets behind me and starts eating my . he repetadly sticks his tongue in and out. im in heaven. he is so good at this that i thought i was gonna cum right then and there. he lets me take a break before fucking my brains out. i catch my breath and tell him to my ass. he gets back behind me and slowly starts putting his monster head in me. this hurt like a bitch but i was determined to take his thick 10" cock. his head is in and without warning he swiftly rams into me. i scream in pain but also in pleasure. i hit him and tell him if he does it again ill beat him. he just gives me a sexy little smile. matt lets me get used to his presence. i give him the thumbs up and he pulls out and pushes back in. he continues this pace until he yells that hes going to cum. he pulls out and i take him in my mouth i suck him until he cums in my mouth. i swallow it and plant a kiss on him.

matt tells me he wants to repay me. i smile devilishly thinking to myself that i can get revenge. he gets on his knees and deepthroats me in one swift movment. i gasp and moan at the same time ( dont ask me how ). he almost drops my cock until deepthroating me again. this is a great feeling and i told matt i didnt want to cum yet. he gets on all fours and i decide to finger matt. he sucks 3 of my finger and i push 1 in at a time. the goes in and i furiously finger him and he is loving it. i insert another but lighten the pace. the third goes in and he yells. without telling him i stick my pinky in and he almost loses it. matt yells to stick my entire fucking hand in him. i pull out and let him lube up my hand with some vaseline. i resume with the 1 finger at a time until im 4 fingers . i ask him if he really wants it all. he says yes. i did as he commands and sticks my hand in his ass. hes moaning like a bitch in heat. after a few minutes of fisting him i pull out and lay on my back. he takes the hint and lowers himself on my cock.

he is going crazy on my dick. after my entire hand was in his ass, i thought his asshole would be too loose for me to feel it. i was dead wrong. his ass was still tight and i loved it. matt took a break from riding me and comes down to kiss me. i pick him up and put him back on my dick. i bring him up and down on my meat. matts crying out in pleasure as he kisses me. he yells that hes gonna cum. i put him back down and swallow his cock and he cums. we swap the cum through a passionate kiss. we split it and swallow. matt gets on all fours again as i penetrate him from behind. im on the brink of cumming because its so hot. after just a few thrusts i pull out and cum on matts face. this could be the biggest load ive ever had. it was atleast 10 large spurts of cum.

we are both sweating so we take a shower. i glance down and notice matt getting hard. i smile and get down on my knees.... to be continued.

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