Completely Nude in front of Fios

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I got Frontier Fios Installed at my new apartment few days back. Ken, was his name. Since he had to do an all new installation, he was here a whole one and a half hours.

Though I have tried in the past, I have never been able to gather my nerves and be in front of a completely strange in such close quarters.

This gentleman, a Caucasian, came to install. He called me before he came. This got me going. I wore an very sexy boxer drawer with a t-shirt on top. I positioned my balls and such that it was prominently protruding. As I opened the door, I could see his eyes wander to my tight fitting, colorful star wars underwear. But he recovered very fast and came in. He asked where all the connections were needed etc. I took him into the bedroom walk-in closet and showed the box installed on interior wall. He sat down and started disassembling the boxes there. As he sat down, I came very close to the door and peeped into the room. At this point, my hard was clearly visible to him and he took appreciative look at it several times. I pretended as though I did not notice and kept talking to him.

After sometime, I was encouraged by lack of any caution/anger from him pushed me further. I told him since it is going to take long, I was going to take bath, get ready to leave to work as soon as he is done.

Went into the bathroom in my single BR apartment. Left the door open. I took off the t-shirt leaving only the boxers. My clean shaved chest, my taut nipples and my body was on display. I started flossing my teeth, brushing etc.

He was going in and out of the room. The room door is directly opposite to the door of the bath. Thus only was in or out was in full view of the bathroom door. He went to living room and back several times. As he passed, he did not say anything about my torso or my hugging boxer.

Encouraged by his obvious interest, I lowered the boxer such that upper half of my ass was exposed. Kept watching him going in and out and saw whether he was angry or upset or showed any negative reaction. Seeing, none and his coming in and out of bedroom with bathroom door open, I was really into wanting to get naked fully now.

Once he went outside to get something from his van, I took the opportunity and peeled off the boxer drawers. So there I was completely nude, dick fully engorged and standing high and I was on fire with anticipation. As he came in he started asking something about where the wires were going etc. He was in the hallway and I started talking to him from the bathroom. As he came, he could see my fully nude. I was facing the mirror so y back was facing him with ass cheeks on full display. May be he had not anticipated that I would be fully naked, he gasped for a second. There was visible change in his voice. He spent a few more minutes than he had to at the bathroom door.

I was almost going to explode with anticipation. Anticipation that he might come and tough me. But he hesitated and went into the room. Then I closed the door, completed my bath and as I came out of the shower, opened the bathroom door completely again and started drying myself.

He was in the living room by this time. He wanted a chair to climb up. So I decided this was a good time to go out completely naked out in front of him. As I was talking, I went out into the kitchen. My living room and kitchen are in great room concept, so no walls in between. So he could see me fully naked without a stitch of cloth on me. Several times as I helped him, his hands came close to my body but he hesitated to touch me.

I was so aroused by this time, could not contain myself any longer. Started masturbating in open view. I am sure he saw me. I went out with my dick fully hard into the kitchen area and thanked him for putting a phone jack on kitchen wall. Now he looked at my dick, balls, thighs, abs everything fully open and fresh from bathing. Gleaming.....

I think he was either shy or hetero. But he sure enjoyed my show. That much was obvious.

He stayed for another 15-20 minutes and I stayed naked all that time and right next to him or close to him talking about things etc. We had great conversation. The whole time he was stealing long looks at my body. Then when he was done, he explained to e how to use the remote, programming etc. We faced each other and he was no more than 2 feet away looking at my dick as he pretended not to.

I could see he had an erection of his own. I wanted to try something more. But this was my first experience at being nude in front of another stranger. What a rush it was.

As he left, he bent down to give paper to sign. He could see my dick very close at this point. I think I could have been bold and take next step. But was scared to as he had not done anything.

But no problem I have lived on this experience past week. Every time I think of it, I get excited again and again.

May be I will break something and call him back to fix it. It's free service for me anyway. Next time I will be bolder and will post the story... If you all like me to..

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