College Budies

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This stories happened one spring while Joe and I was coming home for spring break from college. We were riding down a long strip of road when Joe and I starting talking about our conquests at school. Joe was a player and got all the he wanted but me on the other hand had had a long dry spell. Needless to say listening to Joe's stories got me quite turned on, luckily it was getting dark so Joe couldn't see my hard-on.

We decided to stop and get a Motel since we weren't going to make it home that night anyway. After getting settled in the room I took a shower and got into bed. Joe decided to do the same. I dozed off when I felt Joe get into bed, the only room we could get was on with a Queen bed in it. At I pretended to be asleep just to see what Joe was going to do.

Joe laid there for awhile then to my surprise he whisper to me to see if I was asleep, I still pretended to be. Joe then slide closer to me and put his arm over me and ran in hand over my now growing . I could feel his cock rubbing against the crack of my .

Joe the began to rub harder and harder which made me start to moan. He began to pull his hand away but I caught it and guided it past the band of my boxers and on to my straining cock. Joe laughed and said he thought I was sleeping. As he pumped my cock I rolled over and began returning the favor.

Needless to say it didn't take long before we were bo praying cum all over each other.

Joe said that he felt bad for me for not scoring at high school so he thought he would help me out. Well, thanked him by going down on him. At first his cock was soft and tasted a little salty. But as I worked it in out, it grew to an amazing 8". Pumping away we got in the 69 position and sucked each other to another great orgasm. We rolled apart and laid there and talked about what had just happed, neither of us had down that before.

We both fell asleep but once again Joe must have got horny again because I was awkwaked by Joe pushing his now lubricated cock toward my glory hole. At first I thought about stoppin him but again changed my mind. Insteadn I got on all fours and gave himt total access. Slowly he entered me and then once he had buried himself he began pumping away, first slowly then sped up until he shot his load into my bowels.

Then it was my turn Joe said. He didn't have to tell me twice. As I pumped away I couldn't believe I was doing this but was totally enjoying this. After, whart seem like forever, I exploded into his asshole. As I pulled out, my cum squirted out of his asshole as if he was cumming.

We spent a couple more night in the motel doing what was becoming to be natural to us. We still enjoy road trips and try to do them afew times a year.

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