Code of the Road

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I stood there, feeling helpless, watching my emergency blinkers flash against pitch darkness on the shoulder of Highway 99. It was well past midnight, my swing shift at the plant having just ended, and this was a desolate stretch of desert road. The worst kind to blow a tire on, at the worst possible time. Life has a way of sticking it to you like that, though I had no idea at the time just how many ways life would stick it to me that night.

My spare had long since been used, so I didn't even think about that. No AAA, no money for a tow, no one at home to call and rescue me, my options were grim and limited to one; get walking. It was about 25 miles to my front door, and with a steady but not too hectic pace, I figured I could make it by sun-up. I let out a long, deep sigh, and set off.

I tried to take my mind off the tedious walk ahead -- One in front of the other, don't think about it, just do it. You're a young man. Healthy, strong, fit. This should be no problem -- and droned onward. After almost an hour, only two cars had passed in either direction, and having never hitchhiked I was hesitant to jerk a thumb into the air either time. Part of me hoped a good Samaritan would take it upon themselves--see a young, small, handsome white walking alone through the desert night, exposed and alone--and take pity, but I was far too meek a person to actually initiate the ride with a stranger.

Then, almost as if the universe were hearing my thoughts and replying to them, a low rumble approached from behind. An 18-wheeler thundered toward me, tall and hulking, its contact lights twinkling against the ink night. It grew louder as it approached, its double headlamps gradually bathing me in light, then slowed quickly as it passed and began to pull onto the shoulder of the road ahead of me. My heart jumped into my throat, this guy was was pulling over for me!

I walked cautiously around the passenger side of the truck. The air brakes whished at me as I passed. The gentle, throbbing hum of the diesel engine seemed somehow intimidating, like it was alive. I approached the passenger door, looked up, hesitated, then said "fuck it." I needed the ride, what's the worst that could happen? I opened the door and hefted myself into the cab.

I froze when I saw him, a pang of electricity shooting down my spine to the balls of my feet. It was hard to be sure with him sitting down, but he had to have been at least 6'3", and built. He was wearing a skin tight white wife beater that projected rows of cut pectorals and abs. Dark chocolate arms bulging with knotted muscle gripped the wheel, his smooth shaved black head and thick jaw line gleaming in the dim dome light. "Sup, you need a ride?" he said, his face still and emotionless.

I looked up at him, frozen in the doorway for a pregnant instant, then stepped up into the seat and closed the door. "Yeah, thanks so much man, I've already been walking for like an hour" I said, eyes looking straight forward at the windshield. I didn't know why, but I found myself intimidated in a way I hadn't been in a long time. I almost couldn't look at him, as if he were a that would charge if I made eye contact.

"Yeah that must been you car back there huh," he said, staring into me mercilessly.
"Yeah, few miles back, that's me. Need to get to Lodi, you going that way?" I said, managing to look at him and smile. I don't know why I did it--smile--but I felt all aflutter. Giddy, like my senses were on edge. My pulse pounded in my eardrums, I could feel beads of sweat pooling on my brow. This was the first time I'd been picked up in this way, and to have it be by him made it all the more surreal.

The edges of his full lips curled into a subtle smile, "Yeah, I got you, that is my road" he said, hitting the air brakes and revving the engine. "Buckle up, I'm get you there."

I did as I was told, buckling in, then put my hands in my lap and again faced eyes forward. "This a bad stretch o' road to break down on" he said, the truck lurching forward as he cycled through the gears, then settled back into his seat. His tree-trunk legs were straddled out wide, draped by baggy gray sweatpants, one hand resting on his lap.

"Yeah tell me about it, I thought I'd be walking till morning after just working a full shift" I said, training my eyes out the passenger window, trying to look anywhere but at the bull I was locked in the cab with.
"Yeah, that's rough, good thing I came along" he said, then ever so gently started rubbing his thigh. I couldn't help looking by this point, and he was fully aware of it.
"Yeah... good thing", I somewhat squeaked. I wasn't sure what the vibe I was picking up here was, but it was both terrifying and, in some ways, exhilarating

"You ever done this before'?" He said, flashing me a sideways glance. My stomach did a back flip as he looked at me, though I tried not to show it. My eyes scanned up and down his chiseled physique, which I was now having trouble looking away from. "Uh, done what before?"
"Hitchhiked" he said, now very visibly rubbing his thigh, which began to grow.

My eyes went wide as I saw a long thick snake begin to stir under his sweats. It stretched down his right pant leg, most of the way down to his knee, his sinewy hand tracing it in long strokes. I was panicking by this point; what had I gotten myself into? I'd given him the wrong idea with the smile, oh god, what do I do now?!

I watched hypnotically as his hand slid down the obscenely long pole, making it bulge up and harden, tenting his sweats. "Um, no... no, this... uh, this is the first time I've... I've ever had to" I stammered, my words tripping over one another and my eyes lolling in my skull as I watched him stroke the length of his monster dong. He grabbed it tight around the base and pulled up on it, giving me the full outline. It was easily as thick as a coke can and nearly three times as long. My heart slammed against my ribcage and, to my horror, I felt a spreading warmth within my own crotch. This can't be happening, I'm not gay, I'm not....

"For real?" He said, pulling his massive cock up even harder, so that it stretched the sweats up and out comically. "Well shit, you don't know the code of the road then... " He let it slap hard back against his leg and, for the first time since he'd started playing with himself, looked over at me, "... do you?"

I was suddenly mute. There seemed to be no way out. And in some ways more alarming, I wasn't sure I wanted out. My cock now stood painfully erect in my own jeans, all I could think about was the huge black donkey dick five feet from my face. This couldn't happen. I wasn't gay, or bi, or even bi-curious, I was straight. Always had been, always would be. No, it was time to put a stop to it.

"Uhm... why are you doing that?" I said, darting my eyes down at the bloated summer sausage in his pants. He looked down at his crotch, "What, playing' with this monsta dick?" He said casually, pulling up on it. I stared at it in a dumb daze, unable to speak or look away, and managed a weak nod.

"Because you fiddling to choke on it, take it up in that ." He said, as matter-of-factly as if he had said that fire is hot, or water is wet. He wrapped the sweat pants around its massive girth and looked back at me, "That the code of the road, white boy."

Lightning struck my numb mind. This couldn't be happening. Of all the cars I could've gotten into that night, I chose the one with a horny black monster cock. I sat there in a stupor, the thrum of the engine humming through my legs. What could I do? The truck was moving 75 miles per hour down the freeway, and I was still a good 20 miles from home. But even more alarming; something in me had come alive. Something I never knew existed until faced with it. I... wanted to feel it. Taste it. Feel its texture on my tongue and my throat stretched wide with it. I felt like I was in a dream, some bizarre intersection between nightmare and fantasy.

I stared back, mute, my mouth slightly agape. It took me a moment to fully come to my senses. "Sir, look... I, uh... I appreciate the ride, I really do, but I'm not... you know... gay." I said, eyes still fixated on his swollen monster. He looked over at me and smirked, then wobbled it around in his pants.

"You know you fronting boy, look at that shit" he said, pulling it up high, making his sweats tent up to their limits.

"I... I..." I stopped. No words materialized, only emotions and images. Flashes of my face buried in pillows, my ass in the air, screaming out in pain. Fleeting images of kneeling in front of him, his rank musk overpowering my senses.
"Get back in that sleeper, get them clothes off, there's a truck stop jus' ahead" he said, training his eyes back on the road. I stared back at him, overtaken by shock. It wasn't a request. This was it, resist or submit, I had to make a choice.

I hesitated for one more agonizing moment, at war with myself, then unbuckled my belt, stood up, and moved back into the sleeper, making sure to close the curtain behind me. Passion and anxiety roiled within me, pit in a tug of war with each other. The very core of my sexual identity was being rocked, and I was letting it. Giving in, being hopelessly washed away in a current of lust. Resigned to my fate, I slowly began to undress. When I was down to my boxers, I sat on the edge of the bed, and waited.

The truck seemed to slow, the roar of the engine weakening to a whine, then rocked back and forth jarringly. We must have reached the truck stop. I lurched forward as we came to a halt, the air brakes sighing their familiar hiss. There was stillness for a moment, the truck still purring in the background, then a whoosh of the curtain.

He had to duck down to get into the sleeper before standing in front of me at his full height. He was absolutely massive; I was now thinking closer to 6'5". His giant erection bulged out in front him awkwardly, closing in to within inches of my face. He looked down at me, his features cast in dark shadows, a fierceness in his eyes, then grabbed a handful of cock and kneaded it firmly, running a hand down its long shaft. "Damn, you a pretty little white boy" he said, his breathing getting heavier. I looked back up at him and cooed softly, my head wavering back and forth, feeling like I might pass out. I'd never been this turned on in my life. "What you waiting' on, get that dick in you mouth", he said, his voice lowered to a husky baritone, and untied the string of his sweats.

I swallowed hard, then grabbed his pants by the waistline and slowly pulled down. Inch after inch of thick black cock revealed itself as they lowered, hooking up and under the elastic band of his sweats, fighting to break free. Finally, when they were almost at his knees, it sprang into the ai"6

It was stupefying huge. 11 inches at least and thick, impossibly thick. Dark black and velvety smooth, it had a slight upward curve, its plum-sized head pulsating and dribbling precum. I reached out with a trembling hand and grabbed its girthy base. My fingers wouldn't close around it. "Oh... oh my god", I said aloud to no one, gazing at it from both sides, marveling at its sheer size. It throbbed hot and smooth, hard as steel in my hand. I waved it back and forth in front of my face in astonishment, I'd never seen a dick this big, in porn or anywhere else. Passion roiled up from my gut, a lust for huge black cock enveloped me, I needed it inside of me. All of it. Now.

"Yeah, get on that big black dick. This your payment." he said, and grabbed the top of my head with a meaty hand, pulling it forward. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide, flinching slightly as it was stuffed wide full of thick black cock. The salty tang of his precum immediately splashed my tongue, sending trembles and quakes throughout my body. He pushed in slow, instantly gagging me as his fist-sized cock head jammed up in the back of my throat. "Now, get on that shit" he said, pulling my face down harder. I opened my eyes and was taken aback to see I didn't have much more than the head in.

My mouth was stretched into a horrifically wide grin, my eyes squinting and watering as I rolled my head back and forth, hopelessly fighting to take another fat inch. A strong hand grabbed the back of my neck and he began to fuck my face, slowly at first, then harder and deeper with each stroke. I gacked and sputtered, slurping off and plunging back on, matching the rhythm of his hips with my head. My hands reached up behind him, exploring the back of his granite legs and muscled ass.

"Yeah, that it. Mmm, gotdamn white boy" he muttered down at me, pursing his lips and thrusting his hips forward, "slob that mutherfucka." He pulled up his shirt, showing off rows of shredded abs. I ran my hand over them, gagging and croaking as he rammed his freakish rod down my throat.

I snorted, spit shooting out the sides of my mouth as it forced its way down. My face turned beet red, my eyes bulged out of their sockets and my throat made horrible squawking noises. I looked down his shaft; his plump black balls were still 6 inches away, I wasn't even halfway down and I was already choking to death on it. I looked up at him, my face now turning a shade of dark scarlet, my throat convulsing madly, and pulled off with a loud "sssloop!" His monster cock jutted out into the air, thick and slimy, streams of my saliva and deep throat mucus dangling off it.

"Hell yeah, now you sucking dick" he said, running a tight fist down his shimmering pole in long strokes, sliding my gooey spit down the meaty shaft to his nuts. "Sucking this big dick for your ride", he said, tilting his hips so that his cock waved back and forth in front of my face lazily. I jacked my hard little penis through the shorts and looked up at him, black dick slobber running down my chin. He looked back down deep into my eyes, his lips pressed together. "That cock good and wet" he said, flopping it up and down in front of me, "all ready for tight ass." I moaned softly, my heart sinking into my shoes. This giant nigger dick would rip me in two. There was no way, just no way I could take it. "I... don't know if I can" I said, wiping the cock spit off my chin.

Without warning, he reached down, hooked a strong hand under my armpit and hauled me to my feet. I cried softly as he pulled me hard up against him, running a hand down my back and sliding it into my underwear to grab big handfuls of ass. "Gonna rip that pussy open" he whispered into my ear, his giant wet horse cock grinding up against my abdomen and chest.

*** End Part 1.

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