Coach and Me : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is John I'm 19 years old and I play all sports and I've been gay since and no one knows. Right now I play football and it's the beggining of the season. I have nice hair including it on my chest with a treasure trail leading to my hairy . My coach is about 32 years old and his name is Ryan he has somewhat of a belly but underneath it, is a monster that I have not seen when hard. Not only is he my coach for every sport but he is also my teacher. He takes showers with us after every game even if we win or lose. When I saw him in the shower after our 42-7 win I wanted his cock ever since.

Today we had practice at seven and was going till 9 at night. So after practice the team headed to the locker room except me cause the coach needed to talk to me. "John are you ok" coach said. "Ya coach never better why you asking?" "Well today during practice it didn't look like you were doing good like you normally do" he said. I looked down at my shoes cause I practice like shit today. "Ok coach, I haven't been ok today all throughout practice," I said. "Well how come". "I'm failing your class and I don't get any of the new plays you put in today," I said. "Well how bout you stay after everyone has left and I will teach you in my office on both subjects haha," he said. "Ok thanks coach". I accidentaly looked down by his crotch and he had a nice bulge between his legs. After I looked down I saw him move his had to his crotch and scratched it which made my cock rise a little. As soon as I felt it raise i told coach thanks again and ran to the locker room.

After everyone had left I walked into my coaches office and I saw him with just his Calvin Klein underwear on. I then again saw his cock through the white underwear. He said " oh sorry I didn't think everyone had gone yet, my apologies." I was speechless from his sexy black and grey chest hair to his hairy thighs. "I knew it" coach yelled. "I knew you were gay" he said. "Wh-wh-wh-what are you talking about" I said. I was caught, my coach is going to be the one to know I'm gay. "You are gay John and it's ok because I have a secret of my own" coach said. What was his secret trying to race through every possible answer that could come to my mind and then it clicked. " You are gay to aren't you coach" I said. "I have been waiting so long for you to come out of the closet and for you to figure out that I was gay to" coach said. "

You can take off all of your clothes coach now that we figured out they weare both gay" I said. He did exactly as I said he took off his shirt first showing off his sexy armpit hair and his hairy body. My cock started growing in my pants. Ryan then unzipped his pants and was standing in his tight white Calvin Klein underwear showing his huge bulge that inches all the way down his hairy leg. Ryan walks over to me real slowly while showing me some of his hair inside his underwear. At this time my cock was at the maximum of what it could be at 9 long inches. It was bulging through my shorts ready to be released. As soon as coach got to me he took off my shirt sucking my hairy nipples making me ooze at the tip of my penis. He started licking my armpit hair then slowly going down my body till he was eye level with my . Coach slid my shorts down till they hit my ankles took my limp cock in his hand and sucked.

Coach was going slow then faster and faster with every stroke. He then had then forced my cock down his throat till his nose was rubbing against my pubic hair. He left my cock down his throat for 12 seconds before my cock slid back up and out of his mouth. He then turned me around and said " bend over on this desk here." He spat onto the tip of his fingers and rammed them up into my hairy hole making me release a quiet manly moan. He jammed his fingers adding one at a time until he was practically fisting my butt hole. He pulled his giant fist out of my hole and forced his 5 o'clock shadowed face iniside me licking every spot until he said "Are you ready." "Yes sir" I said with enthusiasm.

He then spat on his cock and forced all 12 inches of manly meat inside of me. After going slow for the first ten minutes of fucking he the started going faster and faster feeling his balls bang against mine, and his hairy midsection leaning across my butt. Once he was going as fast as he could we were both sweating our balls out. After about fifty minutes of him puttin his monster inside me i said "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" So he dislodged his cock flipped me on my back causing me to to cum all over my hairy chest and stomach. Coach then started off till he put his cock in my mouth and unloaded the most delightful thing I have ever tasted in my life.

Load after load slide down my mouth. Coach then took out his meat lickedy chest till every last bit of cum was off my chest. We then went to the showers fucked somemore and then the coach said "don't worry kid your secret is safe with me" and we parted our own ways. I then got home climbed into bed and replayed everything that happened in Coach's office and jacked off till I shot my load all over my chest and sheets.

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